99 on amazon also theres a discount code for their actual website of fit polo, which is pretty cool, comes in this nice little cardboard box here, as You can see and you download the actual app to work with the watch, so you can track all your running, workouts and stuff like that. You just scan the code here for the very fit pro app works with any android or apple device and uh yeah youre. Good to go its very simple uh lets get into the watch ill. Show you what im wearing today and lets get into it guys now heres the actual watch in front of you, its a bit different than the other smartwatch. I reviewed its a bit. I think this ones a bit better. In my opinion, you actually have lugs here and a decent quality band id say definitely a very different band, a bit more comfortable. The watch does come with your charger here. As you can see, this goes right into the usb right into the computer. This magnetically connects right to the back of the watch here, as you can charge. In fact, you can show if i can show you here. This connects right here, oops wrong way. This connects just like that. This connects into your computer here and then you just charge up the battery lasts an insane insane amount of time. This one can last like more than two weeks its crazy oops. It just wanted to relax, but let me go back to the home screen anyway, so yeah its basically a smart watch, its a more affordable version of a smart watch um as you can see, thats some pretty nice dimensions for the average size mens wrist here.

Im getting to some basic dimensions here, the watch itself is only 11 millimeters thick, so its pretty thin there. If youre talking about diameter youre looking at 35 millimeters across its a square case. Obviously um the lugs are 19 millimeters in between here. The actual band itself is 20 millimeters straight down. If youre talking about lug to lug, are you looking at 47 millimeters from the tip of the slug to the tip of this slug, so wheres pretty nice on my 6.75 inch rest and im a man? Obviously this is unisex, it can be worn by a woman or a man if you really want to im always good too now anyway, the watch has many. You know similar functions. First thing youre gon na have to do is download the application to your smart device, which i already did and im going to show you its a very interesting, very simple, app to use. I must say, as you can see here on my iphone, i download the very fit pro app and what this app will do. It will actually show you all your settings. Your call alert, sedentary alert, alarm, alert, sns alert, music control offer on heart rate detection. This can do your heart rate detection, basically, while youre sleeping, which is pretty cool health care and all that stores all the information right into your iphone or your app or your android device. But a very simple app to use connects through bluetooth.

You can also connect to bluetooth through a computer or an ipad which is cool also now the watch itself has an lcd display. It kind of is squared out here, as you can see, as this edge doesnt show the screen. I just so. You notice that um, it has one push button here on the right. This will help you control some things so on the main screen here you can see it say it says the time uh the day of the week and the date down here, your bluetooth connection and your battery life. I have 55 there, as you can see you swipe right and youre gon na get all your stuff. So you get your alarm, your sport, your heart rate and your relax, which is pretty cool. You like inhale exhale. It does three two one countdown you get a timer here, also, which is pretty cool just a bit different, the screen setup from the previous one. I did review as you can see, start stop and then reset everything functions, fine go back! Then you get your settings. Of course. There are a few different screens here as well. Go to dial. You can see it one two three and then four for me. I prefer this one here right here. I like this one, the best uh, but anyway you definitely get some different screens. If you want to change it up now, swiping down immediately from the home screen youre getting your steps for the day.

If you want to see how many steps you walked, if youre walking around or youre going up and down a lot of stairs, you will see right here your counter, which is pretty cool anyway. Going back to this, you get your alarm timer, setting sports record music controller. You can control the music from your smart device using this watch just like any apple watch or anything like that. So yeah it kind of functions exactly the same there for sports. You have a lot of stuff here. You can run walk bike, hike, climbing treadmill, spinning and yoga, and these function pretty simply so you know. If you go here, you can go to run. For example, its gon na do three two one go. Basically youre gon na start running its gon na time it its gon na keep your mileage and its gon na keep your heart rate at the same time, which is pretty cool. If you wan na cancel out of this, you can double tap here. I believe, or you can go back you hold down. You go like that. You go back to your main screen very easy to use very simple to use, i must say, but yeah theres a lot of cool stuff here. Basically, the essentials. Of course, you get your heart rate ill. Show you that right now, as you can see, the heart rate monitor does work. It is working. You can see my heart rate right there, which is a little high ive, been drinking a lot of coffee at all yeah.

It definitely works, as you can see, on the back of the watch theres a dual sensor, which is pretty cool that measures your heart rate at the back of the watch. You can see you get the battery connector here and you get a quick release band. That means this can come right off and you can swap out different color bands, which is always nice to see. I believe they do sell extra bands now getting to the band itself, its pretty nice, its a nice smooth kind of rubber, its very comfortable on the wrist. You get one keeper here. Then you get your buckle here, no issues there yeah just pretty simple, you plug it into charge here and yeah um thats, pretty much that everything is a pretty light as well its not going to be too heavy on your wrist ill. Show you how it looks on my 6.75 inch wrist right now, so lets get a look at that on my wrist. It fits perfectly just across from here to here. As you can see, my wrist is 6.75 inches actually comes a little more so perfect size for a man. In my opinion here, the band actually is really comfortable its really smooth its in a gray color. So i think its pretty nice lots of holes youre not going to get a perfect fit with this one which i really do like you have lots of holes very close to each other and the buckle isnt half bad either, as you can see here so yeah, Almost all for thirty two dollars guys, you know, if youre looking for something to exercise in to work out when to work out in to go to the gym.

You know keeps your heart rate. It keeps your mileage, you know, i think it has all the basic necessities youre gon na need, while working out without breaking the budget. You know, other smart watches can be four or five six hundred dollars. Basically, this one is doing the same thing only for thirty. Two dollars uh, which is pretty cool, so let me know what you guys think down in the comment section below as usual. This is watch addiction watch reviews with the fit polo i think its a pretty cool watch. I believe they sold a lot of them on amazon. You can see some reviews on there also, but yeah not bad for the money. I definitely recommend this one to my viewers. Let me know what you guys think definitely throw the video a like subscribe to. The channel helps out a lot, and i will see you guys on the next one.