There was a time when almost every phone was a folding phone, and you know what? I wish we’d never left those days behind. A folding phone is petite when you pocket it, full-sized when you flip it out – and as a bonus, it protects those important interior bits when you close it back up. The trouble is, no one’s been able to figure out how to give you the benefits of a big phone with the portability of a small one … until now. This is the Galaxy Fold from Samsung, and it’s about to flip the smartphone world inside-out.


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MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy Fold Hands-On was produced following two hours with a Samsung Galaxy Fold review device on loan from Samsung. The hands-on took place at a limited media briefing hosted by Samsung. The Galaxy Fold review devices featured in this video ar European models being tested in the USA, running pre-release software.


Samsung Galaxy Fold Hands-On [Android Central]:

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