This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s video guys is. We will be unboxing a new smartwatch, which is the g30 smartwatch, so i got this one guys from shoppie for around 18, so that’s around 900 pesos. All right and here are the specifications of the watch Music. We are going to look at the box guys, so here is the box. Okay and the left. We have here the big g30 design there and we have here the different watch faces on the lower right part and there’s, a smart watch on top okay. So on the sides guys, so we have here the different colors. So we have here green orange and black, and we also have here like white on brown and also the black one as well, alright. So at the back guys. So we have here specifications and some features, so it supports call log phone book, audio player, sedentary reminder, bluetooth, dialer blood pressure, heart rate sports and siri as well as motion and sleep monitor so guys, let’s open the box. Okay, so here is the watch itself guys and the good thing because it has already screen protector installed. So we will take a look at that later on and let’s check more. So we have here the strap, okay, so it’s silicon guys and it is in orange. Okay – and we also have here our charging cable, so it is magnetic so you’ll just have to place that one all together and it will be charged – and we have here our manual okay, so it’s in english, yes and also it’s in chinese.

So you shouldn’t have any problem with following the steps: okay, so let’s set aside the box guys and let’s look at the watch itself. Okay, guys! So here is the watch. Okay, as you can see, it looks really nice, but for me guys it feels a little bit heavy. I think it’s because of its metal frame. Okay, so in front. We have here the screen and we have here the designs here as well, which is the kind of 24 hour style, and we have here the on and off button. And this one is another button and we will know that later on, okay and at the back. So we have there the sensor, okay and also the charging pins uh and on the left guys. So we have here the speaker and let’s see if there’s a microphone as well. Okay, i believe this is the microphone guys so it’s located in this part. Okay, so let’s remove the plastic guys all right, so it looks beautiful in silver color of the frame, so let’s turn it on upon. Turning on guys, so we can see this watch face there so which is in a digital style. Okay and let’s. Try to long press if we can change it. Okay and let’s count the watch faces. Does it have so we have one two, three, four, five, okay, so we’ve got five watch faces so in the guys, let’s try to scroll down. Okay, so there’s nothing there, but we are going to connect this one into our smartphone and we can use.

I think the message okay and let’s – try to scroll up, so it will direct us to the call dial all right now – let’s scroll to the right, and it will give us the menu here. Okay and also let’s try to scroll to the right, then it’s. The same as the left: okay, now we have here the different applications. So we have there phone book, dialer call logs notifier and we also have their fine device, alarm calendar and bluetooth music control. We also have the camera control and the bluetooth settings is here, weather and speedometer. We also have sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder and heart rate, so guys let’s try to attach the strap so that we can test the heart rate and guys, as you can see, the strap. It has lots of holes in it. So you shouldn’t have any problem wearing it. So guys let’s test the heart rate: okay and let’s click on start, so guys, as you can see, the sensors are lighting up. So it means that it is working so guys. Our heart rate is at 76 bits per minute. Okay, that’s, not bad and let’s check. Our blood pressure, okay, so guys our blood pressure is 114 over 74. okay. So it is strange guys because the diastole is on top and then the the systole is at the bottom okay, but it should read like 114 over 74. okay. This is quite strange guys but yeah all right, and then we also have here the spo2 okay.

It is quite strange guys because we cannot find the spo2 in the watch all right, so let’s just look at more applications, so it also supports siri and the application which is here, so you will just have to scan that later on. Once we connect our watch. Okay, guys and if you want to know how to connect your watch, just click here – the cards there so that’s on how to connect your your j30 smartwatch, okay. So, moreover, guys so, we also have here stopwatch – and we also have here calculator and the theme. So the theme guys it means like the background here, so we get the black and the one with the blue one and we have here the settings. So we have your bluetooth settings, okay, clock, so you can set the time here and the time format as well. Alright sound volume we also have here display. So this one was the styles that you like, and the brightness so let’s try to lower the brightness and screen time out, say: 15 seconds Music and we have here international. It means the language, okay, apps and motion. Wake up gesture, so you can enable that one, okay and then we have here the sports, so it’s also really important. So it supports guys walking, running riding hiking football, basketball and badminton, so that’s quite a lot guys for sports, and then we have here history all right and then i will be also be uploading, more tutorials on how to change the watch face and how to set Up your g30 smartwatch now guys uh when it comes to the design.

I can say that this watch. It really is good okay. So if you don’t know the price, then you might think that this watch will cost you around 400 or even 500. Okay, but with only 18, then you can already get this one and you can also get this metallics frame just for me guys the screen and the ui it’s it’s, just normal. I mean it’s not as smooth as the one that we had before. Yes, compared to the other smartwatches that we had so it kind of lacking for me in this area, it can still be improved. Yes, but the watch face it’s, quite fine and the design, and also the strap, is also nice, okay and so guys. My opinion for this watch. If you want a stylish smart watch, then this one can be a good replacement for expensive watches out there before i forget so let’s tap on this other button here and let’s check what its function. Okay! So when you tap on this one guys it will go to the call dial. So it means that when you try to call someone, then you can call that one remotely through this smartwatch all right, okay and for me it’s nice and if i’m, going to rate this one from 1 to 10. Then i might give this one as 8.5. Overall 8.5, it because the design, the strap it’s nice, but i just feel it’s quite lacking when it comes to the application and also with the features and the ui.

So i will have to test also the battery later on, so just make sure to ask questions as i will be testing this one as well.