Smart watch you’ll find the links to the product in the description and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews. Garmin fenix 6 smartwatch overview phoenix smartwatches are a range of devices designed for outdoor fitness and adventures. The 6 series comes in a number of variations, starting with the standard phoenix 6 watch which is under review here. Other members of this series are the slightly smaller fenix 6s and the phoenix 6x. This base model comes with a navigation system supported by all three main systems: gps glonass and galileo, an mip display and an exterior, so tough. You would have to be trying to damage it. This model, however, lacks wi fi connectivity, and you cannot upload music. What we liked tough party exterior long battery life. Multiple navigation system support what we didn’t like no wi fi connectivity, can’t upload music, garmin, fenix, 6 smartwatch specifications. These specifications confirm the garmin fenix 6. Smartwatch is ideal for outdoor activities with a long battery life crisp, screen clarity and support from multiple global navigation systems. Things you should know before buying the garmin fenix 6 smartwatch when you’re looking for a smartwatch to take with you on your excursions battery life is an important feature to look at the garmin. Fenix 6 is advertised as having different battery durations, depending on the use with the longest being several weeks. However, don’t forget that longer battery life means reduced functionality. To achieve this length of use, you would have to have smart functions turned off which may beat the purpose of taking it with you on an excursion garmin fenix 6 smartwatch features design.

The garmin fenix 6’s design is slightly different from the previous model. Fenix 5 plus the new model, is thinner and has a slightly larger screen, but the overall size of the watch is maintained thanks to the smaller bezels. It is a hearty device with a rugged build ready for the rough treatment that comes with the outdoors. It is tested to us military standards to make it shock, proof, heat proof and water resistant. The screen is not touch sensitive, so you operate the device using buttons. It does make sense to steer clear of the touch screen dependency, considering you will be using it in a range of environments, including underwater display, like most other garmin devices screen display. Brightness is not achieved using amoled technology. Instead, garmin uses translative memory in pixel mip technology. This one depends on external light, such as sunlight to illuminate this technology helps to improve battery life because it is not as power demanding but does require assistance when you’re in a dark or improperly lit environment. For this, there is an led backlight battery life, as with any other smartwatch. How long the battery lasts depends on how you use it when left in regular smartwatch mode. It should last about 2 weeks. Continuous use of gps brings it down to 36 hours. This is an outdoors watch, so there is an expedition mode on which the battery lasts about a month in battery saver mode. You can get as much as two months before the recharge these battery life improvements are significant when compared to the garmin fenix 5 plus they are achieved primarily through tweaks in the software, which makes management more intuitive, allowing users to understand power consumption.

A notable difference is in how remaining battery life is displayed instead of presenting it as a percentage, as is done on smartphones remaining battery life is expressed in terms of time, which could be in days or hours verdict. So is the garmin fenix 6 smartwatch worth the investment? It is worth the investment mainly because of its long battery life screen clarity and hearty outdoor friendly, build, who is it best suited for users who enjoy adventure sports? Are there alternatives to the garmin fenix 6 smartwatch, suntown 9 or fitbit ioniq that’s it for today’s video? I hope you feel more enlightened about the garmin fenix 6 smartwatch.