This is the venue sq ive, been using this for the last few months and my partner has been using this one. This is the for runner 745. This is a pretty old apple watch series. 2.. I used this one actually since 2017, so its not totally fair. This comparison, and the reason why i really wanted to try this out is i wanted to see because im so used to the apple watch, how it would be to go to a garment. Are there things that are better or worse before i continue with this review. I want to say im, not a total tech hat. I do know something about technology im interested in it, but no, i didnt go through all the functions. Ive just been using it for the things i need it for, if i say something wrong or i use the wrong term im. Sorry yeah im, not a tech genius, the app watch! Well, you know, if you like apple devices, you might know that its kind of plug and play its quite easy to use. I think, especially when youre used to apple products, its start screen. You smoothly go through the menu theres nice little pictures, its just quite easy to use. Also when you dont know that much about technology, the garments split different yeah for the garments you do have to well. I had to really look like how its working i sometimes had to get the manual like, oh, which buttons do i use, and sometimes i was confused.

The garment does have a lot of functions with heart rates, and you can calculate so many things probably use it for running. I use it for swimming with the garmin. It automatically goes to lap time, and so, if you really, you know, you want to break records that you want to be running and for that a garment is very, very good. It has all those settings. I dont really care about my lap time. I just want to know how many meters i did how many lengths i like to do 800 meters, if im in a good mood, a kilometer and then im happy, and then i finish, my swimming so with the with the apple warts. It just shows that and thats all i need and with the lap time and for me its a bit confusing like how many meters did. I do its sometimes for me a bit too much information, and the funny thing is with the apple watch. Is that it actually can see what kind of stroke you did saying like this, or you swim like this like this, he knows he knows at all what they both dont do. What they all dont do is. If you dont use the arms, it doesnt count it as lane. So when im training, i sometimes train uh, just my legs and then i with my with my hands im, not doing anything and then it doesnt know im swimming theres a disadvantage.

I think that the garmin has well, if youre, using it with your iphone, that it doesnt automatically pair, i mean if its, if its turned off. If the battery runs out – and it turns off, you have to pair it again, apparently thats the thing that you have to do. My father has a fitbit and he told me he has to pair he pairs it every day with his phone. For me, thats, like i just forget it, so i have the wrong time on my watch. Im like oh, i have to pair it. I have to pair it. I have to go in that app and pair, so you have to do that and you know every time it runs out of battery, which doesnt happen a lot, but if it happens well the apple watch it just automatically pairs with your phone all the time and Thats something i like its just easy easy peasy now were talking about battery life. Like i said, didnt happen. Often the garment went off thats because well i used the venue and it was sometimes i could use it all. For almost a week when i was on a trip like when i was on a long back trip, i didnt use all the functions. I just use it mainly as a watch and to sometimes look at the calories and all those you know numbers like. Oh, how many kilometers did i do and then i i could for days almost a week.

I could use this lets say five days and thats the thing with apple watch, 18 hours so a day, maybe two and then thats the end. So if youre on a big, long cycling trip, you do have to yeah thats thats the thing you have to charge that apple watch a lot. So, if youre on a long trip – and you dont have a lot of electricity, then a garmin is is way better. Theres, even a new one. Now that runs on sun energy. I would like to try that out one day. So then you you dont, have to charge it at all at all, so that thats thats thats great yeah. So with that, i i yeah, i was on bike trips a few times and it was yeah empty, a lot why fargo actually really wanted to try out the garmin is because you can put music on it and you can leave your phone in your house and You can just go running for you know or cycling and play the music from your watch and thats pretty cool. The thing is, though, now yeah the apple watch can do that too. I really wanted to use it as well, but then i figured out that the garmin doesnt work with tidal app with the title app whats tidal. I know i dont use butterflies. I use tidal why? Because its kind of spotify, but then with a much better quality. So its like cd quality instead of empty quality, but that also means its a different audio format and the garmin doesnt wan na yeah.

It cant work with it and apparently but as i said, this is an old apple watch, but the new ones. You can actually yeah, also use the music function and it supports title so thats pretty cool. This watch is still a series two and it only works from series 3, but thats, because the search is from 2015.. We found out that you need a premium account with spotify. If you want to use it because only then you can download the songs, uh. So thats a good thing to know uh. Otherwise, with the garmin for uh found out, you can save your audio tracks to your computer and then you can put it on that as well, but thats a bit more complicated. You know so, of course, its the easiest to use an app, but then with spotify. You have to pay with title. I pay as well, but im not going to pay for spotify as well, so its great. Now that the app arch supports title thats good. You should try, try out a new watch to see how that works. The venue square has a touchscreen, the forerunner doesnt thats, why it has so many buttons, and the apple watch of course, has a touchscreen. It works in the water as well, if youre swimming, and then you want to use a touchscreen. Then sometimes you have to you have to twist the button. And then you hear this and then the water goes out and then you can use the touchscreen again um.

The porch is from 2017 a few years old now and i did notice that the touchscreen starts working, not as good as you choose to in the water. So at the start it was very, it was always reacting, but now sometimes it doesnt react. So maybe in a way it doesnt like water that much, but i swim a lot, though in chlorine water. I also read that the apple one came up now with a system that it kind of calculates the calories better. When youre on an e bike – and i was always thinking that because you could only choose for cycling and then sometimes i want an e bike and it says: oh you burned so many calories well, of course, yeah you didnt, because youre on an e bike, so Its cool it came up with that function. I like that. Keep keep uh keep up with. You know the technology. It actually knows when, when you fall down on the bicycle and then you can use the help function and it can even ring the alarm number thats. Uh pretty cool, and it also tells you when you have a high blood pressure, and i had a once that award me for that. I was somewhere and he was it was in this factory where they were blowing glass, so it was really really hot there. I was really close to to you, know theyre working there and then its that you have uh high blood pressure and also once when i was nominated for an award and i was pretty nervous and that i it gave the warning so it works.

Happily it was, you know both times. There was nothing to worry about, but uh yeah, that thats pretty cool Music and what i use it for is that you get messages in and calls in and but yeah with the apple watch. You can actually get your call in as well. I mean the sound is pretty bad, but you can say. Oh, i wait a second im getting my phone. I use that a few times recently. I started to get all these news messages and i i probably would turn something like that off, but then again i didnt really know how to had to look that up what they all do is uh. If you achieve something they celebrate it with you, the venue gives you a little firework and stuff. I think what is it again? I dont know its kind of silly with the apple, what you get medals different medals and i know it sounds very childish in a way and stupid and pathetic. But i really thought it was funny and i actually felt proud when i got those meals. They have a lot of medals, you can get, and – and sometimes i did try to get a certain medal by doing something you know or some like, walk every day, so in a way with the apple watch. If you want to use a smart porch to move more, they they have a pretty cool system, i think with with the garmin venue.

I i i didnt feel as much encouraged to no. I i didnt really have a great connection. I guess with the watch yeah. I guess, with the apple watch, i had a nicer experience i for myself, because i dont need so many settings and i just use it for kind of basic things and i love the interface. I love the way it works. I love the design on the back. You can take the wristband off and you can put another one on it. So i have this fancy. Milan design ive got a leather one. You know when you have a dress on or something its still pretty cool, and then i use these ones for swimming its. A bit hard to change it, though you need long nails, which i dont have its a bit challenging the garments. They come with plastic um with a porch um when i was wearing it with these a lot of people say: oh youve got a cool watches. What is that? It says its an airport and i have to say, with the garmin ive, been using it for a few months and no one ever said anything to me about that watch. I guess yeah its black and its just very basic, its, not so its. I mean the front is a cool design, but then the plastic yeah thats thats its really a sport wart. These are the charging things the garmin you have to plug it in and the watch you can just put it on it.

So its a wireless click thats very easy, this one to click it in my conclusion, it so yeah. For some people the apple watch would be perfect and for others, the garmin apple made just a bit more fun to scroll for everything to see your heart rates. It makes it a bit more like a game, almost yeah uh. You can really see that they try to reach out to people that are maybe not too sporty, but want to be sporty that want to get challenged and garmin really aims for people who are really sporty already, who dont mind figure, take the time to figure things Out because all they do is sports and try to look at all their numbers, so theyre already doing that so yeah, so sports sports sport, sport – people like me. Well, i hope this was useful, although i didnt get too much in the details. I hope this was good. I wanted to keep this very very short, got a bit longer. Uh tomorrow, im going on holiday, yes um, maybe youve seen my last video, then you know i kind of need a holiday uh will be 10 days of doing nothing on a beach in greece on a beach yeah. Nothing yeah, no bike, also just nothing. That means that there wont be a video online next sunday because im on a beach doing nothing, but the week after there will be a vlog, a line again so uh and i will be probably about the cycling route.

I did the last two days, which was really nice and we had really nice weather and i thought that after all these months of cycling, i was totally sick of cycling. But then i went on my bike again and it was great weather and i just loved it. It was good got my energy back, so you see exactly its nice. Thank you for watching and uh. Oh before i forget, if you like this video, please put your thumb up, uh you can subscribe below and if you click on that little bell, you can update every time i put a video online which will be soon enough again. Thank you.