It is with an aluminium case. Fitness tracker, heart rate and spo2, monitor well lets open to see what we have inside wear. It see how it fits, to my hand, connect it to my smartphone download the app exercise, myself synchronize the data with my smartphone, and all that and find out how its performing how its working – oh, Music, nice. I like it. This is the gold color and, of course, inside weve got the charging cable type a to a magnetic charging manual. If you want to read it is your choice but stay with me. Youre gon na find out all about this product. Nice gold strap watch. I like it, it is metal. I, like the connection, you can just open that insert that inside lock it nice very strong, durable and, of course, if you want to remove it, just pull this lever here you can remove it, replace it with other strap warts find out at the market and very Easy to install again now lets reveal the 1.09 inch full touch screen. Weve got an aluminium alloy body, anodized oxidation process around feels very nice. To my fingers. Weve got this button. We will see if its doing something or it is only for a design. We can press it. Definitely you need to power it on somehow nice. I like it. I think its a great choice have it for a present to your girlfriend mother sister for your loved ones.

Definitely now, at the back, weve got the heart rate sensor vc32s. It is the model of the sensor, monitoring your heart rate and your blood pressure. Sp02. All that were gon na find out together. We can see weve got four screws around yep and, of course this is for charging very strong magnet. You can only connect it at this side. If you try from this side, you cannot connect it its nice, refusing like it with a 2.5 d. High definition. Sensitive touch display gives a beautiful colors. The high end sensor monitors your body in real time, such as blood, oxygen, monitor and sleep monitor, helps to improve your physical health. You can view your bodys health report in a detail through the app built in optical heart rate sensor with advanced algorithm, ensures your full day, heart rate, monitor at rest or during workout download the gloryfit app from android or ios store, and have all your data synchronized. At your smartphone choose one of the nine sport modes walking running cycling, climbing sit ups, skyping, yoga, spinning bike and badmidon download various watch faces from the app and create your exclusive watch face. Make it unique at your arm extreme craftsmanship, iml back cover with a 24 hour sensor ip68. Waterproof dont worry about splash of water breaking your watch. You can wash your hand freely and, of course you can get all kind of notification at your smart watch. Calls text emails from facebook, whatsapp calendar reminders and more all that were gon na, find out together and see how it works and to charge.

You need a five volt one amp from the power adapter or power bank inside it has a milliamp hours. Battery car select logo the screen. It is a 240 by 240 pixels resolution and we can see its charging and turns on now lets. Wear it perfect. Now i have downloaded the glory fit app device select the device, please bring the device closer to the phone, and there is the l11 connected with the bluetooth 5 version finishing and by just moving my hand, it turns on the screen and synchronize. Everything now lets see firmware. Update latest update, perfect now lets check in the smartwatch slide down. We can see the battery percentage settings sleep mode, the brightness weve got the day the month press and hold, and you can change the face, watches which is the best for you slide here. Weve got the step heart rate monitor now in real time slide. Sp02. Real time measurement, you can see sports, you can choose walking, running cycling, climbing yoga, skipping badminton, spinning buying seat ups and lets go walking and it will start automatically. As am i walking measuring the steps calories, you burn the kilometers, the distance and the time how long youre walking perfect slide and the exercise message. You can check the message slip, the sleeping time you can measure the sleeping time music. You can hear music. I have just put the music to my smartphone press. You can pause, resume change the song forward and i get the vibration every time that i press any button backward and pause slide goes back stopwatch.

You can start stop reset back settings and again screen light decreasing, increasing lets. Go back. Qr code find the phone perfect about the watch. You can restart shutdown, restart perfect on the main menu and we can see the time the day and the month. The heart rate monitor steps distance calories. You have burned slide again. The same. The heart rate monitor the sp02. You can choose from here the sports again measuring your night sleep here, music, pressing the button goes at the main menu slide up. You can check any notification. The messages okay back and from here, of course, you can go at the settings. Well, i think its time to choose a sport lets say walking going outside for a walking, and i will be back with a measurement and im back 27 minutes and two and six seconds. Two thousand and seven hundred and more steps. 128 calories burn it in a distance, 2.1 kilometer and exercise yep, and there weve got everything. Heart rate monitor lets, go back, and here again we can see steps kilometer and calories perfect and at the app of course we can synchronize all the data from the smartwatch todays steps target step, distance calories burn it heart rate recording, and here we can see with A diagram everything we can choose the days and check all the measurements, the time at the diagram and the measurement, and, of course you can share average heart rate. Minimum heart rate.

Maximum heart rate lets go back, sleep record, we dont have any records blood oxygen record and the same here you can see the diagram minimum blood oxygen maximum two days, data before choose from the calendar, you can start testing pause and you can share and device here. We can see the device, the battery the version watch faces and you can choose one of the watch face. Synchronize downloading and there is the watch face at my smartwatch choose one of the watch face you like more and just tap and synchronize. My dial. You can edit, if you want to delete them, done. Custom dial, and here you can customize select an image. If you want album – or you can take a picture, you can drop and select the image and synchronize and there it is add your smartwatch or if you want, you can choose colors for the time you can see and synchronize and change the colors at the time Hour minutes day and again by just pressing hold, you can choose another heart rate. Monitoring auto test enable disable automatic detection of the heart rate. It is blot oxygen settings, auto test time period, choose the starting time and time period from 10 minutes to 6 hours. Call reminder enable disable when the phone has incoming call. The smart watch will be vibrate, reject the call with a key off on touch or press the device for a long time, and it will hang up delayed reminder delayed reminder 1.

Second, to 10 seconds sms reminder of on the phone receives text messages and the device vibrates to alerts up reminder here, you can choose from which app you want to get reminders, select more apps, other apps. You have installed at your smartphone, you can check and check century reminder in case of continuous time without exercise, the device will vibrate for reminding start time choose to end time. Reminder interval and you can choose the minimum. It is 30 minutes to 180 minutes lunch break after opening 12 to 2.. Okay, do not remind smart alarm clock, and here you can add the alarm time period every day working day. Customize choose the days of the week and you can add the alarm raise hand to active display. It is on perfect, do not disturb start time and time turn off the band vibration. You can do in the turn of the message, reminding okay universal settings sake to take a picture theres. My mouse lets say perfect. Okay, fine bracelet is vibrating unit. You can choose metric british on screen time from 5 10 and 15 seconds time system device language. You can choose other language, firmware, update, clear data and unbind. That was all about the app and, of course you can get reminders call and more, and you can see someone is calling me from home, but you can only reject the call. You cannot talk through this smartwatch because it doesnt have a microphone or speaker Music.

You can receive messages from viper hello, guys again. How are you today and you can read the message you cannot answer the message. Only read from facebook messenger im just making a video, you can only read the message, not reply and, of course you can receive emails, hey hello, guys again. Thanks for watching yep, you can only read the emails. You can get all kind of notification at your smartwatch from any app well guys, as am i using this mark, was about three to four days. Now i can say the battery is lasting, very well. I have charged it once time. It can last about three to four days. Of course it depends the use you are doing with this smart watch. Definitely it is a beautiful smart watch. Ladies smart woods, great idea for present it has the typical specs dont, expect too much from this smart watch. Heart rate, monitor calories, burning steps, kilometers all that and of course, synchronize it with the app as you can see, and have all the data at your smartphone at any time. You can check at the past and compare your data well guys. If you want to buy it, you can check down below to the description. There is a link, just click it and find more information about this product and where you can buy it, it looks great thumbs up. For me, it has a great design and it is beautiful to wear it and with all that guys.

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