This is the fossil hybrid smartwatch, cd, the goldtone stainless steel. Without further ado, let’s go for it. Music, good, okay, let’s see what we got around the box, so we got the watch inside. We got the icon for watch and smartwatch, so we got the logo d4 seal, hybrid, smartwatch and it’s compatible with iphone and android phones, and this is at the back. Okay let’s see what’s inside the box. Okay, i’m gon na put this inside first. Here we got the extra for e. Whatever this thing is so we’re gon na put this aside, and also the extra of this okay. Here we got the. I think this is the manual the warranty. This is the hybrid smartwatch. I think this is yeah okay. This is how you get started, so you can download the apps in the app store or google play and i think yeah just download it on your phone and install the 4c smartwatch app and just follow the instruction in the app and set up the account and Pair your device with your phone okay let’s go for the watch. Okay, we got the hybrid smartwatch here: okay, i’m gon na open this one. So now you got another plastic here: okay, there you go so this is it! You got a little bit uh crystal here. If you can see here, the detail is inside. I think this is more like the oyster inside shell inner part. Look like a pearl.

The texture, maybe it’s, not like the pearl, so it’s more like the inner part of the oyster shells. Okay, let’s see what you got here. You got three buttons up here down and in the middle at the back, we got fossil logo here. The first name get the number and if you can see here, okay, this is hard. This is at the back of the watch. I’M, not sure what this is. I think it’s more like the same as the smart watch, so you can detect your movement or whatever you do. Okay, so you need to pair this with your phone before you start it. Okay, let’s see what else we can get if we prepare to watch with the phone okay, once you paired watch with your phone, the needle is gon na, be automatically uh synchronized with the time of your phone, so which is nice. Okay. Once you install the app in your phone, this is what you got the ui for the 4c hybrid smartwatch. So you got. This is the home page. You got this tab, calories, house, minutes and goal tracking. Okay in here, you got home button challenge customization for your hybrid smartwatch, which is this is i think this is track music and you can actually take a picture. Okay. This is basically the same, which is you can manually, adjust your either. This one is uh tracking, or this is the picture or based on what you want.

Okay, and here you got the alerts, so you can set notification and also alarm. This is the profile, so you got your profile pictures here, your name, your step, active calories. These your sleep, your active watch and you can also add a few more watches if you have and whatever the setting is which is you can set the goal, the units connected, apps pop in you get help and about, and also you can log out from your App, i think, that’s it from this.