com, and now i am unboxing. It let’s start Music. So this is a smart watch and this is from boat and i bought it by rupees, 3400 rupees and the mrp of this product is written here. This is 7990 rupees, so this is the product, and this is the front profile of the box, and this is the side, and this is the another side of the box. This is the hook to hang it, and this is the back profile of the packet, and here the facility of this product is mentioned, and the facilities are 1.3 inch. Full touch 2.5 d cover display music control, multi, multiple sports modes, sleep and heart rate, monitor menstruation cycle tracker for women, guided breathing, find my phone 5 atm, sweat and splash resistant Music weather forecast, call and text notification. So now i am opening this product. This is the seal and i got the silpac product and i am opening it Music. I am removing this seal by my nail by this way, and now i am opening the product. This is the main product and this was the screen guard Music. This is the smartwatch can see it. This is the smartwatch. The look of this product is very attractive and the band is made by robert, and here a sensor is given to monitor the heart rate and other things, and with this this is given. This is the charging cable of the smart watch and i am opening the charging cable for the plastic.

This is the charging cable and Music to recharge the product. I have to connect this side with the usb port port and i have to connect this side with this. Just like this, or just like this, no, not like this. Just like this, and now i am connecting it with usb port and let’s, see what happened. I just connect it with the usb port, so it switched on for the first time, and now i am turning it on for the first time vibration is there. I just remove the charging port, and this is the key i have to so. These are the options and the touch is more or less good, so this was the product. Thank you for watching my video, please like share and subscribe.