Occasionally I crave a classic Street Fighter. 2 watch complete with boss, eyed Blanca, but the latest smart watches are packed with fantastic features. Like turn by turn, navigation built in assistance, contactless payments and disturbingly accurate sleep and health tracking. If youre on a tight budget, you can grab yourself a shiny, new smartwatch for under 100 quid or alternatively, if your Stacks are of the fat variety, you can bag yourself a premium Smartwatch that doesnt even look like a smart watch and no matter your budget. If you are wondering which Smartwatch might be best for your particular needs, well heres, my personal Roundup, of the very best small watches you can grab right now at the end of 2022, that arent the Apple watch and for more on the latest and greatest Tech. Please do POG subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers now. One of my favorite new smart watches, launched in 2022, is Samsungs Galaxy watch 5 Pro a 45 mil beast thats, a true Apple watch rival, although with a price tag over 400 quid, it is exactly cheap with the Galaxy watch. 5 Pro, like quite a lot of modern smart watches, you do get a choice of colors when it comes to the bands and the straps, and you can also replace the strap at any point to change up the luck. Samsungs design is Sleek as usual, with a super, durable, titanium frame and sapphire glass, and that makes it super Hardy so its ideal for anyone, whos, you know, are doing that: outdoorsy adventury type stuff, quite a bit unlike the older watch, 4 classic theres, no rotating bezel.

Here for effortlessly, navigating through where OS, but thankfully that AMOLED screen is perfectly responsive and a proper eye, pleaser too pumping out crisp and clear text and visuals, of course. Naturally, as this is a Samsung watch, that means you get all of Samsungs own Services, stuffed onto the Galaxy watch 5 Pro, including the likes of Samsung peer. And yes, that does mean that all great made Bixby is on here to lender hand, slash irritate the living piss out of you, depending on your feelings towards Bixby. As always, you have comprehensive Fitness tracking at your fingertips over a hundred different types of sweat inducing activities are supported here, including some proper outlandish efforts. Youve also got upgraded sleep tracking, which identifies you as some kind of animal based on your Kip and habits, and then serves up personalized advice on how to get better at being unconscious. The one real drawback of the Galaxy watch – 5 Pro is the battery life in exactly super hot youll, get roughly two to three days of use from a full charge which makes it better than some Rivals, but not as good as some others. It is certainly an improvement over the regular Galaxy watch 5, which demands constant plugging in thanks to its half sized battery. On the flip side, though, that design is more slender and considerably lighter, although also not as durable as the titanium frame is replaced with armor aluminum. The good news is that the feature set is more or less the same as the pro model.

You lose a couple of bits which most people wont even notice. Youve got a choice of sizes now either 40 or 44 mils, depending on the size of your wrist and the regular Galaxy watch. 5 is quite a bit cheaper than and its Pro sibling as well. But anyhow, if you want a full in depth, look at the Galaxy watch 5 and the Galaxy watch 5 Pro Ive reviewed both here on techspert and Ive, even done a side by side comparisons you can see which one might be the best choice for you now. One of the best Samsung Alternatives right now is Googles, pixel watch which has finally hit stores after years of speculation, its another good, looking circular wrist rocket Boston, smooth performance, but like the Galaxy watch 5, you will unfortunately have to slap it on that charging dock at Every bloody deer, because yeah youll, just about get 24 hours out of this thing, other downsides – include a lack of sapphire glass for the display and distinctively chunky bezels too. But these grumbles aside, the pixel watch, is one of the best smart watches for Android users. You get a similar wear OS experience as the Galaxy watches this time with dedicated Google Assistant supporters are the turn by turn. Navigation is excellent, while the Fitbit integration means that you get plenty of tools to track your running, hiking squat thrust and whatever it is youre into youve, also got a decent range of watch faces to choose from including Google photos.

Slideshow Shenanigans, although you dont get quite as many Jazzy animated efforts as what you get with Samsung. As for the pricing. Well, as I shot this video, the pixel watch was priced somewhere in between the regular Galaxy watch 5 and the Galaxy watch 5 Pro. Even if you stump up a bit of extra cash for the LTE model, another favorite is the fossil Gen 6, which again has lackluster battery life but impresses in other areas. This 44mm Smartwatch is tough but light and boasts an incredible amount of customization. You can even pimp it out with crystals if youre feeling a bit early 2000s hip hop. The stunning AMOLED screen is bright enough to cope with serious shine, while the sdware, 4100 plus chipset offers simply smooth performance to the Samsung and pixel watches, and once again, youve got full access to all of Googles services, including that Assistance or bugger off Bixby. You get all the usual functionality here, including Fitness shares, contactless payments, everything apart from the ability to stream music to Bluetooth headphones when youve left your phone at home, its certainly a very snazzy smart watch and the fact that you can completely customize the design gets something That will suit you on personal tastes means it will be a good choice for most if you want a more premium effort and youre, not swayed by that pixel and another Smart Watch, which Ive recently enjoyed rocking on my wrist, although not so much enjoyed seeing the Name because its rather cumbersome is the tick watch Pro 3 Ultra GPS, whose main strength is its roller solid battery life that funky dual display design means quick time.

Checks can be done using a low powered LCD. Well, that bright, crisp, colorful OLED panel is used for checking notifications and playing with apps. The result is three to four days of use per charge, rather than just one or two and as manufacturer mobboy has sneakily snuck in the word Pro into that rather clunky title its no massive shock that youve got another great range of Premium features just like youd Find the likes of a Samsung and the Google watches youve got built in GPS 24 hour, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen, smarts, plus a built in mic and speaker to take calls via your phone and interact with the Google Assistant. You can download a Grand selection of apps from the Google Play Store to expand that functionality and performance is smooth after the most recent updates, thanks largely to that Snapdragon, where 4100 plus chipset the ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra may not be quite as sexy as some Rivals, But the stainless steel, bezel and leather bands give it a smart finish, and this bad boy Customs are 300 quid and if battery life happens to be your priority Ill definitely give a shout out to the Oppo watch Wi Fi. This may look like a Shameless rip off of the Apple watch, but it is a highly likable wear OS alternative. As long as you dont mind that square finish, the upper watch looks pretty sleek and once again, youve got a choice of sizes.

This time, 41 mil or a mighty 46 mil effort, the near 2 inch AMOLED screen is big, bright and Punchy, while the performance is perfectly respectable. Thanks to that, Snapdragon wear 3100 chip, not as smooth as some Rivals here, but good enough. Pro features like a mic and speaker and GPS tracking are present and correct and offer less cash than many rivals. Youve got oppos very own vuk charge and on board, so the Oppo watch charges up as fast as you like, and a full charge will keep you going around two to three days now. Another solid Smartwatch choice in 2022 is the Huawei watch GT3. Now, when it comes to battery life, this thing has some serious stay in power, its like the freaking Duracell bunny, except you dont, want to just put it on the floor and stomp it into about a million pieces. This gorgeous connected timepiece comes in 42 and 46, mil flavors with a Sleek stainless steel finish, and if you grab the larger model, youll enjoy up to a fortnight of use on a single charge. Of course, it wont last that long if you slap on all of the features like the always on display, but even then it should still comfortably last about a week or so before. Youll need to stick it back on that Dock and good news for Fitness fans. As the Huawei watch, GT3 supports hundreds of exercise, types plus dual band 5 system, gnss tracking but outdoor Shenanigans – and if you do happen to find yourself lost in the woods well, youve got a handy root.

Retracement features stuff to wear on there, so you can get back to civilization. Before you end up adopted by a family of wolves, however, the Huawei watch GT3 does not offer a built in assistant or an online app store, so you cant expand the features by downloading. More software, and if you like, you can also grab yourself a pro version of the Huawei watch GT3, which is even sleeker and even more durable, come in with a sapphire display and a titanium frame. I havent reviewed that one sadly, but most of the features are the same as the regular GT3 and battery life once again extends to a week or more now, if you are dead, set on getting something super durable for a proper bit of rough and tumble Outdoors Use then definitely dont sleep on the Amaze fit T Rex Pro. This thing is passed to all kinds of military standard testing, and it is one tough morphle. The T Rex Pro is waterproof to 10 atmospheres and can cope with extreme temperatures and sudden impacts its as tough as a Weatherspoon Lamb, Chop youve got Fitness track and support for over 100 types of exercise, around half, of which I never even heard of plus full Gps supported or the usual heart rate and sbr2 sensors, pretty solid stuff for 1′ quids, but the notification support is quite basic and I got closer to five days of battery life rather than the advertised 18 days.

With all the features on and the misfit is spaffed out all kinds of respectable alternative SmartWatches, which are a bit more regular and everyday, such as the gtr4 and the gts4. These Sports similar specs, including a gorgeous OLED screen, which is square for the GTS and run for the GTR plus a Sleek light water resistant design. Zeppos delivers the full set of Fitness track and features, including support for over 150 types of workout and some random shares. Like chess for those who consider sitting on your oils playing ball games actual exercise, while this generation finally adds proper GPS support with seriously impressive accuracy, you get a wide variety of watch faces and a respectable slash of apps too. But the Highlight here is undoubtedly that battery life stretched into a few days for the gts4 and a whole week for the gtr4. Even if you hammer on the likes the always on display and do a lot of Fitness tracking like youre, just like pounding those weights or whatevers the fit people do, and all of that is wrapped in a gorgeous stainless steel frame for a UK asking price under 200, quid bargain and last up for my Roundup, of the best smart watches you can grab yourself in 2022. Is the gorgeous Withers scan watch a smartwatch which doesnt actually look anything like a smartwatch. This premium ticker serves up a traditional design, but with a clever weeny, smart display, hidden away on that face.

This can tell you your heart rate and blood oxygen level, while also offering notification support, alarms, timers, all the usual handy features and thanks to the unique design. The scan watch also delivers the best battery life of any smart watch here around a month of use from a quick two hour charge boof. So there you have it my lovelies. That is my own personal pick of the very best smart watches. You can grab yourself right now. My own favorites, like I, have tested out and reviewed, but have I missed out your own personal favorite? Well, definitely clue me in in the comments down below dont, say the Apple watch, because this is deliberately avoiding the Apple watch for anyone who doesnt want the Apple watch and for more than the latest and greatest Tech.