This is ava from fit lab and welcome to our review of the fossil gen 5. you’ll find the links to the product in the description, and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch to the end of The video to know our final verdict if this fitness tracker is worth it fossil gen 5 overview. The fossil generation 5 smart watch is a high tech accessory that’s, both android and ios compatible. The smartwatch works with wear os by google. To give you many great features through google assistant, google fit and google pay, you can make quick and easy payments without needing your phone or wallet thanks to google pay. The google fit also helps keep track of your workout sleeping patterns and heart rate. So you know your progress. Additionally, with the fossil gen 5, you can easily make or pick a call thanks to their inbuilt speakers. You can also get text notifications that you can reply to with a tap. The smart watch also charges fast and has four battery modes. That can help you extend the battery life, so you don’t have to worry about charging your phone constantly. The gen 5 also gives you access to many of your favorite apps. Thanks to google play and with the 8 gigabytes of storage, you can download as many of the apps as you like. The watch is also waterproof, which is great for swimmers who want to keep track of the workouts in the water.

The fossil gen 5 comes in many styles and colors to suit your taste and preference. What we liked subtle, design, android and ios compatible water resistant, multiple battery modes, to extend battery life. What we didn’t like lacks imessage support for ios, not as many fitness tracking features pricey for its features. Fossil gen 5 specifications from the table below you can tell fossil gen 5 has enough storage to store applications and music plus its waterproof feature, make it suitable for swimmers things you should know before buying the fossil gen 5.. Although the fossil gen 5 is compatible with both android and ios, where os by google doesn’t work that well with ios software, the gen 5, however syncs fast and works seamlessly with android smartphones, fossil gen 5 features customizable design. The fossil gen 5 has a subtle design for a smart watch. It is also designed to fit your taste and preference. You can change your watch face to fit the style you want. The wrist bands are also detachable, so you can replace them with your preferred design. Extended battery settings on top of being a fast charging smart watch, the fossil gen 5 also has four mode settings that help extend battery life daily mode saves your battery for a full day, so you can charge only at night. The extended mode can save battery life. For several days, while time, only mode saves your battery for a week, custom mode, on the other hand, allows you to customize your settings by picking the most important features for you and saving the battery.

On the rest, inbuilt speakers, the new fossil gen 5 comes with an inbuilt speaker, which is great for picking and making calls. So you no longer have to carry out your phone final verdict. Should you get the fossil gen 5, while fossil gen 5 is not the best fitness tracker there is, it does have great smart watch features its extended battery settings, for example, make it great for full day use without constant charging. You should buy the fossil gen 5. If you’re looking for a smart watch with wear os operating system, subtle design and one that’s waterproof, additionally, the gen 5 has an inbuilt speaker that allows you to receive calls without your phone. The audio quality can sometimes be poor, who is the fossil gen 5 best suited for the fossil gen 5 is suitable for anyone who is for a subtle smart watch design with great features it’s also waterproof, therefore also suitable for swimmers. Are there any alternatives to fossil gen 5? If you’re, looking for a different brand that still uses wear os, then skagen faster 3 is a great alternative to fossil gen 5.. If you don’t want to wear os, consider fitbit versa, 2 as an alternative for ios users, while apple watch series 5 is slightly pricier, it’s a great alternative to the fossil gen 5.. What is your preferred? Fossil smartwatch model? Let us know in the comments section click the like button.