So we got fk 88, fk99, hw22 and hw 22 pro. So first of all is the price. So fk 88 is the most expensive one, which is 37 us dollars with the free shipping from aliexpress. Then you got the fk99, which is 33 us dollars and hw22 and hw22 pro both cost exactly the same 26 us dollars with the free shipping. Before you can ask me questions: where is the link to purchase these watches? It’S very simple: go down to the playlist on my channel and scroll through or just type in in the search bar. Every single model and you’ll find a separate review and underneath the review there will be a link to the shop where i purchased this one. So, first of all, what we’ll do is we’ll we’ll compare the packaging, so fk 88 comes with two separate straps. One is a synthetic, very soft, strap. The other one is a silicone, strap the one we’ve got used to uh, seeing on original apple watches, and you also have a little manual with a qr code to download the app which is called fit fly. The one that i really hate and the box itself looks like this and it’s a very nice nice, hard box very similar to the one you find on original apple watch. Fk 99 also comes with the synthetic soft strap and a silicone, strap and also with the manual that looks like that, and it also has a qr code to download the fit fly.

App uh, which i said, i’m, not a huge fan of, and the unboxing experience, is very similar to the original apple watch, as well with a very hard box inside there, and then we got hw22 um box looks like this. It comes with a strap of a very low quality, and the manual looks a bit different this time. Around also has a qr code to download the app which is called wear fit pro and the hw22 pro comes in a box very similar to the previous generation. This time around the manual changed a little bit now. It’S. A one piece also has a qr code to download the app which is called rd fit, and it also comes with a strap, which is also over slightly lower quality than than the original straps would have been so a couple of figures about these. These particular watches. So, first of all, we’ll start with the processes. These three models here use exactly the same processor, which is mtk2502c it’s, not the quickest processor and, as a result. Unfortunately, the smoothness of the animation on those three models here, which is fk 88 fk99 in h, uh w22. Pro is not as good as the one on hw 22, because this watch comes with a processor which is hs6621 and it seems to be the quickest of them for battery wise. These watches come with a very similar similar batteries, so fk 88 and fk99 come with a 220 milliamp battery, whereas the hw22 comes with 200 milliamp battery and hw 22 pro has the smallest battery yet, which is 180 milliamp battery, both those models and f and hw 22 will last between about one to two days, whereas hw 22 will last the entire week now for bluetooth modules, um once again, these three models.

Here they come with two separate bluetooth models in each of the models and that’s bluetooth, 3.0 and 4.0, not the best and they’re not best for the um sort of battery consumption, whereas the hw22 comes with a bluetooth, 5.2 and that’s. Probably, what helps to save the battery uh throughout the week green size, wise um? The fk 88 seems to have the biggest screen of them all uh, which is 1.78 inches across, and the other three have exactly the same screen dimension, which is 1.75 inches across and then for the resolution. Um. These three models here are exactly the same. They come with 385 by 320 pixels resolution, whereas the fk99 comes with a slightly improved resolution, which is so not a major improvement but it’s just enough to show that the picture quality is slightly better. The weight of all four is exactly the same as 46 grams. So very light, indeed um the size of the watches themselves. This is a 46 millimeter, whereas all three there are 44 millimeter watches. So therefore that’s the biggest watch overall, the waterproof rating, as well as the dust resistant rating, is non existent on these two here. So fk 88 and hw 22 pro, whereas fk99 and hw22 comes with ip rating of ip67. Both of these were in the shower. With me, i’ve tested them um washed hands with them. They were absolutely fine and, i believe, with hw22, you can even take it into a swimming pool and they should be just fine on my tests.

Hw22 pro died in the shower literally because the water got into the speaker, grill and they literally just turned off. So i had to spend three days: um actually chucking them in in a bowl of rice and putting them on the radiator just so i can actually use them for a review, so they sort of back to normal, but i’m sure they will die off. At some point same goes for fk 88. Unfortunately, throughout my uh use of this watch, i was not brave enough to actually test them, because neither on the page or in anywhere in the manual or on the watch itself does it say whether these these babies here come with any ip rating whatsoever. So i wouldn’t, i wouldn’t, recommend to actually try it. Try it out. So now, let’s just have a quick look at the the actual screen itself, so we got fk 88 and fk99. Personally, i think the fk99 is one of the best screens presented today is well balanced, so the the gaps all the way around the screen are equally spaced, whereas on fk 88 you’ve got a larger chain and sort of equally spaced bezels on each side, and if We take a closer look at the build quality it’s very similar, except for the fact that the fk 88 is slightly larger body overall and at the back we can see that there are some minor differences um, comparing the charging mechanisms as well, which we will cover Just in just a second and the speaker, grille on fk88, you can see that the top portion is closed.

Off same goes for the fk99, so very similar, but fk88 is slightly larger and personally for my personal taste, i think the fk99 is just a better overall package. Just feels a bit more premium too to me and then, if we compare hw 22 and hw 22 pro obviously hw is the red one and hw 22. Pro is the silver one. Hw 22 has a fake button down the bottom. Also, you can see that the microphone uh cutout is somewhat down closer to the bottom of the watch um. So you can actually press that button, whereas on the pro version it looks a bit more like afk fk99, a bit more balanced, similar sort of look to it and everything else and the the rear of the watch is also different, because the hw22 uses different charging Mechanism and on the left side, if you take a look at the speaker, grille there’s minor differences there, as well, so for a quick charger demonstration. We’Ll start with the hw22 hw22 comes with a charger like that. These charger looks the least um similar to the original apple watch, but it does the job because the the watch itself actually clicks in there very, very sturdily um and, to my opinion, that’s that’s, not a bad charger whatsoever, but it’s just it’s, not it doesn’t. Really. Look like a regional thing: does it uh, then, for the fk 88, the first generation of fks? Basically, this is a semi wireless charger, so you still got two little pins for a charging mechanism it’s magnetic, but you have to find that little spot for the watch to sit perfectly otherwise it’s not going to charge and then for fk99 and hw 22 pro you Actually now been upgraded to a fully wireless charges similar to one you find on the original apple watch, but these are not interchangeable, so unfortunately, you will have to use one charger per watch sort of thing, so the hw22 pro only works with its own charger and It doesn’t really matter how you place it.

The charge will take place same goes for the fk99 uh you just plonk it on, and it doesn’t really matter in which rotation you put your watch on it’s gon na start charging as well. So all in all, if you wan na in depth review of each and every single model, you can actually go to my youtube playlist and you can find each and every single watch there, because they all being reviewed um. Just to summarize couple of things personally, i think um, the hw 22 wins on many aspects, so, for instance, it’s a good longer battery life, it’s uh. It has a way smoother animation than all the other watches to use so, for instance, this menu, as we can see if i’ll show you the display as well um. The hw 22 pro has the biggest chin down the bottom uh and because it’s got no ip rating and it died after being in the shower. I cannot recommend this model to. You same goes for the fk 88, unfortunately, because it’s it’s a first attempt to um clone the apple watch of sixth generation, because the body itself is way. Larger it’s thicker it’s wider it’s taller in every single possible direction and i didn’t quite enjoy using the uh watch’s own menu because i found it very confusing because the font is very small, it’s hard to read and different colors on each screen. Do you sort of you just get disorientated, it’s, just really hard to use so, and the other thing is: is the um? The wheel is not really stiff enough, so the watch faces keep on changing throughout the day, so those two are no.

No. For me, like i, can’t recommend them whatsoever. Same goes for the sensors by the way the sensors on neither of these are any good, so i wouldn’t really uh rely on them, but if you were still needing to choose between some of the models – and you wanted a proper clone, um fk99 is the nearest One look alike for the apple watch: it’s just it’s just got that very, very nice build quality to it, uh and it also works pretty well with all the options and functions and everything else still got that very unstiff, um sort of crown, which means that the Watch faces still will be changing throughout the day. Unfortunately, but it’s got nice and juicy bright screen all the buttons work as they should. You also got the microphone and speaker and everything else and the battery lasts about a day or two, and some of the watch faces are very good as well, so that’s a that’s, a good, buy and it’s not as expensive as the fk 88. So it’s only 33 us dollars well, i say only but it’s it’s a good build, build quality watch. So for those of you who always ask me what what should i go for you know what was the best apple code at the minute. I personally think it’s. The fk99, however hw 22 is probably my favorite, because it is one of the cheapest. The watch faces don’t change, whilst you rotate the crown so that’s a big plus for me.

So if you want to change the watch face, you actually have to press hold and then change it on the screen. So for me, that’s that’s a much better option. It’S got a very nice smooth animation, so it looks a bit more like a realistic apple watch to be honest with you um, and because there is an absence of one button that really doesn’t make much of a sort of it. Doesn’T doesn’t make it feel wrong. If it feels alright, you can you can use that and because i can take it into a shower with me, i can take it in swimming pool with me. That’S that’s, a bonus as well that’s, a big plus, so both of these are not afraid of water. Um in the shower that’d be fine. A hw 22 can go in a swimming pool with you as well price. Wise, like i said, this is 26 us dollars. This is 33 us dollars. Uh build quality, fk99 wins hw2, unfortunately loses but um. The hw22 has got smoother animation and easier ui to use. So if you, if you’re someone who doesn’t like too many options, you know this would be a better option for you. So right, at the end, all i can say is um there’s this this in my own opinion, first of all, um any clone is um. Is crap um it’s not really worth it um. It would be much much better if you could actually save money and buy a proper product rather than buying yourself a clone, and they they always will be compromises that you will have to accept.

You will have to take, unfortunately uh, but if you choose, if you’re going to be choosing between all four we’ll come back with all four um, like i said, hw 202 pro is the worst of them all. Um fk88 is okay, but it’s way too big and it’s way too complicated to use hw22 is good, all around so good battery, it’s, good, good sensors, it’s good, well, good sensors! Well, i say good sensors all right: sensors, um, it’s, good good battery is good uh. All right screen – and i like that – the fact that the watch faces don’t change, whilst you rotate the crown and fk99 seems to be the best for the bug, because it doesn’t cost as much as the previous model is much better built, it’s smaller in dimension. So it looks a bit more like a real deal. Um and it’s got a wireless charger and it works for a day or two so and it’s got some nice, nice wallpapers, nice watch faces um and the menu styles can be changed as well. So you can choose between different menu styles, so this is it um. I hope this video has been helpful in some way to you, especially if he was trying to pick um in amongst all these watches here. But if you still got any questions, don’t hesitate. Comment down below and i’ll do my best to answer your questions as soon as i possibly can. Thank you very much for subscribing.

Thank you very much for following this channel and supporting this channel. I really do appreciate, and you know, we’re doing a lovely job and helping each other finding a decent product for let’s say not not too much of a money to spend so yeah.