So the 5th gen fossil smartwatch has been out for a year a little bit over a year and i’ve had it about it. Uh almost a year, maybe it later next month, i rotate smart watches and smart devices uh, but this watch is always one that i seem to come back to uh and i really think the a year with having it. The big difference in this watch versus a lot of the other smart watches is just the fact that fossil is a watch company uh, making a smart watch versus other companies or tech companies trying to get into making a smartwatch, so that’s seems a little weird, but That’S kind of the big difference: uh it’s, the style. This watch really looks like a normal watch to most people and they don’t really know it’s a smart watch until you know it lights up or you start, you know, checking messages on it. So that’s, probably one of the big reasons why i like it so much it’s, just easy to use and it’s really good. Looking so last year in 2020, i was hoping that fossil would upgrade this watch, but they didn’t they actually just kind of lowered the price and they actually made a lower cheaper version of it, but they didn’t actually upgrade the specs in the watch and honestly, i Can say uh after having the watch for over a year that really the specs are just fine and i get why they didn’t have to upgrade the watch.

The watch works great. I still think the screen is really really good. It’S one of my favorite screens of smartwatch uh there’s, two things that i would kind of call as a uh a knock on this watch um. As you can see, you do have the the black bezel, which is the way they designed it and the lcd technology. They’Re using after that black bezel, i i don’t like that, and then the second thing, which is a big thing for me, is i know i can’t always get through the full day on a battery charge. So for a lot of people that could be a deal. Breaker uh some people, if you lower the the screen brightness, you can get through a full day, but i like mine, uh, very bright, and because of that, i really can’t always get through a full day. So sometimes i get to like seven o’clock uh in the evenings and then it dies with me um, but it’s it’s still pretty solid, but there are other competitors out there that can get you to a full day. But again, those are the only two things that i don’t like about it again: the black bezel and the battery life. But besides that everything else, i really do love about this watch. So i do want to kind of show you guys some of the the really cool uh watch face that you have that’s one of the cool things about fossil.

Is they have a ton of really really good, looking uh watches, so you can kind of see the different options you have and also in the year that i’ve had this watch there’s been. There was a pretty major google wear update, which really kind of helped bring this watch to the next level, but again uh, just the design and the sleekness that you have the ability uh to be able to to to use this watch in pretty much any situation Where they’re working out, where they’re at work, where they’re going out for drinks, uh it’s, really helpful uh one thing that i’ve noticed that’s been really really useful. Is ever since our wife, our son, he’s, almost two since having a kid uh, just having a smart watch to be able to kind of quickly see notifications and not to pull out your phone? Every time been really helpful, also uh during covet quarantines. You spend so much time at home that it’s nice not really having your phone on you all the time just to be able to kind of quickly glance at your watch and see whatever’s going on. So those are some of the pros that i’ve seen with the watch just as a as a new father and also just being at home a lot. It kind of just enables you to kind of detach from some stuff and not be fully connected to your phone. Uh, the one cool thing is also you can kind of filter your notifications.

If you don’t get notifications, everything you don’t have to uh, you can pick which ones you get uh, but again, a year later having this watch and i rotate the watches. But i use this as my primary watch, i can say: hey you know i haven’t seen any slow downs in speed. I’Ve had any issues with storage and on the memory. Um it’s it’s a solid watch and i could still recommend this one and they have some really good sales on this one uh most recently, amazon had this for like 180, so i think this originally was like two actually 350, but it’s down to under 200 bucks. So you can get on amazon best buy, set different runs on this too, and really i mean like when you look at the aesthetics as i’m, going to kind of show you it’s pretty amazing. Now they did save a little money with having a plastic back here and they could have done all metal back but in some ways it’s more comfortable because the when you have the metal back, you can get kind of cold and sometimes uncomfortable um, but yeah again A year with having this and pretty much wearing it uh, you know i’d, say 70 of the of the last year. This is a winner and i would highly recommend it. Uh again, the tech you’re going to get the best with the google where and the updates come to this pretty quickly.

So when google ware has an update, you get this quicker. I do wish that google uh would be a little more robust with the updates uh and to kind of have at least a guaranteed yearly update, but even sometimes even more than that, just to kind of keep the software uh fresh, uh, but again yep. This is, this is the one uh. I am looking at getting a samson uh galaxy watch because i do use a samson phone as my primary. So i will be getting that and comparing that one. But i will say that if people are looking for a watch and they are curious about the fossil 5th gen it’s still a winner – i will warn you that they probably will be releasing a 6th gen in 2021. So be aware of that. But again, that watch is going to probably retail for 350 to 400 bucks uh versus this one is a lot cheaper and you’re, probably going to get 90 of the same thing. Anyways guys. Thank you for watching this quick one year review of the fossil 5th gen. Hopefully it was helpful for you guys uh once again fantastic watch and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.