75 inch. Color screen display capacitive touchscreen g65 smartwatch video parameter. Has a g65ml smartwatch share this video and hit the subscribe button for updated videos and gadget click where every gadget has advantage to goodness gadget review um for 1165 pesos shipping fee foreign smartwatch, my picture and g65 build smartwatch at the upper right corner box. My black circle ito indicates smart watch sides introduction about the g65l smartwatch and g65bl smartwatch g65bl smart watch. It is gps watch series, 6 24.44 mm dish, indeed watch phase 9 and is watch g65l 1.75 inch. High resolution curb screen dahil magandato at malinow g65l. It is not in my race tweak screen function and g65l. My racetrack screen function in g65l gadget technology, g65l, 18 and built in watch. Facebook, g65 and customized watch face and g65l mod. If you swipe from left face, if you swipe from top to bottom lava. Second, bluetooth icon battery charge indicator speaker on off switch at date and time information to exit, just press, the dial button or mug swipe from bottom to top. If you swipe from right to left lane main menu scrolling down gl 65 comparison, apple watch, clone let’s, choose the swipe up and down style menu, history, menu message, notification, menu, bluetooth connection, menu, find phone menu, running sports activity, menu, style, icon, sleep monitoring, function, heart rate Menu mobilisam operation, heart rate function on g65l merundition, ecg function, sedentary reminder: perennial sports activity, function, g65l; smartwatch, a young temperature reader or thermometer functions; blood, oxygen function, alarm, clock, music control, function, picture, shutter, function, stopwatch function, calculator, motion, sensor, menu, language menu, add settings; menu; smartwatch, Smart watch my power saving mode, then, on g56l smartwatch, my feature dina voice command g65l through the video it is sports activity at heart rate functions.

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