There are a few exceptions to this. Like the sony, smart band talk that has some smart capabilities and the watchy the diy device that hasn’t even really been released, which brings us to today’s feature the fossil hybrid hr e ink smart. Now. What is interesting about this is that it’s using the glass face, and it has all the markings around the side, but you’ll notice that it’s not actually using an e ink screen as the front to tell time it’s a watch with an e ink backdrop. Whether the ink screen is on or off it’s still a watch through and through it has a nice rubber band, replaceable stainless steel body, it’s very nice overall, but there’s an added bonus of having the circular one odd inch e ink backdrop screen so we’re just gon Na look at what all these buttons do and everything if you press the middle here, it will slide everything to the little left and right nine and three mustache here. So you can see all of your notifications if you pair with your phone notifications, will start to pop up. If you press up or down respectively, you will navigate up and down. You can press the center button to say: okay and the gears move it back to the time it was before. Now you have the weather steps, heart rate and the date you do have a heart rate monitor at the back that flickers green when it touches your skin, of course, but you have to have something touching the sensor to do that now you do have the center Button here pressing, it once goes to the notifications, as we showed you pressing and holding it brings you to the settings.

So if you click on settings, we’ll just go through all these, so you can see it. It is do not disturb always off always on heart rate, on or off you have the front light on or off that will show you in a little bit, unread notifications on or off disconnected icon, vibration, medium and dial info on. You can change all this respectively. You can change the intensity of the vibration via the vibrator inside you can change the icons on or off it’s just standard settings. Toggles that you can change anytime. You want press and hold goes back. You can go up to the home menu right there or you can keep looking at the settings we have about. This will just show you the serial number and the software number. You can always go to your phone’s application, uh to change all that stuff. Now you have ring my phone as well, which is kind of cool, because if you ever do lose your phone we’ll put the phone right there. You can actually just click this Music and you can stop it respectively and that’s really cool, because even if your phone is on manner mode which this is, it will still ring the phone. You have a few more things here. You have connect challenge. This will just move you over to the application on your phone. It’Ll say, check the app and join the challenge from there. You have commute time it’s.

Another little thing you can do. You can control your music. No, this doesn’t have speakers, so it will be a music control for your phone change, your notifications and stopwatch now what i don’t like about this watch compared to say, fitbit or something the stopwatch and the countdown and all that which are pretty common features, are pretty Heavily buried in this phone, you have to go through a lot of steps to to start them, and i like how, when you have a fitbit, you just click one or two things and swipe and you’re there. This one requires a lot more work to do very simple things. You have your weather, you have your wellness, which is, if you’re doing you know workout times or you’re lifting weights pressing the top button once brings you to all of your stats for today. So how many calories you’ve burned? I’Ve burned a whopping one calorie walking over to the office here, and you have your um heart rate, it’ll measure you, but you have to have it on for that we’re not wearing it right now, and then you can press that to go back pressing the bottom. One once will start the music player. You go ahead down to play: press okay and that’ll start playing your music on your phone or your headphones or whatever. You have hooked up to your device. Let’S talk about the application now now it’s, not a hundred percent crucial. You use this because you could just use the watch as a regular analog watch with an ink screen in the back that’s fine, but this allows you to track all your things now.

Don’T judge me on any of these numbers or only use the watch to get a handle on it, not anything on a personal level, so these numbers don’t mean much. You can set yourself challenges and goals here, and you can also customize all the buttons. So you saw, as we had workout mode wellness, dashboard music control. All these buttons can be changed accordingly to whatever you want them to be. You can swipe to change the presets so daily fitness or travel. You can delete them, apply them or just make your own. Now you do have some alerts, calls and messages, apps, etc. You can add your own as well, and your profile is going to be everything right here, so you can see. That’S me, my battery is 44 now interesting about this device. Is that they say that the watch only lasts two plus weeks, but you know what, if you don’t, have it connected to your phone? It lasts a long time like nearly a month, and i just want to put it out there that it lasts way longer than advertised connected to your phone. Constantly updating, constantly synchronized glow light on the back. It will last less than two weeks, so it does depend on your workload. You do have some additional things down here like set goals, workout detection preferred units connected apps, opt in to certain things and about now you know what that’s pretty much it there isn’t a whole lot to this watch.

It is a very beautiful watch, it’s well built it’s well designed it looks fantastic and it has removable bands it’s made with really good materials, and it suits basically anybody. It can look as classy as you want. It can look as casual as you want. If you don’t, like the bands, you can buy cheap ones on aliexpress, you can buy official ones from the website. I mean you can keep this thing for a very long time and the parts are removable and replaceable. The only thing that i don’t like about this is that, yes, it is always using that backdrop now that’s the whole point. It is using e ink but it’s not using ink as the foreground it’s the background, meaning you always have those watch hands in the way, and i understand that’s the way they were approaching this. So it has to be respected, and even though this is a smart watch, it is still limited in functionality because of the screen. The screen can’t display things in the way like a regular square screen. Can everything has to be conformed to the circle? Everything has to be limited and catered to a circular experience rather than a conventional, rectangle or square. So in that regard, even though this is one of the most function, heavy smart watches around that is running e ink it’s, still not a hundred percent there. Now there are some other devices like the watchy which we mentioned earlier, but that thing seems to be a little bit vaporware, because nothing’s really come of it and it hasn’t been released.

Thus far hope you enjoyed this small review of the fossil hr hybrid. If you guys have any other questions, comments or concerns, let us know for