Today we have the fk 75 smart watch and the price is just 2500 rupees. The box and the presentation of the watch is very, very good and before going to the video, if you are new to our channel, make sure to subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon for more information and like our channel, like this video share. This video and make sure to subscribe, okay, let’s unbox this. This is the box. Here we have fk 75 watch uh photo fp75 smartwatch, clear and dedicated shocking vision. 320 is to 385 hd resolution; okay, they mentioned it hd resolution and a personality dial: okay, smart sports, health monitoring, portrait, multi sport mode, magic crown message, reminder blood, special sleeping monitor, and here we have fk 75 logo and made in china, and these are some features. We can read fk smart, let’s, unbox, the you can see the uh see the box structure. You can feel the structure in fk series. This is the best to box. Okay, an fk 99 review also coming soon so make sure to subscribe Music one. This is the box. First, we have new beautifully okay, i don’t know what the sentence they tell and this is the watch let’s, keep it inside and check what’s inside the box, a small form. This is the wireless charger: cheap, build quality, only plastic only but it’s matte finish, and here we have the two bells. One is velcro belt in fps fk series: the benefit is we getting two c two bills in all: f k: series, f, k, 19 and f k; 78.

All the model have two built and is the good quality silicon belt, and here we have the user manual. Fk 75 smart watch, the connection of the app is fit fly. You can read it all in english. Only here in chinese. This is the watch. Yeah it’s cool. I need to show one thing: you can check check this paint it’s very, very matte finish not like my watch. This is my emc someone to watch and you can check the paint finishing. This is a a little bit matte but it’s too much matte finish. I really not like this paint, but some people like this full matte, finish: watch Music, okay, let’s check how many watch faces in this watch. I remove this belt. I don’t like this let’s see how many watch faces have one actual chrono is working let’s check. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 20, 20 watch faces okay and in this watch faces we have a tap to change mode. Also, you can see this is the world’s best wallpaper – and here we have this – this look crazy type to change color. This also, you can change the color, and this also and one more ice on this. This watch our watch face. Also, you can change by tapping the display. You know in all fk series these watch faces is compulsory. Okay, let’s talk about the futures side view we have a two cut out.

One is real, one is fake cutout, and here we have two point for charging. This is a plastic, not ceramic case, and here we have. We have a fake button. This is a fake button. This is a crown working button, mic! Okay, you can see the crown you can see. The crown is working Music. Okay, okay, stop! Here! We have a slide view and we can also change it to bubble view Music let’s check about the heart rate, yeah it’s, a fake sense in all the chinese watches effect sensor. Only guys, let’s check my tables and these watch accents. Are these watches fake sensors? You can this watch is also fake sensor. Only if you want to wear apple watch look alike, then you can buy this watch and i will definitely make a on unboxing video of mc72 pro and fk 75, because mg72 pro is cheaper than fk 75, but is the best to watch. Comparing to these two watch in this watch basis, we have so many features. If you click, if you, if you click this, you can go to calendar there’s a voice. I send black special music. This is like a android phone exercise, sport. So if you want to buy this watch, you can buy a link in description. You can buy this watch.