Some people use them for tracking health and activities and fitness, while other people dont really care as much about that and would much rather use it as either a style accessory or maybe just as an extension of their phone. To reply to notifications, emails and all types of things like that, but regardless of what youre trying to do with this samsung came out with two different watches: the galaxy watch 4 and the galaxy watch 4 classic. So in this video i want to dive into these watches and talk about not only whats different about them to help you decide which one you should get, but also why samsung did what they did and i think theyre following a very interesting trend here. Theyre, almost in a way its doing something similar to what apple did and ill explain what i mean by that in a second. So, looking at these two watches before we get into the differences, i kind of want to point out that the galaxy watch 4 classic is now the sequel to the galaxy watch 3. Just the 3 regular and the galaxy watch 4 regular is the sequel to the galaxy watch 2 active. So you might notice that we added the word classic. We removed the word active and i think, thats kind of showing a shift in what samsungs really viewing as their primary market for smart watches, and i think it kind of aligns with the apple watches now the apple watches are all regular.

Like apple watch. Just looks a lot more like the galaxy watch active. They dont have big rotating bezels. Nothing like that, its a more simple design and i think, thats kind of what samsungs going for they want their main watch to be what used to be the active, because not only is it more more affordable really, but its also a little bit more conducive to An active lifestyle and, on top of that, its a little bit more of a universal style, its a little more subtle and its, not quite as flashy. Now with that being said, i think samsung still knows that a lot of their hardcore fans out there really love that rotating bezel and rightfully so so they didnt want to get rid of the galaxy watch for the bezel. So they just call that one, the classic. Now, with that being said, i think thats just a subtle shift, but looking at these watches lets start to pick apart. Some of the major differences here, the first one and possibly the most obvious youll see – is going to be the size. Both of these have two different sizes. So, as you can see right here, the galaxy watch 4 classic has a 46 millimeter variation, which is what we have right here, as well as a 42 millimeter one. Now the galaxy watch 4, the active, the regular one, the basic one has two sizes as well, and this is anywhere from 40 millimeters up to 44 millimeters now noticing that size difference.

You might assume that theres going to be a difference in the screen and the battery and a bunch of things like that, as we typically see with a lot of other devices, but, interestingly enough thats, actually not the case. They both have exactly the same size display. The same battery and everything like that, so if you buy the 44 millimeter galaxy watch 4 or the 46 millimeter galaxy watch 4 classic youre going to essentially get the exact same display size. The difference in size of the body is really because of that rotating bezel. Now, looking a little bit more at the rotating bezel, while you do kind of have the equivalent on the galaxy watch 4 regular by the touch bezel as they call it its not quite as satisfying and theres. Definitely something to be said about having that nice. Mechanical rotating bezel, it looks nicer, it feels nicer and when youre using the watch it just gives you a really nice really premium feel to the watch. On top of that, i think its very functional and it is easier to use than the touch bezel. But with that being said, it definitely adds a little bit of bulk. 46 millimeters is a pretty large watch. I feel like i have pretty average sized wrist and it wasnt especially large on me, but with the new strap design, as you can see, it kind of sticks out a little farther. So unless you replace the strap with something that doesnt have that little end piece right there, it is going to be a little bit larger than it actually looks really.

So if you have a small wrist, you might want to consider getting a slightly smaller watch were not done talking about the bezel. Yet you can see that the galaxy watch 4 classic definitely gives you more of like an analog. Timepiece, aesthetic, and one of the big benefits here is that it also really masks any kind of bezel around the display. So, instead of having a black ring around the outside, this one, you can see covers that very well with nice little markings and with that really high gloss, uh or not high gloss really, but with that stainless steel bezel. So i think that looks really nice. The physical rotating bezel were on the flip side, the galaxy watch 4. You can see that if you dont have a black watch face if youre using say like a white watch, face youll definitely see that black ring around the outside it doesnt look great, although it doesnt it doesnt look especially bad. You definitely get used to it and i think this one is kind of a trade off, so what they did here versus the galaxy watch active 2, which had more rounded edges. This one has more kind of rectangular edges all the way around this one, which means that you are really kind of accenting that black bezel around the display im, not a big fan of that, but other than that, i really do like the kind of futuristic design. Having that aluminum the aluminum rails on either side of this watch, i think give it a really nice look.

It is very slim and subtle, and so, when youre wearing this watch, you know, despite having the same display size, it feels substantially smaller than the galaxy watch. For classic, i think that alone is a big benefit, especially for anybody looking to work out or wear like long sleeves that are going to slide on this one, like it definitely theres something to be said about having a slimmer, more sleek. Looking watch now, i mentioned that the strap made the watch look slightly bigger and thats something else. I really want to talk about here when youre buying these watches. You have two different colors for the galaxy watch for classic, which i think is kind of unfortunate, but the same time, two colors is really all you probably need here. Youve got the silver one here and you have a black variation as well. Honestly, i think the silver and looks really nice. The strap that it comes with is a ridged silicone, strap, whereas youll see on the actives or not the actives, the regular galaxy watch fours we dont have a ridge in the strap. Well, talk more about that strap in a second but honestly for the classic one im, not sure why they gave us a silicone strap. I think that really to justify this price difference, which, by the way, is a hundred dollars more for pretty much every variation to go from the watch 4 to the watch 4 classic. But to really justify that 100 price difference.

I think it would make more sense if they gave us a leather, strap im, not sure why they chose to do this, and another thing to note is: it is actually a 20 millimeter watch strap, so it is much much narrower than most other watches so say, Like, for example, last year we have a 22 millimeter, strap on the galaxy watch three and that one doesnt have that kind of weird taper at the end. So it looks honestly, i think the strap looks a lot nicer on last years. Galaxy watch 3.. Thats, not to say i dont, like the watch 4. I really do like this aesthetic, but the strap, like i said, is going to be slightly different. Now, looking at the galaxy watch 4 – the not classic variation, this one, we actually have many more colors. We have four different colors and the strap on here, i think, is really kind of nice. Its very subtle you dont have a ridge on here. So its not quite as bulky and on top of that, the way it fits on your wrist, i mean its a really nice smooth strap, but you kind of go in this little buckle and then it tucks down underneath in that strap. Of course, you could replace the straps on either one of these theyre, both using 20 millimeter straps, but i just think that the one that it comes with makes more sense with the galaxy watch.

4.. The classic i dont know why they chose to ship with that. Strap and then really the last physical difference i wanted to point out, which does also make the watch 4 classic a bit more premium is the build material. So, on the outside of the galaxy watch 4, we have aluminum rails, as i mentioned before, which i mean feels nice. It looks nice, but aluminum is a bit of a softer material, so its not unlikely that you could maybe get little scratches on here or dings over time. If you end up, you know really using this watch now. The galaxy watch 4 classic has a more premium stainless steel on the outside, which does make it feel substantially heavier, but i think that is kind of a good thing. It goes with the classic look here and it makes it look and feel again more premium. So thats pretty much it for the physical differences between these watches. Now you might be wondering what about the internals? Is there any difference in storage or is there a different processor or anything like that, and this is actually the easiest part of this video honestly, there are no differences between these watches, so thats, the good thing. If youre, looking at the galaxy watch 4 or the watch 4 classic, you really just have to consider the overall aesthetic and the build materials of this watch other than that youre going to get the same, display the same battery, the same processor or chip src.

The same ram, everything on there is really going to be exactly the same watch so between these two, which one would i recommend getting honestly because youre saving a hundred dollars and you do get a slightly slimmer, uh smaller watch. I think the watch 4 makes more sense for most people out there. However, if you have a little extra cash to spend – and you like that rotating bezel – maybe if you dont plan on using it as much as an active device, then the watch for classic – i mean that rotating bezel is definitely a really nice positive, but you can Leave a comment below between these two, which one do you like better and what do you think about samsung changing their naming scheme? I think its kind of clear now that in the future, theyre really planning on the active style watch being their main focus and then the classic watch who knows it might not even exist in a couple years, but leave a comment below.