This is the Inspire 3. and my previous watch was the Fitbit sense, one probably in my opinion, one of the best smart watches to ever come out. Why? Because it has really long battery life with the Fitbit OS. The battery life here was averaging about four to five days but um on the box. It says Six Days on the Fitbit sense. 2 Ive been using it for about three weeks Im getting about five days and thats, including that on the box it says six days. So the new Fitbit is adding a physical button that they have on the side, which makes it easier to press. The original sense came with the Eda, which is the electrodermal activity, but you had to put your hand on it, cover it to really use the Eda and get your score now. The sense 2 is coming with something called CED da or continuous electrodermal activity. What does the Ceda do? Well, its going to be able to monitor your stress levels and your body temperature and your heart rate, all the time which is going to give it a more accurate readout on what happening with you at the current moment, youre looking at it. So if you are on your Fitbit sense – and you want to see your ECG – you just press that button – I have it on my recent, but you can go to all your apps here. Is your ECG app put index finger and thumb on the glass corners, and this is new because before you have to put it on the power controls now, you just put it on the glass corner, so it has given us a readout.

It says my normal sinus rhythm, so it appears normal if you want to swipe up swipe up is going to bring you to your notifications. So I have no new notifications here. You have your settings, so you have the availability to adjust or turn off the Do. Not Disturb here you have your sleep mode, thats, going to deactivate your notifications heres your settings settings where you can adjust your display in terms of your screen: wake your vibration and microphone, your notifications, your goal reminders and your client mode. If you also want to see the this is, the always on display were going to turn it on. We have our screen. Wake is on button only, but you can also have it on motion and you can change your brightness right on the screen there. If you swipe to your left, youll, have your number of steps so thats how many steps Ive taken today? This is how many steps how many calories I burn, how many floors this is my resting heart rate and my active heart rate. This is going to be my sleep levels, its going to be my body responses, and this is a timer, so whats an Eda response. Well, it is a electrodermal activity. Responses are tiny changes in your sweat level of your skin. These changes might be to stress or other factors such as movement, noise or temperature change. It can detect Eda responses during your quick scan or guided session.

This is going to say the Eda scan is done, and this is very similar to the existing sense. The original. So thanks for taking the time, so how are you feeling Im feeling calm so its going to give you way to go one of five days of mindfulness this week, your Eda response? I was a 17, so I had a 17 response and then it gives you some information. My heart rate was started at 76 79 and it went to 71. and your Baseline is 33 milliseconds driving is 31.. It gives you all this different information here with some tips on how to utilize it. So this is the previous Fitbit sense, so the difference is, if you press the home button here, the home button is just going to turn off the screen. My current Fitbit sense. I have the ability to have certain apps, like I have in my phone Starbucks Spotify Pandora. These are, if I want to control Spotify and on the new Fitbit. I dont have any of those apps yet so were waiting for them to be released on the newest generation of the Fitbit. Things that are no longer with your Fitbit is that it no longer comes with Wi Fi. It will not come with Google Assistant theres, no music playback here, if youre using it with Spotify, so Fitbit will also track your active Zone minutes your steps, your activity levels, your heart rate, my resting heart rate is 66 BPM.

Your sleep itll. Give you also give you a sleep score its going to give you your body responses, and you have a timer, along with the weather, all built in and thats, something that I really like about. The fitbits theyre super easy to understand and super easy to read. Just by switching up how you swipe it and having the physical button just to access your apps instead of the haptic feedback, is a its a lot simpler. For me actually to be totally honest, and if I want to just go into exercise, I can go into exercise and just pick which exercise I want to use. I dont even need to press the button. All I need to do is swipe right to left, so the new sense 2 is coming with a simplified UI and that UI makes life a lot easier when youre just trying to scroll and find the information youre looking for so here we have our activity and We have Fitbit premium, but let me just walk you through the information thats stored on your phone and on your watch so its going to give you your number of steps number of floors you can track your mindfulness itll, give you a Stress Management score. So here its going to be able to plan for the day ahead, your Stress Management score can help. You see how your body responds to stress based on heart rate, sleep and activity so identify. Then you can turn on your notification, so you can measure your body responses and you can get notifications if you ever have higher stress levels.

It also going to say Well when the body response is identified. Logging, your mood is a quick way, so you can either log your mood and you can see your progress over a week. So this is my Stress Management, so my Stress Management score right now is 79 and how is that broken down? My responsiveness is 26 out of 30.. A higher number means your body shows signs of low ANS activity over the last several days. Exertion balance, a higher number means theyre doing well at balancing the benefits of exercise against short term wear and tear, and you have sleep patterns. A higher number means your current sleep patterns reflect a low level of physical stress. So actually, my stress levels are pretty good, but if I want to just record this and see it over the last few days, you have a weekly summary inside of the app youll have to use it as a normal Fitbit. So you can track your exercises. Your health metrics, it will even let you know your skin temperature and how that ranges over a period of time. So you can see on a month here we have our skin temperature has ranged up and down, but pretty consistent, pretty consistent, and it even gives you how much it was at night if youre sleeping cold, you have your heart rate, monitor and the heart rate monitor Has been updated and you can see your heart rate over a period of time right there and its going to give you a reminder.

You can set this to give you a reminder when you need to drink water when you need to eat when you need to exercise, if you need to take more walks and thats something cool about the Fitbit. Now, if you go into Discover Mode, you have a lot of different challenges: apps and workouts that you can use, even if, if you want to use the premium app, the premium app is going to work out for you whats up running tribe. This is coach West and we are – and this is like an audio app thats – going to walk you through the entire exercise. So they give you a number of these kind of like apps and programs that you can use inside of the premium of the Fitbit. If you want to do mindfulness nutrition, its all there, you even have guided programs that you can sign up, for which I find really easy, because you can sign up for a two week program or a four week program and just stick to it on your watch And your Fitbit app will do all of the work setting it up self up inside of your schedule. If you want to do assessments thats great and you could do your clocks and your apps, so here you have all of your apps now the Fitbit is not coming with a ton of apps. This is not coming with the Google Wear OS. So Im excited to see where Google takes this going forward, but you do have apps that you can pick from here and you have different clocks watch have faces that you can select from as well.

So you have your different by Fitbit, always on displays. You have your active Zone minutes because this hasnt always on display something that I also appreciate that you dont get until you get to the new our eye, watches or apple watches. You also can do tiles. So if you want to pick your tiles and you can manage them accordingly, just by adding something like a timer tile, thats simple enough and in premium, you get your daily Readiness score. So my Readiness score it optimizes your workout routine, with a daily Readiness core the score gauges if youre Prime for a challenger workout or need to focus on recovery. So the watch is helping. You understand, whats, going on with yourself my I have low Readiness. So that means you recently went above and beyond with your activity. Now your body might need rest and it gives you that chart right there breaking your Readiness over time and then you could do it over a week. So if you look at a weak view, you can see where I had a lot of physical activity and I had less so it really does help. Ultimately, who is the Fitbit sense to write for well thats, a thats, a more complicated question, because the Fitbit sense one was such a good watch on its own and um. I love my Fitbit sense. One Ive had this for a year. Is it worth the upgrade from the Fitbit sense, one to the two I dont think.

So I think if you have this one already, the one is perfect. The battery life is the same. The screen is the same. You have you still have your apps, you just dont. Have that s Eda you just dont. Have that scda you dont have Google pay. So if you want to come to the other side where, instead of having a Apple watch or a Samsung watch or something thats going to be very high tech but low or short back battery life, well, you come to our side, which is going to have longer Battery life on a thing like a Fitbit which has four to five to six days, depending on what your uh your screen, brightness, is and how much or how frequently you get notifications. Well then, this is going to be one of the best deals in town, because you can get a brand new Fitbit for on sale right now, the same price as the Fitbit since last generation and thats a good deal, considering its only going to cost about two Hundred dollars, if you get it on sale, compared to an Apple Watch which costs 300 upwards, 300 400 even 500, the Samsung watches are also expensive. The new garmins are great, but the new garments dont come with this type of integration into the screen here. For notifications and things like this, you do get a lot of great features with the Garmin, but its not going to be the same as the Fitbit in terms of the screen.

The Garmin I find is better if youre really doing hardcore, exercising or youre doing golf or doing something like active, active running, and you want to take your watch and not worry about the screen breaking. But if youre like me and is a mixed use, user, the Fitbit sense is still my favorite watch and the Fitbit sense 2 might not be worth the upgrade from the Fitbit sense one. But I think, when its on sale is still a good deal so check it out. This is the Fitbit sense. 2.. I think this is a really cool watch. I think its the same as the Fitbit sense one. I think the stress levels help, but you got to decide if it helps you thanks for watching everyone. This is David with the French glow hit that subscribe or like button Ill catch.