Basically, message notification, heart rate and the bluetooth cutting. Those are the three most important things for me, so were gon na see if this actually works. Um first impressions watch looks nice and thats all we get just this tiny manual and a charging cable all right. This is a special cable only fit for the watch. All right lets try turning it on thats, quick wait is that it oh okay were in. That was the quickest boot ive ever seen all right. First impressions, the display isnt isnt too bad at all. Oh, what what else happened there open again, okay, uh wait. How do i get to the thats the only button we have how to go out again to show the time again? Oh here, okay, okay, there you go. I can also change the face. Okay, all right, so its actually a pretty comfortable fit. First thing were going to check, is the heart rate sensor, so just tap here and measure right now, its measuring sorry for the awkward pose with my arm, its kind of hard to show for the camera all right, 88, bpm, 99.1, all right. So that seems to work. Wait lets, take it off and see. If how the sensor looks like it says, measuring okay, there, you go all right, look legit, pretty cool. Actually i got it to vibrate on my wrist lets. Try it again. I dont know if you can hear that, but it sounds cheap, but it doesnt feel cheap when its on your wrist thats, the best i can say now.

The next step would be pairing it to my phone. I guess it already shows up right away. Bluetooth pin quest allow anything on the watch. Oh and just like that were paired im going to leave it off. My wrist dose will be easier to film. What was that? Did it? Oh it disconnected all right lets, try pairing it again. Settings would thats. Those are my settings. Are you serious? Oh here you go. I still dont see how im supposed to pair it. I think wait. What, if i think you need an app yeah lets. Try downloading the app, then is this not on the app store? Is this the apk okay nope? It is on the google play store stuff. You tap here, nothings happening v, fit lets just look for v fit. I think its. Is it this i think. So what is this equipment? Add watch? Oh, this thing is glitching. My whole phone and lets just give it the permissions it wants because maybe thats what it needs: physical activity, fine, okay, there go find a bracelet turn on bluetooth. All right search filled. Okay. How do you pair this thing all right since then? Just instructions that i needed: where did it go? It was here a second ago. It doesnt need to appear like fy16 plus audio, whatever it was, but now its gone. Okay, im gon na pair it unpair this and scan again lets just try pairing this again.

Anyway, an app is needed to use this device. This is not what im trying to do right now, its paired, but its, not oh there. It is! Oh, we did it now. We can start the real testing first lets test, calling nothing huh, nothing on the watch itself, couldnt pair. Oh, my god, this is an app is needed, but i am using that app right now, incoming call! Oh get phone got ta. Give this all this proof. Okay, incoming call notifications, no not pixie people be fit. Allow, i think its only a notification for certain apps all right now. It should work now lets try this again still still nothing on the watch. Okay, i think what i need to do is just go here. Permissions not allowed car locks. Okay, i think it needs that and microphone camera no okay. Now it has all the permissions available except for camera, because i mean it: doesnt have a it. Doesnt have a camera now lets try again there we go now it works, but if hebrew doesnt work very well because its wrong orientation but tap here or here, how do i accept how the call accept? Oh, no, how do i accept the card? All right lets see uh whats up next, all right. It doesnt look the prettiest, but it works. Can you reply through that? No, we cannot reply, but at least the messages were, but but if youre using uh any other language word like or you read from the other side, then its gon na its not gon na show, then its not gon na show correctly so im gon na try Calling one more time and then, if im, going to wrap this review up, lets start sliding from all the directions right.

Oh, my god, okay yeah dont press dont press this button when youre getting a call, because that messes up everything all right here you go call come on. How do you accept the car theres, nothing about it in the manual as well. I dont know man anyway. I think were gon na wrap this up uh. It seems like a pretty decent watch if you can get it for a good price. Couldnt get the calling to work, but im sure you know it works fine base, judging based off of other reviews that ive done but yeah. Thank you.