These are the galaxy watch 5 and watch 5 pro. The watch 5 will basically replace the galaxy watch 4 and is available in 40, millimeter and 44 millimeter sizes and basically looks very similar to its predecessor more on that in a little bit, the galaxy watch 5 pro is a new entrant to the series altogether and Its got a 45 millimeter face and its designed for as samsung says the great outdoors. That means its got features like enhanced durability, its got gps built in for people who go on hikes or run around outside a lot Music, so at a hands on event. In new york, i got to see both of these watches and i mostly spent time with the galaxy watch 5, a 40 millimeter version. At first glance, i couldnt really tell there was any difference between this and its predecessor and thats, because most of the changes here, arent really visible to the naked eye. For one thing, samsungs changed up the glass here and is now using sapphire crystal glass, which the company says is about 60 stronger than last years model and overall, the galaxy watch 5 is rated ip68 for dust and water resistance and its also rated five atms. The other thing that samsung did to refine the design of the galaxy watch five. Is it sort of tweaked the curvature of the glass on the underside, and this way its supposed to have increased surface area contact with your wrist and therefore helps its sensors? Get a better reading of your biometrics and, finally, if you look closely enough, you might notice the one new hardware edition here and that is the skin temperature sensor.

This is in addition to samsungs bioactive sensor that takes up most of the underside. That already does optical heart rate monitoring, as well as blood oxygen and ecg samsung, says its improved. Some of these sensors get you better or more accurate readings and its also introduced some new features into his health and wellness tracking system. Samsung also is introducing a new feature to its sleep tracking tool and, in addition to being able to tell what zone of sleep youre in and how long you were asleep. Itll also be able to build a plan based on its data gathered from you to help coach you towards better sleep. Of course, i wasnt able to test this out at our 90 minute hands on event unless i fell asleep somehow somewhere during all of that chaos. Uh, so this is something that well have to wait till we get a reviewing in for testing to verify how well it works, and if you recall, samsung teamed up with google last year to introduce a new wear os powered by samsung and the galaxy watch 5. Also uses this interface youll swipe sideways to access different pages, and you can always add more tiles. To this. You can also long press on the home screen to create new watch faces and samsungs made. Eight new watch faces for the galaxy watch, 5 and improved. It says 10 of the existing ones. Samsung also says its upgraded some of the hardware inside of the watch 5.

. I use the galaxy watch 5 to get a reading of my body muscle and fat composition and noticed that it was a lot faster than on the galaxy watch. 4.. I dont know if this has to do with the chip only or the fact that the fit of the watch was just felt more snug on my wrist. Thanks to that new improved curvature, the watch 5 also features a 15 bigger battery than before on the smaller model. This is a 276 milliamp hour cell uh and on the larger 44 millimeter model, you got a ‘7 milliamp hour battery. Samsung also says you can recharge this to 45 in just 30 minutes of being plugged in and in case you were worried, samsung still retained its bezel based navigation feature here and instead of a physical bezel like on the watch, 4 classic weve got a digital bezel That is just a touch sensitive area framing the screen. I found it kind of tricky to use, though often when i was scrolling through things like exercises and workout options. For example, i would keep triggering things on the screen by accident. This touch based uh bezel is also available on the galaxy watch 5 pro, which is a bigger watch that feels like it would have room for a physically rotating bezel, but its already kind of bulky and samsung did say it wants to reduce the number of moving Parts in this device, because youre out and about and you dont want to have another opportunity to break this thing.

So speaking of breakage durability is kind of the core design element here. For one thing, it uses a more durable sapphire crystal glass display and has a titanium casing. Its also got a larger battery of up to 590 milliamp hours and gps is built in so you can go and hike without having to carry your phone and still be able to map your route, and if constantly hiking is not your thing, the gps is also Helpful when you do route specific workouts a feature thats similar to something that apple just launched on watchos on the watch of a samsung executive. At the event, we were able to see some historic map data on a bike, workout that had already had a different route saved on it and we could start the same route just from that page. Aside from that, this is basically the galaxy watch. Five, i mean it has same ip68, water resistance and dust resistance rating, as well as the five atm underwater use rating, so not that much different. There samsung did also launch a new golf variant of the watch 5 pro. This is the golf edition and it comes with basically more apps for people who are golf enthusiasts to use. If youre already interested, you can pre order. The galaxy watch 5.. The bluetooth version starts at 279.99, with the lte version going up to 329.99 thats for the 40 millimeter model. The watch 5 pro, however, starts at 450 thereabouts for the bluetooth edition and then adds 50 for the lte model.