I am personally really interested in how you like it. How are you getting around the galaxy watch 4 hype. Now there seems to be some sort of confusion when it comes to the lte version versus non lte. Basically, lte versus bluetooth, wi fi only we are in a jungle, the stuff i do for you guys. The galaxy watch for classic lte we want to see if it holds up to calls calls notification and google maps. So here we go, and if this is something you are looking for, an appreciation like and or comment is always welcome from you guys. So lte seems pretty straightforward, but then it isnt. So let me explain. In short, you can use any application. You use on your regular galaxy watch for, in conjunction with your phone connected via bluetooth, on your galaxy watch for lte version as a standalone product, no phone required any phone nearby. You dont need that for the galaxy watch, 4 lte so far so good, and i will show you how it all works very shortly. This is just for you guys to see when you have no phone connected. You can see the small bars on the top here, and it says lte, hopefully its all visible, but that means you have a cell reception and its working without your phone. You are very welcome, however. There are some important requirements you need to be aware of, especially when you consider buying one number one.

Your galaxy watch 4 has an easem built in. That means you dont need any tools or your sim card trade tool. You dont need any of this in order to basically get going so thats good news, but wait in order to activate your esim in your galaxy watch, for you may need an additional contract, a telecom contract to be precise, just like the one you have on your Phone now, having said all of this check your current plan, because you may have an ism included or you can expand your current plan – basically add this to your current contract. That makes sense that makes sense to have one contract, and i tell you why? Because for the simple reason you can use your very same cell phone number, meaning the number you have on your phone is exactly the same number. You have on your watch. So if you leave your phone somewhere in the house – and somebody would be calling you on this number on your phone number, you would receive it on a galaxy watch. 4 lte version. No questions asked number two. If you decide to go for the galaxy watch, 4 lte version, please make sure you go and contact your cell phone provider to see if you do need a samsung phone in order to activate the lte watch, many of them many of the carriers. The telecom carriers require a samsung phone. If you have one ignore the section, if you dont, please make sure you do because otherwise its pretty useless, you can still use it as a bluetooth or a wi fi version, but thats not what you are going for.

So thats number two number three number three is you do need a qr code or activation code in order to get this whole thing going when you pair your watch with your galaxy phone or other phone you have, you will see that im gon na show you This right now here you will see that you need an activation code or a qr code in order to add your mobile plan. You can skip this for now, but you can also do this later, so this is requirement number three. Now all the administration has been done. Why dont? We start using the galaxy watch for lte and see if it was really worth the trouble were going through here. My personal use case number one is making calls making calls anywhere without your phone, and i hear you i i i can hear you already saying well ill take my phone anywhere with me anyway, and you know what argument granted. But let me let me tell you the story now you have reached yet. Please leave a message and i will get back to you. I tell you what happened once to somebody. I know her phone was inside the house. She had a watch on her list. Shes gone to the garden, shes gone out to the garden, doing some garden work and basically she was kind of so far away that she was disconnected or her watch was disconnected from her phone. But then something happened outside she tripped over a garden hose basically really hit her head hard on the floor.

She had a hole in her skull. You know what happened, guess, guess what happened now the fall detection kicked in and it simply called the emergency contact and guess who the emergency contact was. It was me so i received the call from that watch that she was basically falling down and she needed help. It just by the way it is a true story, but the reason being the reason the watch did. That is because it was an lte version. It was disconnected from the phone, but the lte version can make that emergency call, and that is my number one use case since then. I always go for an lte version. What im trying to say, you never know what happens in life and having that peace of mind that your watch can make. That call, even when you are unconscious, is something that 10 bucks a month is basically im paying for it, and also also remember that your watch is capable of making an emergency call a 911 call, even if there isnt a connection or a cell phone reception or A cell reception available so use case number two for me is you can do pretty much everything else without your phone nearby, okay test number three lets see if we can send a message reply sms. We want something easy so well just do sending there we go. We got something receive notifications, facebook instagram, you will all receive it and you can all reply back to this is possible, but you can also go jogging without your phone and stream music.

If you desire to do so, you can stream via spotify and or download thats. Also possible, via youtube music. We also seen this yesterday, so it is truly a standalone device which leads me to use case number three, and that is basically surroundings where you will not allow a smartphone nearby or youre not allowed to have a smartphone on the job. For example, in airport security, so you can have your watch around you or on you, and it doesnt count as a smartphone. Last but not least, is having google maps on your watch. Without your phone leave, your phone at home go into the wilderness and start navigating start enjoying life without your phone. Okay, guys lets. Do this galaxy watch 4 classic lte version in the middle of nowhere. I am going to google maps and it comes up rather quickly. There is no street name, because we are literally in the middle of nowhere, but let me see the options obviously want to navigate to munich airport because thats in there and then i can drive, i want to walk starting navigation and that was really quick. I have to say thats super quick, so you have the option see obviously its just like using it on your phone loading, the map um just moving it out. You can see this its quite responsive, i dont know people say its not, but i can see that being responsive and thats pretty much it there.

We go it all works. No seriously. You cant do this, you can take. Your watch leave your phone. Maybe your phone is broken, whatever take it out into the wilderness, and you can start navigating around because it uses the cell phone. The cell reception that is basically built in into the lte watch remember the esim, the ecm activated and then you will go out and it is a standalone device. You can navigate with google maps theres no voice guidance, its only visuals and vibrations as of today, but this is all possible okay, so i am just just going shopping this morning. This is the watch. The galaxy watch for classic lte no phone connected and i just started navigation towards munich airport. There you go guys its all working. Fine one word of caution before you leave your phone at home is make sure your watch. Your galaxy watch 4 is fully charged before going out into the wilderness or jogging whatever it is youre doing, because it will use more battery power. Naturally, and the reason being simply is because it looks for the signal constantly for a cell signal and that is draining on the battery and by the way, its the same for the apple watch. So theres no difference here, but just a word of caution. A rule of thumb is basically half of the battery life. You get on a normal run with the galaxy watch 4 if it is connected or when it is connected to your phone, so make it 24 hours and make it 12 hours.

Then, when you have it as a standalone, especially when you have heavy usage like google maps okay, so i am happy to report that you can take your galaxy watch 4 and galaxy watch 4 classic anywhere. You want lte version, of course, and its all fine. You can leave your phone at home, youve just seen it as long as you have. I just got another text as long as you have cell reception. Here we go peace, but, having said all of this, i personally would never change. I would always have the lte version now and moving forward and theres one more thing you should know you can also receive, or you will receive wireless emergency alerts. There is an option available. You can enable that, and you know what in these crazy times, you never know whats happening and its good to have that option available in case you take your watch out into whatever and leave your phone at home. You will be alerted if something is happening and you can avoid a danger zone or potential danger zone by having this just to be clear, this feature is not available on the regular galaxy watch form. Hopefully this was a bit of a guidance for you, and hopefully i could help you again today. Please consider subscribing liking and commenting on this video. If you have any questions, let me know below lets: go our community its fun to see your comment, its fun to have all the conversations ongoing.

I miss you until next time.