Now like the watch 4 and watch for classic that were released last year, these new watches feature a very similar design. They have a round screen as well as two buttons for navigation. They come with new sapphire crystal glass to make them supposedly more scratch resistant and a redesigned back panel to make it fit more snugly against your wrist. But the biggest change that youve, probably seen by now, is that there is no more rotating bezel. That is the classic design. Cue thats been on pretty much almost all galaxy watches since the very beginning – and i honestly dont know how to feel about that. I think im a little bit sad, but maybe there are some redeeming features now suffice to say: samsung is actually keeping the watchball classic in its lineup. So no means not time to cry just yet about the loss of that bezel now ill have a full review and hands on in the coming days. So if youre not subscribed already, please make sure to do that to stay tuned, because ive got a lot of thoughts and im sure a lot of testing coming up for you, but until then lets get into everything we know about the watch 5.. These are the second generation watches running the new wear os platform, co designed between google and samsung, but, as we know visually, it really does look and feel a lot more like the older galaxy watches running tizen thanks to that one ui interface, so very much more.

Like a samsung watch rather than a google watch, the galaxy watch 5 comes in two different sizes: a 40 and 44 millimeter frame both come with a bluetooth or lte variant, and the finish and casing is aluminium or aluminum as youd expect. These watches have a whole suite of sensors, including the ones that weve already seen on the galaxy watch previously things like a blood oxygen sensor, an ecg or electrocardiogram app, as well as that body, composition, sensor and now the new addition to both of the watches the 5 and the 5 pro is skin. Temperature tracking samsung also says that both of the new watches have the ability to give you much deeper sleep analysis and sleep insights over time, with you being able to do a coaching program to help you get better sleep over a couple of weeks. You might remember that the google assistant took a really long time to launch on the galaxy watch 4, but it is there at launch on the galaxy watch 5, including a whole suite of other google apps, including youtube music, google maps and, of course, the play store There are also eight new watch faces to choose from and samsung says that the actions of copying data to and from the watch and phone should be much more seamless than before. Most importantly, these watches have larger capacity batteries 15 larger than on the watchful classic 284 milliamp hours on the 40 millimeter, which is the smaller watch or 410 milliamp hours on the 44 millimeter watch, which is the larger edition.

Theyre also supposed to be able to recharge to 45 in just 30 minutes and im crossing my fingers and really hoping that there is a significant improvement in overall battery life from the watchful series. In my experience, the watch 4, which is the classic edition and the 40 millimeter or the smaller size, sometimes only gets me just to the end of the day, just by scraping, through and in scott steins. Full review of the galaxy watch 4 series, which you can watch right up here. He had the larger edition of the watches and really only made it to just under two days without the always on display active, so definitely room for improvement. I really hope we see more battery life from these now. Pricing is actually really competitive, starting at 279 us dollars for the smallest 40 millimeter bluetooth edition. Of course, the price goes up as we get into the different lte variants and the larger size, but that starting price 279 actually puts it on par with the current price. At the time of recording, at least of the apple watch, se now thats, not even the top of the line – apple watch thats, the one below so its a really interesting value proposition here and i cant wait to see how they compare. Curiously, samsung is keeping the galaxy watch 4 classic in its lineup, so you dont need to get too sad if you really want to watch with a rotating bezel.

But, more importantly, even though the galaxy watch 5 is an android watch, something to know is that some of those health, sensors and features will only work if you have a galaxy phone thats, similar to the watch 4, where features like the ecg were locked to galaxy. Only all right lets talk about that pro model. Finally, now it starts at 449 for the bluetooth version or 499 for the lte or cellular connectivity version, and it only comes in one size, 45 millimeters. So this one is designed to be a bit bigger on the wrist and obviously its going to have more screen real estate. For you to look at this, one is designed for people that are doing many more outdoorsy kind of activities, specifically people who are doing a lot more outdoor, athletic kind of activities like running outdoor, cycling, hiking and maybe even if youre, just working a lot in the Outdoors and you need the most durable watch that samsung offers the casing on. This is made from titanium and the sapphire crystal glass is supposed to be stronger than that on the watch five, so dont, you worry, there will be some durability tests in coming to see how strong this really is. Some of the sports features include being able to import cycle or trail routes and then using turn by turn. Navigation youll also be able to reroute yourself back to your starting point or home when you are out on either a run or an outdoor ride.

But really the battery life does look like one of the biggest reasons to opt for the watch. 5 pro, as opposed to the watch 5, the regular edition. Not only do you get a more durable design, you also get a larger screen and casing, but 590 milliamp hours is the capacity of the battery in the pro edition. Samsung quotes that as giving you up to 80 hours of continuous use or 20 hours of gps time, if youre, just using it for outdoor activities. Now that 80 hours equates to what three almost three and a half days of battery life, which is very exciting, now sure it doesnt reach the upper echelons of what say, dedicated sports watchers, say: im. Thinking like the garmin epics 2 can give you, but still im excited to see if this actually makes the claims, because i love battery life sounds weird to say, but i hate charging my watch every night, maybe youre the same as me, so the more battery life, The better so thats everything we know so far about the watch 5 and watch 5 classic. But, as i mentioned, we will have so much more coverage coming for you in the coming days make sure to stay tuned. For all of that, when i get my hands on with it, youll be the first to know, but i would love to know any questions that you have about the watch that i can answer for you as soon as it arrives in my hot little hands.