This is not going to be a full in depth review, but we’re still going to compare the different battery lifes the features that we get with them and which not and the activity tracking options and how accurate they actually are. And in the end, i will give you my personal opinion and which one i would buy. Obviously, since i already own both these watches, i don’t have to choose so lucky me now, if you want to see a full in depth review about these two watches, i already did a video about both of them on my channel, so i will leave the links In the description below or put them over here in the pop up boxes, we’ll see and also don’t forget to click the notification bell to always be notified whenever i upload new videos. Now, with that being said, let’s start so first up the design and we’re not going to go too deep into that, since every brand has its own design and everyone else has its own taste, but the phosgen5 has three physical buttons on the side, the middle one Is to go to the app menu and back and the other two are fully customizable, meaning, for example, my lower button takes me straight to the sport modes and my upper one takes me to my contacts. The oneplus watch is kind of similar to that. Just with one button less so the lower one is customizable and the upper one takes it to the app menu and back.

If we talk about the watch straps, we feel and see a big difference between both of these watches. Now the fossil jet 5 is very smooth. It is flexible and thin, whereas the fluorescent mesh strap of the oneplus watch is a little bit thicker. Therefore, it is more durable and, with this line pattern on it, it looks better next up the screen. As you can see, the oneplus is a bit bigger than the fossil. It has a 46 millimeter case and a 1.’ inch amoled display with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixels, whereas the fossil has a 44 millimeter case and a 1.28 inch armored display with a resolution of 416 by 416 pixel. So, basically, both watches are equally good. In that department, so it’s just a matter of taste if you want to have a bigger one or a smaller one. On your wrist me personally, i like the bigger one and now that we’re already that deep into the specs let’s talk a little bit about the battery life. So the way we’re going to compare these two watches is by turning the always display mode on turn on the bluetooth put the brightness and auto adjust and turn. Basically everything on that. We need during this 12 hours time span, so we started with 100 on both watches and after 12 hours, the one plus watch was at 75 percent and the fossil gen 5 was at 45. Of course, if you turn off, the always display mode is probably like 80 and 60 – something like that, probably, and also during this time span.

I was doing a 30 minute bike ride with the gps turned on and yeah that’s. What we basically get now the fossil gen 5 has four different battery modes. The only watch phase, one the external one, the daily one and a customized one. So if you do a little bit of tweaking, you definitely get a lot more battery life out of it. As for next let’s talk about activity, tracking both watches have a rather accurate sleep tracking, which you can look up on the watch itself or check out on the oneplus health, app or google fit app if we’re talking about the fossil gen 5.. So basically, you get to see when you wake up or went to bed, sleep duration and the length of your different sleep phases. The foster gen 5 has a bunch of different sport. Workouts i mean i have not counted them, but you get at least 50, whereas the oneplus watch now has over 100. now above watches cover the basics like running hiking and swimming or cycling, and in addition to that they have a bunch of other cool workouts available. Now, as for the gps and the accuracy of the oneplus watch i’m, not that quite convinced so in one workout, it was stopping midway through. So, instead of my 6.5 kilometers bike riding, it only told me, i was riding three kilometers and that also screwed up my calorie count and my pace now heartbeat wise. It was doing just fine, but the fact that it stopped midway through and the gps isn’t that accurate it’s a bummer now don’t get me wrong.

I had several workouts on oneplus watch, but the tracking didn’t stop midway through and the gps was ok ish, but that’s. Just something i had to mention so much as for the oneplus one, but if you’re talking about the fossil z5, it did quite well. The gps is very accurate, the heartbeat the distance, the pace, the burning calories are quite accurate, as well so overall that’s a plus point for the foster gen 5.. As for the sensors, both watches have an accelerometer a barometer gyro and a optical hybrid sensor, and in addition to that, the oneplus watch also has a geomagnetic sensor, air pressure sensor and a capacitance sensor. Next up, both watches have a built in speaker and microphones, which means you can receive calls and talk to your friends right from your wrist. Of course you cannot only receive, but you can call your friends from your watch as well as long as you have your smartphone with you, but the gen 5 also has a voice assistant which you do not have on the oneplus watch. So by swiping left. We get to the google voice assistant and ask anything we want to so let’s give it a quick try. How was the weather in germany right now in berlin, it’s 73 degrees and partly cloudy today, it’ll be mostly cloudy with a forecast high of 80 and a low of 58.. As for next let’s talk about the notifications, it is no problem to receive emails messages from instagram whatsapp or whatever, on your watch and it’s fairly easy to read on both watches, even bright, sunlight situations.

But we can only reply to those messages from the fox gen. 5, so we can either write something ourselves or choose. One of the quick reply features so again: faster is the winner. Now just a little thing i have to mention both watches have quite a few watch faces to choose from, and some are even customizable. So you can actually have some shortcuts to your different stats like steps, heartbeat weather or battery life. Both watches also have an alarm timing stopwatch and a weather widget. So before we get to my opinion and which one i would buy, let me tell you some features. You only get on the oneplus and some features you only get on the fossil gen 5.. So the oneplus watch has an spo2 tracker stress, tracker and a camera function, so you can actually take photos with your smartphone from your smartwatch, whereas the phosgen5 has a spotify. So you can download playlists or tracks, you have the google app store to download new apps and the nike run club i mean the oneplus watch also has four gigabytes of internal storage, but no spotify or diesel. So you actually have to transfer music files from your smartphone to your smartwatch. Now that we got all of that out of the way let’s get to my opinion and which one i would buy now. First of both watches are not bad, but if i would have to choose, i would go with the foster gen 5 and i know i know i praised the one plus watch so much in one of my latest videos, but after taking a second look at it, It is not that good or not, not as good as the fossil gen 5.

. Now, with the fossil gene 5, you have spotify diesel, so you can download music files directly to your smart watch from spotify.