We can see the quick action and you can easily find this function and click inside and the bottom to the top is the control center and also you can change the menu style here. You can see this button, it is six apps wheel and then this is the list wheel and now is the cellular view, Music and from the right to the left. We can see pedometer heart rate and bluetooth, music, remote notifier, then from the left to the right is the main menu and we can check the functions one by one first about and the qr code and the phone book and the call logs then the dialer and Now the phone is tied in and we can control from the phone to choose to answer from the iphone or the speaker or the watch, and also we can decline the cost from the watch and then the weather and the blood oxygen. We can click to start and heart rate. Then the sleep monitor and find my device, you can click start and the phone will vibrate and the series search: hey siri, open the camera. Okay, so i just use the siri to open the camera, and you can also make the call and the essential and the spot record and the spot. It has several spot modes, such as auto working in the working auto running indoor, running, auto cycling and the sports record and the clock. Firstly, we can change the watch faces and also we can change the date and time and then the platies, and it has several exercise.

You can follow the screen to practice and then the fitness. It also has several practice and you can follow and then the timer it has four default setting and you can click to countdown and the stopwatch and the bluetooth music. You can just click, you can adjust the volume in the watch and the sound will come from the watch and if you want to change the music sound coming from the phone, you can click this symbol in the phone and you can click to shift the sound Over coming from the iphone now and then the pedometer and the alarm, you can click to set the alarm, then the calculator and the messaging and the calendar and the remote notifier for all those message: notification. They will be displayed in this icon and then bluetooth connection and remote capture for this function. We need to go inside the app first, then we click and we can see the phone is, go to the camera function and we can click the watch. Then the phone is taking picture and then the setting there are several settings such as bluetooth setting and the clock setting. You can change the clock, style date and time and also time format and the sound setting you can change the alert type. It has several alert type and also the ring tongue and notification tongue. Then the volume and the display the screen timeout can be maximum 60. Second and the international is the language list, it has several language lists and reset and about and finally, the language is same as the language in the setting, so that’s all those functions in this smartwatch and when we release the list, the screen will power on and Also, you can customize any photo and to the watch Music and we can see.

There are two message and we can click to wheel.