Theyre one of the biggest deals in wearables in quite some time, because its finally happening. After years of trying to go it alone. With ties and old, smartwatches Samsung is finally biting the bullet and collaborating with Google on a smartwatch operating system.. Upbeat music. You definitely get the sense with these smartwatches that Samsungs hang a little bit of a reset button with these wearables line. Up., Yes, theres. The new Wear OS 3 operating system, which well get onto in a little bit, but Samsung is also taken this opportunity to simplify its smartwatch range.. So previously there were two lines: the Active and the Regular and they both got kind of a regularly updated, depending on whether or not Samsung felt like it. But now theres, the four classic, which is best thought of as a sequel to the Watch 3 and the Regular Watch 4, which is the successor to the Active 2 from 2019, which yes means theyve skipped the 3.. It sounds complicated, but when you look at them next to each other, its a lot simpler.. Basically, the Galaxy Watch 4 is now the default, and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is a slightly more premium. Model. The classic starts at 349, while the regular is 249., Its a little bit. Cheaper. Both are available to pre order from August 11th and theyre shipping. On August 27th., upbeat music, So in terms of hardware, the Classic has one of those rotating bezels that weve liked.

So much on Samsungs previous smartwatches. Samsung wants you to think of this as the more premium of the two smartwatches and its made from better materials like stainless steel., Whereas the regular Watch 4 is made of aluminum or Im sorry aluminum.. Meanwhile, the standard Galaxy Watch 4 is the one with a simpler design and materials, but both of them have a pair of buttons on the side for pressing. Both are available in two sizes.. The Watch 4 is a little bit more compact., Its available in 40 millimeters and 44 millimeters., While the Watch 4 Classic is 42 millimeters and 46 millimeters., But regardless of which version you go for the screen. Sizes are the same., Its 1.2 inches or thereabouts and 1.4., and the resolutions have also increased compared to previous models.. But while one might be the sporty one and one might be, the classy one, both of them share a lot of the same DNA. Theyre, both powered by the same Samsung Exynos. Five millimeter processor. Both have 1.5 gigabytes of RAM and both have 16 gigabytes of storage.. Battery capacities vary slightly between models, but whichever one you go for Samsung reckons youll get about 40 hours of battery life, depending on how you use it. Theres LTE on select models, but if youre hoping for 5G, then you might be disappointed.. Samsung says that the amount of data smartwatches have to process is just a little bit too small to make it worth it.

, But the bigger deals, probably the software. These watches are running. Its Wear OS 3, which is the result of a collaboration between Google and Samsung., And it should hopefully combine the best of Samsung Tizen OS with the best of Googles, Wear OS. On Samsungs smartwatches, specifically the interface youre looking at is One UI Watch which is Samsungs skin sitting on top of Googles, Wear OS operating system.. Think of it as One UI on phones which sits on top of Android. When it announced his collaboration with Samsung. In May, Google promised a whole bunch of high level benefits like better battery life, faster loading, apps and smoother animations, but these have never really been problems for Samsung smartwatches., So its kind of difficult to tell how much of an impact theyve had just yet.. But there are other benefits here that are much more obvious, like finally having Googles, apps and services on a Samsung smartwatch and the most important one here is Google maps because it means theres. Finally, a capable native mapping app on the smartwatch itself.. Now I know a lot of you are going to be wondering what that means for voice assistance, given Bixbys reputation and Samsung doesnt have a far mans view. Just yet.. It tells me the Google Assistant wont be available at launch, but then it might arrive eventually.. I should also mention, for the sake of both you Bixby fans out there, that Samsung says its own apps and services arent going anywhere.

, So that means Samsung Pay and smart things, which is great if youve already bought into Samsungs ecosystem. Itll also import some settings from Your phone, as well as installing watch apps automatically when you have the phone version installed, which is frankly so much more simple than what Tizen did previously. Theres, still an app store on the watch itself, though, should you so choose. And better? Yet this stuff isnt Samsung only and should work on any Android phone running, Android, 7 and above so long as it has GMS. Beyond Samsung and Google. You also have to hope for having one fewer operating systems to target might mean better app support from third party developers., Although its not new for Samsung smartwatches Spotify has an upcoming, which includes the option for offline listening and fingers crossed.. This is a sign of things to come., So sensors health stuff. The first bear is worth talking about is a new three in one health sensor which combines PPG, ECG and BIA sensors.. That means theres an optical heart rate sensor, an electrical heart sensor and a bioelectric impedance analysis sensor, which basically means detection of everything from blood pressure to atrial, fibrillation blood, oxygen levels and body composition., But Samsungs pitches. The new addition to the technical individually. You can also detect it as a whole, using this body. Composition, analysis tool. Its meant to give you a holistic view of your health, ranging from everything from skeletal muscle to metabolic rate and BMI.

, And the tracking doesnt stop once you go to sleep.. Oh no. Samsung says that the watch can track your blood oxygen levels. While you sleep and offers more insight into how your sleep has gone, gently., Oh and itll, also track your snoring, which seems rude but okay., Im broadly skeptical of sync tracking features like these because its rare they offer any advice beyond Hey. You should go to sleep at the same time every night, but maybe Samsungs cracked. It who knows. Samsung smartwatches have been our recommendation for anyone with an Android phone for quite some time, but it feels like Samsungs hit a little bit of a ceiling with what it can achieve, while its still running its own software. Thats. What makes this years smartwatches and Google and Samsungs collaboration in general so exciting., It banishes so many of those little niggles like a lack of native Google apps that have been plaguing Samsungs recent watches. Last year. We said it was time for a change and this year were finally getting up.. So thank you so much for learning about Samsungs new wearables, but they also have foldables..