I know this brand for a long time because they have a lot of different type of products, especially i have bought a lot of their smartwatch bands, but when ive noticed that they also have smart watches, these costs only ‘ us dollars and there is a discount Going on so now it only costs around 32 us dollars. Okay, what can you buy for 32 us dollars? Maybe smartband, but these are smart, watches better than smart bands yeah one of my friend. He bought a poco x4 pro because he cannot afford to buy a better smartphone and he has asked me: i have a budget smartphone. Can you help me to get a budget, smart watch and actually thats why i was looking for budget smart watches? Well, first do the unboxing and then we will go through some specifications and we will check all the features. I will also share with you my personal opinion, but at the beginning, if you end up liking this video, if you want to watch more videos like this, then please dont, forget to click on the like button and subscribe to this channel subscription and like button, is Over there on youtube, these things are for free. You dont have to spend any money, so go ahead. Click on the like button and subscribe to this channel support. True content. I have the same fit polo smartwatch in two different colors. This one is black, and this one i dont know its gold, no maybe marigold or more like pink inside the box.

You get your smartwatch yeah. This one comes with tpu silicon watch bands, but, as this company makes smartwatch bands for apple watch and samsung watch and many other brands, so these watch bands are actually very good quality one underneath the smartwatch, you will get a charging cable. This is proprietary charging, cable, very good quality charging cable. I actually didnt expect this type of good quality. This one really feels premium. You will also get a user manual. There are a lot of illustrations and everything is written in detail how to use it. How to do it? Wow this user manual actually comes in a few different languages, so i think almost all the languages are covered im not gon na open this one, because everything is the same here is our feet: polo smartwatch. It says there is a function. Button press to return please charge to activate the watch before you use it. I didnt charge this one. So im not gon na use this one yeah this one is 67 charged. Am i crazy ive been using this color actually im a sucker for vibrant colors? So i dont, like anything that is black, build quality of this smartwatch is good, its not metal, its plastic, the whole body or the case. This is plastic, but it doesnt feel so cheap its very light. This is a 1.33 inch tft lcd panel, and this is very vibrant. Colors are pretty vivid, black is pretty dark and white is very bright, especially under sunlight.

This display panel is viewable. The content of this display panel is pretty much visible under sunlight. I have mentioned earlier, i have already used their watch bands with, i mean third party watch bands with some of my samsung and apple watches, so i have no complaint about their watch bands. Its really great offers a very good comfort and yeah. It looks nice well, let me mention three things number one: it takes around 146 minutes. 146 is actually an average number, but it usually takes 140 to 150 minutes to get fully charged. I mean from zero to hundred percent and offers 10 days of usage time, but if you put it on standby mode, it will go for 30 days. I dont know who just shares their smart watch and then put it on standby mode. Im not gon na. Do that and i didnt do that, actually, i have managed to squeeze 10 days of battery life which they have promised on their website, so im very happy with battery life. Well, like many other smart watches, you have to use a third party application to connect this smartwatch to your smartphone. The name of the application is a very fit pro its a very easy. It has already detected my smartwatch, its confirmed. It already got connected now as its connected. Okay, on the application, you can select call alert, im, gon na activate call alert, allow verified pro to access your contacts and make phone calls alert after three seconds.

Okay, do you want to save your changes? Yes, sedentary alert. Im gon na enable this one im gon na activate all the alerts. Do i need music control? I dont need music control, but you can use your music control on your smart watch. This fit polo supports both apple music and youtube. Music. Heart rate detection is automatic. Yeah wrist sense. Well, there are a lot of activities. You see, run, walk bike, hike, climbing treadmill, spinning yoga other than treadmill. I dont think im gon na do anything but anyway run walk bike treadmill. These are okay device. Language default by os find my phone activate. This okay, i have tried a lot to find how to change watch faces, but i cant find it. I think there are only four different watch faces that you can select. This is one there is another here. It is. I think this one looks the most beautiful yeah. This looks crazy cool. I will go with this one. There is a chin over here, but its not like visible. You wont see it. You wont feel it if you dont put enough care or extra care, like you have to spend a little time to understand that okay, there is a chin over here, its not that ugly at all now lets check heart rate, monitoring and im very happy to see That the smartwatch actually is connected to the application in real time check this over here. Whenever it gets a new heart rate it will be shown over here.

Can you see this 82 84 84, its getting updated in real time? Amazing? I didnt think about this. I didnt know about this yeah its good well, average heart rate now lets check something else: relax. What is relax. It says: relax, im gon na relax for one minute. What happens? Please come down well, three. Two one inhale: okay, its a breath; practice im, not gon na go through with this. You know what is this alarm? Sport, music controller, timer settings? Okay? What type of settings do they have dial? Okay, as i mentioned earlier, there are only four dials and i like this one. There is dimming. You can select three different brightness level. There is no auto brightness control and when you select full brightness its actually pretty much visible under sunlight. Okay, there is not much in the settings there is dial and this dimming. I have chosen these level two brightness, because this is visible both in indoor and outdoor. Okay, im not gon na lengthen in this video by saying a lot of unnecessary things, but there is one thing at the beginning: i thought no its not true. It cannot be true. This one comes with ip68 waterproof rating. Can you imagine, i really didnt see a lot of smartwatches comes with ip68 waterproof rating because most of the cheap or affordable smart watches comes with ipx rating, not directly ip68 or ip67, but this one comes with ip68 waterproof rating. And finally, one thing is very important for me: if you have watched my other smartwatch review videos, sleep time, monitoring sleep time.

Data is very important for me because being a youtuber, i actually dont get a lot of sleep time. But whenever i sleep, i want to get the real data, so i always check this sleep time, monitoring data and this one actually is very nice almost perfect. I cannot say this: one works like a flagship, 500 or 800 us dollars smartwatch, but this is very nice. If you compare this smartwatch with any other 100 us dollars smart watches, then this one actually stands toe to toe with those smart watches. This one performs a very good provides a very correct sleep time data. Finally, if you consider the price 33 us dollars, i dont think it will be an easy task to find a perfect alternative of this smart watch. I cannot say that you should buy this one. Definitely if you can afford a 500 us dollars smartwatch, you should go for those, but if you are looking for a budget affordable, smart watch within 50 us dollars yeah within 50, us dollars, then this one is one of the best and i have no problem recommending This one to any of my subscribers and regular viewers. Well, if you have any question about this product about this smartwatch, then please, let me know in the comment section below, if you have any other recommendations like if you know about any other smart watches which works better than this one, then please also, let me know In the comment section below, i will buy those and do a comparison, and then i will let you know what do i think about those smart watches? If you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button.