So you can beat yesterday with advanced features such as wrist based heart rate, built in activity, profiles, navigation functions and performance. Metrics that measure the effectiveness of your workout it’s, one smart sports watch. You can comfortably wear anywhere office or outback to keep pace with your active lifestyle. A bright high resolution, full color, garmin chroma display with led backlighting, assures great readability in all ambient conditions. Transflective technology that reflects and transmits light at the same time enables the watch face to become even more readable under intense sunlight, sapphire editions feature a scratch resistant, sapphire lens and are also wi fi enabled. So your watch can connect to your wireless network and automatically send activity uploads for sharing on garmin connect on your wrist elevate, wrist, heart rate technology lets you monitor your heart rate without wearing a chest, strap in addition to counting steps and monitoring sleep. The watch uses heart rate to provide calories, burned, information and quantify the intensity of your fitness activities, match your style with interchangeable watch bands, a selection of quick fit bands in your choice of premium leather, metal or silicone, makes it easy to mix and match styles to Go with any sport or activity, no tools are required to make the transformation just swap click and go advanced performance. Metrics. Every fenix 5s watch is packed with sophisticated training features to help monitor your form and performance. Enhanced readouts for training status and training effect show aerobic and anaerobic benefits of your workout, so you can see how your workouts are paying off and even compare results with your peers.

The vo2 max estimator crunches data, including your running speed, beats per minute and heart rate variability to estimate the maximum volume of oxygen you can consume per minute and other fitness metrics include a recovery advisor with a recovery, timer and recovery check, plus a race predictor. That estimates your ideal finish time, based on your current vo2, max number check the link in the description below to get the most updated price in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale. What makes this product a smarter choice? Number one advanced running dynamics: now you can go further with your running data. Garmin training features that tap into extended physiological metrics and advanced running dynamics can help improve your form and overall performance. These include performance condition. Lactate threshold cadence stride length number two want more data by pairing. Your watch with a compatible heart rate. Chest strap such as the herm run. You can access these additional phoenix, 5s metrics vertical oscillation and ratio ground contact time and balance stress score. Number 3. Swim profiles, skiing paddle, sports golf and more beyond their running functions. Phoenix 5 watches also offer special feature, sets to help with swim, training, skiing, golfing and paddle sports, including stand up, paddle boarding and rowing for swimmers. The device tracks your distance pace, stroke, count and more ski board mode puts speed, distance vertical drop and an automatic run counter with auto paws, for the lift line and more at your fingertips.

The feature set for paddle sports includes stroke, count, stroke rate and even distance per stroke. Golf mode gives you yardage to the front back and middle of the green for any single course, you’ve downloaded from garmin connect and also adds enhancements, such as stat, tracking fairways, hit, etc, green view, auto shot, detection and auto measure number four custom apps and watch faces. You can customize your phoenix 5s watch with free downloads from our connect, iq, store change, your watch face, add data fields or get apps and widgets for information at a glance number five premium: smaller sized 42 millimeters multi sport, gps watch with elevate wrist heart rate technology Number six pre loaded activity profiles for all of your sports and adventures: battery life, smartwatch mode up to 9 days, gps hr mode up to 14 hours, ultra track mode up to 35 hours without wrist heart rate, number seven put key stats at your fingertips with the Performance widget that shows the effects and progress of your workouts number eight connected features include smart notifications, automatic uploads to garmin connect online fitness community and personalization through free watch faces and apps from our connect. Iq store number nine outdoor sensors, including gps and glonass satellite reception and three axis compass with gyroscope and barometric altimeter number 10 physical size 42 by 42 by 15, millimeters display size, 1.1, 27.94, millimeters diameter and so much more thanks for watching. I leave my affiliate links down in the video description below click on those links and they’ll give you most updated prices in real time.