We are about to review another fit track product, the one and only dora bmi body fat scale before we get into this review guys just a quick thing. I did review one of fit tracks products before the atria pro 2.0 smart watch link to that video will be down in the description box if you guys want to go check out that video first it’s got over 5000 a lot of great comments. A lot of great feedback when it came to that watch. It looked like a lot of you guys actually own, that watch before even watching the video, but without further ado guys. I don’t want to bore you guys. I want to get straight to the point and let’s go ahead and review the dara body fat scale so right before we get started guys. I just want to give you guys a little timeline of what to expect in this video i’m, going to first go over the website. What products they have the company themselves i’m, going to be going over and unboxing i’m going to open this thing up in front of you guys put the batteries in show you guys how to set this up. Download the app go over the 17 plus features when it comes to the scale the great benefits alongside why to purchase one of these and then give you guys my overall honest feedback thoughts, raw review on the dora body, fat skill, let’s, get started, okay, so a Little bit on fit track, as you guys can see on the website very easy to understand website they got products, they got the dar smart scale, they have the atria 2.

0. They used to sell the 1.0 before they can buy gift cards. You can take a look at their app the science behind how everything works, how to measure certain things why you should choose fit track? You can look at their programs, they got a 14 day ultimate hit home workout program, and then they got tons of different reviews. Guys fit track huge social media um, huge marketing campaigns, great company um. I also have a discount code. If you guys stick to the end of this video, you guys will find that out at the end, all right guys so let’s get straight into the fit track. Unboxing here, as you guys, can see very sleek, um light and very easy to understand packaging. They got the fit track on the top left. Understand your health. Okay, know your body weight body, fat, bone, mass body, water right here. The dara bmi gain health insights, complete body analysis, bluetooth, skill, i’ve, used other bluetooth skills in the past. Some were great. Some were alright, some just weren’t the best some would crash on me. Some you would need batteries every month, the app sometimes just didn’t work. So we’re gon na get into all of that in regards to the dara guys, if you guys flip over to the back, you guys are going to see smart body composition, monitoring the first thing you’re also going to see. Is you got the digital scale numbers uh? All measured on the top here guys with a bluetooth logo you can put in pounds or kg whatever you guys like if you guys look down at the bottom, monitor your health track 17 different features which we will be going into in a bit here, guys, okay And then you can also download the app free of charge.

You don’t need to pay there’s, no upgrades whatsoever for the app store for apple. If you have an iphone or you can get it at the google play store, if you guys have a samsung or android device. Anything like that, so let’s get straight into the unboxing you’re gon na open this tab right here now when it came in the mail guys it’s literally just a brown box. On top of this very light, you’re gon na open it up and you’re gon na see a little styrofoam you’re gon na move that out of the way you’re gon na be getting a body composition, smart skill, user manual, which you can see right here, okay and Then we’re going to have the scale right here, ready to go guys if you pop this thing here, four aaa batteries, those are the smaller batteries, not double a four aaa’s. They do not come included into the product. I’M gon na show you guys a live reaction on what’s about to happen here. So fourth battery goes in the second that goes in blue lights, are gon na start appearing on the top you’re going to be seeing all these numbers pop up. Give it a few seconds it’s already ready to go it’s as simple as that batteries are loaded last months, and now we can go ahead and go to the app store okay, so you want to open the app store you want to go to the top and Search for fit track once fit track comes up.

You want to go over to the fit track pro accurate health, since i already have it downloaded i’m just going to hit the open button. Now this is going to be my screen i’m. Just going to hit close here and do not open, and now these are the screens you’re actually going to see so once you first set up guys you’re going to have to do a register or login okay, after that you’re going to be brought to this screen Right here, just put in your profile picture, select male or female, and you’re going to go to nickname, put your name, birthdate height target, and then what mode you can do general or you can also do uh athlete mode. The next screen after that, which is the one you guys just saw you, want to connect and turn on your bluetooth go to settings turn it on and you’re, going to be. Wanting to pair you’re going to go to my device you’re going to hit the plus at the top right guys and you’re going to pair the device and make sure that the scale has the batteries in which i’ve just shown. You once that’s going on guys you’re going to hit scan and it’s going to be showing this screen right here now, once all that’s done guys you’re going to have this screen right here. Obviously, you can see my weight on the top, because i’ve already weighed myself today, okay and i’m, going to just quickly go through the app it’s, very simple, very easy to use.

Anyone can really understand it. So once you weigh yourself once guys, this will all come up and i’m gon na within a couple minutes here, i’m gon na show you guys how to weigh yourself. For the first time, you’re gon na go to weight, you can see low standard, high or very high now, given the metrics and what you guys inputted on that very first screen in regards to your your body. You know your height your weight, your age, things like that it’ll kind of give you where you should be if you’re, if you’re in standard high, very high or low, so we’ve got weight, we’ve got bmi. Okay, we got bfp, which is pretty much body fat percentage. As you guys can see, i’m standard i’m about 16.4 percent it’s got a whole bunch of unique great things, guys muscle rate we got body of water. Okay, we got bone mass, we got protein rate. We got all these cool metrics, guys that it’s just awesome to see the ordinary scale will definitely not have. If you guys go down to the bottom here, you can hit history. Okay and you’re gon na see a little timeline. So, as you keep weighing yourself, this will appear more and more days. You can go by day. You go by week, you can go by month and year. If you go to the top right guys, you can also go to a bar. So if you want a bar metric look, you can do that if you want to go back to what i had, you can go to curve and you can have that right there now.

This is pretty much the exact same thing we saw in the first screen, but it’s just going to tell you on a day to day basis exactly what the percentages are. If you don’t want to see it in this style, you guys can look here. If you hit this day, for instance, then it’ll change the metrics. How many times i weighed myself that day, you can see twice right there and that’s a little bit in regards to behind the scenes. Guys, if you go over to me, you guys can see you can manage different members. You can put different members on here. You can hit the add to add them. You can hit the units you guys want to have make sure you obviously have connected that one device or one scale you got about us, frequently asked questions. You can go to their website. You can link your fitbit. You can link your atria pro smartwatch. Many many features guys, but in regards to that guys, you can share this to your friends, your family and just show them how well you’ve been doing along your fitness journey. So that’s a little bit in regards to the app guys so let’s turn over to the scale and how we can pair ourself and weigh ourselves for the first time. Okay, now i just want to show you guys how to step on the scale. For the first time and how it can read the data onto the app, so what you want to do first off guys is make sure you have bluetooth on once.

You have bluetoon bluetooth on you want to go over and hit the fit track open up. The app right here guys and now it’s going to be connected so now it’s connected to the to the fit track. Let’S walk over to here, make sure you actually have the scale on a very hard ground. You want to make sure 100. Your socks are off. Okay, put your phone on the ground for a second, wherever you guys want to go you’re going to step on it’ll automatically. Do it right there once it stops, keep going it you’re gon na see four tickers right there, one two three four one: two three four it’s gon na do it three times once the weight appears again, you’re completely done 200.2, and then there you have it right. There guys 200.2 and you can look at every single one of the features and go through all the metrics it’s as simple as that very easy to use. Do this every single day, multiple times a day, doesn’t really matter some features i may not have touched on guys: it’s got the 17th health body measurements. It also is a great understanding of your body, the body fat, the hydration level, your muscle and bone mass, and so much more that you will not get when it comes to a regular body. Fat scale. Another great feature guys, if you guys have a large family and a lot of you guys want to use the same skill, there’s no need to purchase five or six scales and everyone’s got their own.

You can download the app on each and every one of your guys’s phones and you can connect up to eight users. They also have an infant mode, so this will help you watch your little one grow inside you, you’re also going to be getting the body of water percentage, okay, which is very important, and you can see if you’re drinking enough water throughout the day or not. So using this scale, i’ve actually been on the middle to low range and i’ve been actually drinking at least four to five liters a day, and i can see that that’s actually gone up in regards to the app you’re. Also gon na be seeing your sub fat. Your standard weight, your weight control, your fat mass, your muscle mass, which is obviously very important for me. I want to know how much muscle i actually have on my body. You can break down the percentages and see even by the pound. So, in my scenario, guys, i got 137 uh pounds out of the 200 that i currently weigh of muscle mass you guys are going to be going to the gym four to five days a week. If you guys are a bodybuilder, you want to increase that muscle. Mass you can be able to track that if you’re going up by a pound, two pounds, three pounds you’re doing a great job. If your body fat is going down at the exact same time, then you know what guys you guys are doing an awesome job.

You’Re increasing that muscle mass but decreasing the fat at the same time, your body fat will be decreasing. Your your weight will be decreasing depending on whatever uh fitness journey. Slash goal you guys want to go on or have this is the best app. So you guys can track it every single day, all right guys now that we’ve gone through everything in regards to the dara scale and everything you guys need to know about it, let’s quickly go to their website and take a look at the pricing. I know you guys are going to want to know how much this bad boy is, so the fit track. Dara guys smart body, fat, bmi scale, it’s a regular 198 usd guys right now they have a great sale going on at the time of this recording. It is 99 it’s under 100 bucks, guys it’s 50 off. If you guys, don’t want to pay for it all up front. They also have four interest free payments of 25 with paybrite like i’ve shown you. This is obviously the white skill right here. They also have another scale in the black color way, which also looks very very good. However, it is limited edition and it goes for 120, so it’s about 20 bucks. More just keep that in mind. One final important thing: guys if you guys want to support the channel and if you guys want to support me and if you guys want to support your wallet, you can also put in code mateo 20 at the checkout for any item on the fit track website Or in your cart, so you can load it up with a whole bunch of different things, but i’ll give you guys a quick example here, if you guys add the dara scale like i’ve mentioned, it was 99 okay, you throw in matilda 20 you’re gon na, be Saving 19.

80 and the scale will come out to and 70 88.70 canadian all right guys to finish this video off. I just want to give you guys my overall honest opinion. What i’ve seen my raw uncut feelings in regards to the scale right here using it for the last? You know three to four days here. It is one of you know the better, if not the best scales i’ve ever used. It is small compact. The sensors work great um, very lightweight. You can take this travel. You can bring this wherever you guys want it doesn’t really matter. The app is very easy to understand. I guarantee you within five minutes or less you’re. Gon na understand everything in regards to this app. A lot of the apps out there guys or those scales they’re just so confusing they throw in so much stuff in regards to the app it’s it’s, not even funny, but it’s, not even worth it it’s. Just gon na stress you guys out and the whole point of this guys is to be a better version of yourself get on the scale. You know see your progress the whole way through a month. You know a year five years, whatever that may be, you want to actually be stepping on the scale if they’re going to make it very confusing other companies you’re not even going to want to do that in the first place. The other thing i want to mention guys very, very important.

A lot of people have a tough time pairing the phone to the scale guys. This is the easiest thing i’ve ever done. I’Ve paired, you know, computers, scales, smart watches, headphones whatever that may be in 2021, with all these electronics. This was the easiest thing you literally put in the batteries. Guys put it on the floor. Download the app hit pair it’s gon na find it within two seconds step on the scale get a first reading in and you’re completely done. I wish i had bad things to say about this guys, but i literally don’t, if i had to say anything at all like i, i don’t know what to say, because it is so easy to use and it’s it’s it’s, very compact and light and not heavy Whatsoever, actually, the one thing i may say is it should come with batteries. However, it doesn’t not a big deal, four or five bucks at the at the store um, but that is the one thing so make sure you guys have four aaa batteries ready to go. All right guys, if you guys found this video helpful, please please subscribe to the channel, give this video a thumbs up. If you guys have the dara body fat scale at home i’d love to hear your guys’s opinion and thoughts on the product. If you guys have any fit track products at home, i want to hear anything you guys have to say about the company.

I love to hear your guys’s feedback so make sure you guys comment down in the description box like i said guys, if you guys want to save money on the fit track website with this scale, the watch or any product guys make sure you guys use the Code, mateo 20 it’s, going to save you 20 off it’s automatically going to calculate where you are um. Those were canadian prices by the way. If i made a mistake and said us, but those were canadians so it’s, even cheaper shipping guys took about you know, maybe five to six, maybe seven days at most very easy. Customer service is awesome. If you guys have any questions reach out to them. Comment down below, if you guys have any customer service questions um, i don’t work for fit track. But if you guys use my code then i will definitely help you guys out. If you guys don’t that’s completely fine. Hopefully, this video has helped you determine if this is a scale for you.