Now you got a choice of just one size with the gen 6, a 44 millimeter case and a standard 22 mil strap, and i found this was a good size for my weedy little school child wrists, its certainly not heavy, although its not quite as refreshingly slim As that fresh new galaxy watch, 4. youve got an impressive range of designs to choose from with the fossil gen 6 as usual. Its definitely one of the best features of the fossil smart watches im, not just talking about the color of the case in here im. Also talking about the style of the actual bezel, i mean you can even encrust this thing with tiny crystals, if thats, if thats, what you want to do. Youve also got a very respectable range of straps and bands to choose from as well including a full on metal bracelet if thats your bag. Although got ta say this thing was absolutely freaking enormous. It was dangling off my arm when i tried it on first. I could have actually probably used it as a belt. I did try and resize it by popping out a couple of those links managed to get one or two out, but then i really struggled to get some out on the other side to balance it out. Uh, probably not helped by the fact that i wasnt using the proper tools. I was just using one of these little phone sim tray, porky, pin things the fossil gen 6 is water resistant to 3 atmospheres, and i really like how the screen glass seems to be incredibly thin, but also impressively durable.

That bezel doesnt really offer any kind of protection at all to the display, so of course, ive tweeted. This screen off all kinds of hard surfaces, usually after a couple of shandys and a couple of times kind of on purpose, just to give it a proper durability. Testing and uh so far, touchwood no scratching or scoffs to speak of at all its still absolutely pristine and speaking of that colorful 1.2 inch amoled display. I am definitely a fan it may be quite compact and that black bezel surrounding it is rather thick, but text and visuals are pin sharp thanks to the 416 by 416 pixel resolution, given 326 pixels per inch clarity, its bright enough for clear visibility outdoors and as It is an oled panel. You of course get all the usual always on display shenanigans. However, imagine if you will that the fossil gen 6 was actually a guilty, looking puppy sat next to a steam and turd freshly laid on your best carpet. In this slightly awkward metaphor, the pooh in question would be wear os version 2, which comes pre installed on the fossil gen 6. Instead of the fresh new wearaos 3, which we also on the samsung galaxy watch 4 series. Apparently, google has still been very protective of the latest, where its just the samsung smartwatches, where you can find it for now, but hopefully uh warehouse version 3 will be coming to other small watches like the fossil gen 6 in early 2022.

Although theres, no real, strict timeline just yet to be fair, though trusty old wear os is still perfectly fine here on the fossil, you can fully customize your tiles as usual, so your most valued information is available with just a quick swipe and when youre zipping around Through all the menus and all the rest of it, that ui feels smoother than a dollop of lord thanks to the snapdragon, where 4100 plus chipset, which runs the show, still one of the most powerful wearable chips around, which is used by remarkably few other smartwatches. That likes the new tick watch which just got launched last week and thats about it. Fossil has chucked in a decent variety of watch faces here with correspondent, always on displays plus theres. Also, a massive selection also available to download from google play or the pre installed faces service as well. If you want to change up the look and the vibe, these often come with customizable elements as well, so you can fully configure them to get them just the way you want them and, of course, as usual, you can fully customize, which notifications you receive a little Buzz on the wrist with the fossil gen 6, with the ability to respond right there on that dinky screen for certain apps like gmail, you can actually type out your response on a tiny little keyboard that works surprisingly better than it should do or, alternatively, you can Just use your voice to reply as well, or if its just a lot of spammy crap, you can just straight up, delete it right there on your wrist.

That touchscreen has proved perfectly responsive, while the rotating dial can also be used to scroll up and down through your menus and apps and whatnot its not quite as comfortable as samsungs rotating bezel on the watch 4 classic, but it works just fine and yeah theres. Certainly, no lack of buttons here on the fossil gen 6, either that dial can be pushed in to bring up a list of your installed apps, with quite a few chucked on here. To begin with, including the usual fitness tracking efforts, timers alarms and even the handwashing app, if you still need help with that, and as ever, you can download more apps via google play using the watchs built in wi fi support. Youve got eight gigs of storage. Here same as the samsung galaxy watch, for which might not sound a lot but bear in mind the most wearable apps are absolutely tiny. Meanwhile, the top and bottom buttons on the fossil gen 6 can be assigned to anything you like, although i stuck with google pier for the bottom one – and this was definitely actually one of my favorite aspects of the fossil watch. Gen 6, compared with samsungs galaxy watch. 4 efforts, the fact youve actually got google services running by default rather than samsungs own alternatives. So if you find that you use the likes of google, fit google pair, etc, then the fossil gen 6 is definitely the one for you, the gen 6, like most premium.

Smart watches has a built in speaker and mic, and you can use these to make and take calls via your smartphone. As long as you dont mind, people giving you weird sideways glances as you walk past them down the street chatting at your own arm, of course, and you can also use that speaker and mic to interact with the google assistant. Youve got full google support. If you want to wake the assistant with your voice, otherwise you can just basically swipe to the right and then tap the little mic there. Where is southern football club in the league? One table sunderland are in fourth place in football league, one with a total of 22 points. I thought we were higher than that. The football was aside. At least you can hear the speaker is nice and loud and clear something considering the size of the thing i didnt have any trouble. You know hearing it even on a busy high street or whatever and the mic again, even in quite a noisy environment, does a pretty good job of picking up your voice and understanding what youre trying to tell it to do, and also apparently, at some point in The near future fossil will be bringing amazon alexa support to the gen 6 as well. In case you prefer that to the google assistant now, one feature that i did miss here on the fossil gen 6 was copying music across to stream to your bluetooth headphones.

When you dont have your phone on you, i personally didnt miss it a massive amount, because i dont exactly spend much time. You know down the gym, pounding the weights or whatever it is. You actually do to to weights, or you know doing a bit of jogging or anything like that. So if you are looking to go out with your fossil watch, leave your phone at home and listen to music at the same time. Well, you should out of luck and speaking of exercise type stuff that fit people do the fossil gen 6 may not be as fully featured as a dedicated goldman watch, for instance, but you do get all the usual casual, 24, 7 tracking, including heart rate and sp02 Measurements youve got daily step count all that good stuff for exercise tracking im, mostly just stuck with google fit, which again is fine for just sort of keeping close tabs on your stats. No matter what kind of thing youre like doing to get the old ticker racing and if you dont use google fit the nike run. Club app also comes installed on here and youve got plenty of other options over there on the google play store like most premium watches youve got semi, dependable gps, built in handy for tracking your routes or just for a bit of google maps action when youre following Directions: theres also a bit of sleep tracking as standard as well. You can actually set up your own sleep goals.

My own personal sleep goal is basically just to actually get some sleep. Instead of lying there. On my back wide awake at 3am, staring up at the ceiling and worrying about all the many many ways that the world will probably implode and take me with it, definitely a big take for that one. However, i got ta say i did find myself having to charge up the fossil gen six every night, rather than actually leaving on my wrist for the sleep tracking, because i found it would just about last a full day from the moment. I staggered out of bed to the moment. I staggered back into bed at the end of a very long day and, of course, yeah. I was using the fossil gen 6. Quite a lot uh in day to day use just to fully test it out. I had all the features enabled like the always on display the nfc for contactless payments or the 24 7 tracking. I found that, even when i turned a lot of that stuff off it, didnt make enough of a battery saving. I would be able to stretch it through a couple of days. The gen 6 does power up to 80 in just half an hour at the charge, so you can potentially get it plugged in in the morning instead of overnight, but after 80 it does a trickle charge all the way up to full and it takes the best Part of an hour to reach that full charge, and as i say, if you are going to be using the gen 6, you know pretty regularly lots of notifications and all that stuff as well uh, then youre definitely going to want to have it at full charge.

Before you, you know start a day if you do want better, smaller life than that, something that lasts you through a full busy weekend, for instance, without having to worry about taking charges with you on the go, and then i definitely point you at the new ticwatch Pro 3 ultra gps, which i i just covered here on textbook last week, thats got a nifty dual screen design that does help to prolong that battery life to an extra sort of d or two, so that anyway, in a nutshell, is the fresh new fossil gen. Six smartwatch uh available now for 279 quid or a bit more. If you fancy that metal bracelet action just get a proper tool kit to resize it, and i got ta say i did enjoy having it slapped here on my arm. I really like the fact: youve got those google services by default rather than samsungs efforts uh. But apart from that, of course, it does suffer from a lot of the same weaknesses as that galaxy watch for including the fact that the battery life just really isnt, particularly fantastic. But what do you reckon about the gen 6? Are you tempted by it or maybe youve been using it yourself, itd, be great to your thoughts down in the comments below. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest deck, including bugger loads of small watches. Lots of them reviewed in the last few weeks and ive got more coming up.

Im gon na update my best smartwatchs guide soon as well, because theres been so bloody many and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week.