5. in this video were going to look at some of the cool features to the charge 5 and who may benefit from them, as well as the overall use and quality of this device. Lets take a look at the design. What i really like about this device is look how sleek it is right. This is considered a tracker, but its almost borderline, a smartwatch like the versa, the versa 2, the versa 3, the first ascents, the housing of the device, is actually made with aluminum right here. On the back, you will see at the top, as well as at the bottom, that theres actually little latches that secures the strap on. I know that may seem small, but its actually really important, especially um, like in my case, whenever im out doing something like the halo view where it came off just by me putting on my backpack so having a little latch to kind of secure the straps in Place comes in handy, and i really like the magnetic charger that comes with the charge 5 right, which is pretty convenient first well talk about just the general use of the device like operating the device to wake it up. You just pretty much just tap it on the home screen. With this, you swipe up or down similar to the other fitbit devices to access settings or to access like your daily activities, one of the biggest downsides to overall use just the operation of this device is actually the touch screen for some odd reason, its just not That responsive as i scroll left to right, see how sometimes i have to scroll couple times before itll move to the next screen.

You know with modern day technology and touch screens, i feel, like you know, even the amazon halo view, which is half the price of this, has a really responsive, touch screen and im, not sure why the charge 5 is not another quirk about this device that i Really dont, like is you cant, just go back one step and ill show you what i mean lets just say youre in settings and you wanted to go to quiet modes, but you accidentally hit display settings. You cant just go back one step. You have to double tap and that takes you all the way back to the home page, and then you have to scroll back to your settings to get to quiet modes that can get pretty annoying and it can get pretty annoying pretty fast. One of the best features of the charge 5 that you really dont find in other trackers, is a built in gps. So a lot of trackers will rely on your phones, gps, to kind of track your distance or where you, the path that you went on on a map. You dont need it with this device. So you can leave your phone at home, whether youre running biking trail running anything that you want to be able to kind of track your distance. You can do it with just this alone. The next cool device thats on this tracker that you really dont see in many trackers is you can take an ecg electrocardiogram.

You can actually take it download it into a pdf, send it to your doctor, so your doctor can analyze. If you know you may have any kind of heart complications, so if you want something thats sleek that can just kind of fit on your wrist, you know its not like this big old hunk of thing. Thats like right there staring at you that can take an ecg, especially like you say. Maybe you came down with covid, so you may have some heart or lung complications or you have other lung or heart complications having that available at your disposal, its really really nice. Another cool feature about the charge 5 is you can take eda and that stands for electrodermal activity which can detect your sweat level on your skin, to determine your stress level, you know. Sometimes, if you had a stressful day, you may not want to work out, so it kind of lets. You know throughout the day how youre doing so. This way you can kind of assess okay. What am i doing, thats causing this level of stress in my life? At this moment, this way you can make adjustments so hopefully, later on, you have a better day a lot of times. When you have a better day happier day, we tend to make better choices for ourselves that could include going to the gym eating better. Like many other trackers youll track, your sleep, itll track your sleep cycle and, along with tracking your calories, your heart rate, you know your average, your max your activities, your intensity and so forth.

Now, when it comes to working out for this device in particular, i talked about this in our other video in comparison to the amazon halo view is for whatever reason, whenever youre in a workout mode, you cant check the clock which, for me drives me crazy because Time, for me, is money. Time is essential. I want to be able to see what time it is just. So i want to make sure that i have enough time to do what im doing now and giving me some time for me to go. Do what i need to do a little bit later, one more thing about the operation of this device for it being relatively new to the market. The operating system on here is relatively slow. Theres been times where you know, im bouncing back between different apps, like lets, say from a timer when im training, a client uh to be able to kind of check my text messages that me i had missed. It lags you know, for a brand new device. I was really surprised by that. Um like, like, i said, even the versa, two two three years old now, even that works faster than this when it comes to the operating system. Now that we kind of gone over some of the key features of this specific tracker, who is this good for who should spend their hard earned money to buy one of these 150 dollar device? One of the users that this is right for is someone who wants an health tracker thats like in between, like a basic model to a health watch like an apple watch or even the fitbit versa versus 3d versus sense.

Why? Because it has a lot of features that you may like, but you avoid the bulk of an actual smart watch. Some of the features include be able to do fit pay. So if you use a major bank bank of america chase, you can actually program your debit card, your credit card on here, so you can actually use your watch to pay for your stuff and go shopping. A feature that i personally found really helpful. Is the text messages now, if you have a google phone, if you have an android phone, you can actually send back quick replies. I dont i use an iphone, but whats really cool is. I can actually look at some of my old text messages that has come through that i havent looked at so this way, if my phones in my pocket and im looking at my text messages, oh, i can ignore that i can reply to that later. Im not gon na pull my phone out, but if i look at something im like oh, i need to reply to that right here right now. I just pull my phone out, pull my phone out and go ahead and send it reply. Another user that will really benefit from this device is someone who does a lot of outdoor activities. Why? Because of that built in gps, especially if youre a runner, a biker, a mountain biker, a swimmer who like to swim at lakes or oceans and whatnot, this is really good, because you can just leave your phone at home.

Leave it in the car leave it somewhere and just take this with you and itll track your path along with your distance and so forth. So if youre someone who does a lot of those activities, this is a very good device to have the next user. That i think this will be really good for is someone who may have some heart complications having that ecg feature where you can actually send it to the app be able to download it into a pdf or send it to your doctor. Its really really nice to have is it the all, be all, of course not, but its just one of those features like if youre not feeling right. You can do something right there and then you know, especially if you start to learn how to read an ecg. That is a very helpful feature in this video. We talked about the main features of the charge. 5.. If you have any questions about some of these other features, we may not have discussed in this video.