So i’ll give you a closer look uh at the device in a second um. But this is it right here. It is um a smartwatch uh it’s, not brand new. It was introduced into a 2019 but uh it’s, a pretty cool smart watch for serious sports enthusiasts. I would say it’s a little bit bulkier than some of the more sleek and uh and small smart watches. You might see on the market today, but there’s reason for that there’s, a ton of really cool features inside it can measure everything from your sleep and activity to your vo2 max training levels, fitness levels, your your sleep, your pulse, oximetry, heart rate, you name it. You can use it for training for doing a variety of sports and activities even has topographical maps, golf courses and things so before i get into showing you a closer look at it in terms of the setup process. It was super easy. It works alongside the garmin connect iq iq, app, which it looks the same for pretty much every garmin device, but you can adjust and show whichever parameters you want to to see based on what the watch tracks and you can also download additional apps and watch faces And things like that, so again, you’ll get a closer look of this in my full review on the best by blog. But i will now give you a closer up. Look at the garmin phoenix 6. i’m going to show you the garmin fenix 6 right now: series smartwatch, so it’s, pretty sleek design, um slightly bigger than some other smart watches you might find, but it’s kind of designed for serious sports, uh enthusiasts, so it’s got one.

Two three four five function: buttons that’s how you operate so the screen is not touch sensitive, so turn on the light, and you can see your data you can adjust this um switch out to this watch, face for a variety of ones that you can get from The connect iq app store, so it’s uh, this face in particular, is just showing some basic stats, so it’s got here. This is the light button up and menu down uh back lap, and then this is the function button if you want to choose an activity. So if i press this button, for example, oops sorry, so let me just go back here. Okay, so i’ve got a variety of activities here. These are a couple of the uh of the ones that i have stored as my favorites, so walk run, cardio so let’s say we’re about to go for a walk scroll down to there select and it’s and it’s going to be recording when uh showing you all The stats, if you were going outside the gps, would activate and you could see uh it would log the gps data of your of your walk or your run or, if you’re, into more adventurous sports, your hike, your ski, etc. So press it to stop and then you have the option to save the workout or resume or not so this isn’t a real workout so i’m just going to discard it. So it takes a bit of getting used to of using it.

If you’re used to a touch screen smart watch, this might be a little different for you, but it is a really cool watch with a lot of great features like, as mentioned, the gps tracking vo2 2 max fitness level scores uh pulse ox. Oximeter. Excuse me, so it can measure your blood oxygen level uh to check for things like sleep apnea. If you’re sleeping it’s got a garmin pay. Probably one of my favorite features of this watch is that it has a 14 up to 14 day battery life up to 36 hours, with gps on so for runners, training athletes, uh it’s, uh, it’s, it’s, really uh great device to have i’ll show you a little Bit of what the app looks like so the same garmin iq app is used for pretty much all garmin devices, so this is just kind of an example of what you data you might get. You know heart rate, stress level, intensity, minutes of your workout and you can adjust this to see whatever data you want to see so right now, i’ve only climbed up one store a floor. Excuse me this morning. I’Ve had a thousand steps. So far this morning, uh sleep data and you can get into more detail here now i was uh wearing a different garmin watch last night that doesn’t measure pulse or oximetry, but you can see that data here, your spo2 level, when you, when you wake up in The morning and there’s just a ton of metrics and features in this app that you can, that you can, you can check and adjust.

You know this is my last seven day summary: you can go into different performance, metrics challenges with friends, so there’s really a ton of stuff that you can look at in in the app and with this watch, which is again, it was introduced in 2019. So it’s not um. You know the newest model in garmin’s lineup, but it is a really great option for uh serious fitness enthusiasts, so that is the garmin fenix. Six uh and i’ll tell you a bit uh more about it.