It up for the first time and well check it out alrighty. So i think you just hit the red button here. Let that boot up ill, try it out. On my wrist the uh. The band feels really nice. If you have smaller wrists, you might want to get a new band, because these can stick out far, so they dont go down like that super well. But for my wrists, its perfect and i have a good amount of room. This is the larger band. They also have small and medium bands. All right, it says check the number on your watch confirm. Your watch is paired awesome now its downloading software, okay, that had to go through a little bit of setup, but now were all good. Take a tour of your watch. Why not swipe down from the top to open up the quick panel? Okay, its kind of delayed, but i think its just because of the tutorial thats pretty convenient so notifications from the left tap to open cool yeah. This is pretty cool. Um im excited to start using this, so you can use the bezel on the side here to cycle through. It actually feels really nice. I wanted the galaxy watch 4 rather than the classic, just because the display size is the same size for both, but this one is a little slimmer, 44 millimeters instead of 46, because it doesnt have that rotating bezel and a thicker look. So i like this more of a like active watch, two type.

The last watch that ive had smart watch is actually the apple watch for back when i had iphone. So i think that android finally has a watch thats good enough to compete. I think, with the apple watch and some of the other watches, this is probably the best android watch that you can get right now. Um. I got ta figure this out. I havent really gone through much of it at all. As you can see, sleep body, composition, walking running so theres a lot of different workouts. Yes sure, oh am i running right now. Am i walking so yeah theres a lot of them lets see if theyre swimming their swimming pool, swipe right to pause and finish press and hold that key to pause or resume workout pretty cool. So i can go to the right here. I dont have any music, apparently press and hold for two seconds to the water, Music, lockout, okay, pretty cool, so im still working out here lets see how do i finish this pause. I think right there and finish. Why not so i just swam, i didnt get any calories. Obviously, now you can like that home button theres a lot of different watch faces. We can go through here, Music right off the bat with wear os. They give you a lot of good options rather than like the tizen. I like that one kind of creepy, so i think you can get a lot more than this, but a lot of options right now really well go with that.

One actually lets see just hold down for a little bit: customize. Okay. I like that one thats pretty cool right there honestly, but lets see if we go through back over here. Oh changing the color again, i guess Music, okay! Well, stick with that! Pretty sweet im excited to use this um ill, throw up another video of after ive figured it out a little bit more and kind of tell you the features that i think are most exciting, but thats.