This was launched in india about a month ago and ive been actually using it now for almost a month now so ill. Give you my thoughts. What do i feel about this and guys? I just want to make it very clear that this product is actually uh. The some of the its uh the premium product from what do you say, garmin its the phoenix series, the premium lineup, so the pricing in india is actually pretty high. In fact, there are four variants of this watch available. There is regular phoenix 7 and if i recall the pricing of that one is about 68 000. Then we have the phoenix 7th solar thats about 83 000. This is the phoenix 7 safar solar. It has the safar crystal and titanium body uh. This is actually 94 000 and then we also have one more phoenix, 7x thats, even bigger than this one. That, i believe, is one lakh, thirty thousand so certainly expensive and in fact, if you recall guys uh, let me talk about the sapphire uh uh edition uh and what it signifies uh. For example. If you recall guys, this is my apple watch, and this is all the apple watch series three almost now four years. But if you look at this one and have voted for almost two two and a half years, no scratch no nothing. Even after four years, and the reason for this one is that this is not the regular uh aluminium edition uh, this one is also actually having the safar glass, so even when it hit the wall, etc, nothing, no scratches or anything in the body uh, actually with Apple watches, if you want safar, you have to go with the stainless steel version and up off.

We also have a titanium edition that is very expensive uh, but yeah if you go so this is the stainless steel edition and if i recall when i got this one, this was about 74 000 and i just checked today also guys with the uh apple watch. 7 stainless steel edition 45 mm. That is also still about 74 000.. So if you want that sapphire glass, you have to go with the stainless steel addition its expensive. So yes, this is the expensive editions. Definitely and these watch. Let me actually show you. Let me just remove this. These are more or less, i would say fitness oriented, smart watches, and if you want to know more about this one, what is garmin watch the previous video that i put about venue. Many of you actually who had a garmin, appreciated what it is and a normal person if youre, just a casual normal person, guys just want a regular smart watch. This garment is not for you, because this is specifically for athlete kind of people who are very, very active, want to track and all those things in that area, garmin, uh, specializes and again they are charging a premium for this phoenix and its their high end and Variant, we also have the vivos and all those things available, but to give you an idea guys, this is the phoenix 7. And if you recall this one, if i uh, let me zoom in a little bit, it is difficult to show you and if you see this display is a transl reflective display that you are getting so actually.

If light falls on this, you see and its always on so right now see. Backlight is not there. If i tap in the backlight actually comes so this one is not an amoled screen or anything. If you want an amoled, in fact very similar to this watch, they also have the phoenix epix 2 exactly the same watch rugged everything, but that has an amulet screen in terms of build quality. This is amazing. This is actually having a titanium body with sapphire glass and in fact it also has solar on this. There is a solar ring over here on this one. So, actually, when you are in the sun uh, it actually does not use the battery. It uses the solar power too, and if i look at it as you can see solar intensity, it gives you right now this today i didnt go out a lot, but you have so. You have physical buttons over here, so in terms of build quality youre getting excellent, build quality on this one. This is the titanium casing with safarila, so very, very rugged. I would say – and back again is this: like titanium: we have the heart rate sensor, all the sensors that you expect are there. This is having a proprietary charger ill talk about that in the later part of the in the cons, but yeah again one more thing. I noticed is that its very comfortable the strap this is the default, strap that youre getting its a rubber one sporty strap, so you can even go swimming and all this thing very comfortable, but guys this is proprietary um.

So again, if you want to change it, you have to go back to garmin and the straps are also very expensive. If you want to buy the original one, so i dont know they could have used a normal uh, strap kind of a thing uh. The this is 47 mm, so again its slightly on the bigger side, but this is what it is and big thing about, garmin is and again this is also touch enabled. But again, if you notice the display, as this is that translif reflective kind of a display, not an amoled screen, this can reproduce just 64 colors. So if you want more colors and all those things, i would gravitate towards the epics lineup that has an amoled screen, but for fitness kind of people who are outdoors uh this. They prefer this because in outdoor sun, this is very, very clear. It just reflects the light that falls on it and it has physical buttons over here, but you also have the touch controls also on this one. So that is actually a nice thing, but again i would say garmin has and the touch response is good. But again, i feel this is not a true smart watch replacement. If you really are just looking for a smart watch, then maybe the apple one etc are better, because this is again targeted towards that fitness kind of uh users and the big thing with garmin. Not only with this phoenix is that the battery life that you get on this one, in fact its just at 32 battery life – and it is telling me about it – still has about six days worth of battery life.

Garmin, actually claims about 18 years of battery life. On this one and past four weeks i would say i was getting anywhere from 12 to 14 days of usage and i was actually wearing this throughout the day. Even at night doing sleep tracking and sleep tracking, i was, i also enabled spo to tracking throughout the night, because that is important, your oxygen levels, etc. When you sleep how it is so that way, its nice uh, so um battery life, yes about 12 to 14 days per charge, that im getting and again it pairs with this garmin connect. To give you all the data im not wearing otherwise in real time will show me the heart rate and all those things that thats what the garmin actually does, and you have this when you flick it. The display uh lights up, uh like that and all those things, and if you uh look at it here, is the data that youre getting and again, i wont get too much into this data and all these things plus ive already covered all these aspects in the Vivos video uh the variant uh vivo uh. They also have a vivo uh uh venue. Sorry not v4 im calling venue series of a watch there. I covered it so watch that. So this is what garmin excels in the amount of data that you get on this one. For example, uh lets just talk about sleep, the problem that i was ever the user of apple watch.

If you guys recall mostly wearing this one, its good as a smart watch, i love it and if you have an iphone, i would say the apple watch is still the best smart watch, but its not a great fitness watch. I would say, because the charge is every day you have to charge it and because of that, you just cant, wear it to sleep and track a lot of data. And how is your sleep? How is your breathing, how are the other vitals, your resting heart rate, etc that all are actually tracked while you are sleeping, so i feel from a health point of view. If you want to track all that, you have to track your sleep and with the apple watch because of the lack of battery life, i simply could not there this actually excel, because this is giving a battery life of 12 to 14 days. So i im wearing it while im sleeping, etc. Let me give you an idea. Many people think uh. Yesterday i had a bad sleep. For example uh i had if you look at the hours seven hours 28 minutes i slept, but the sleep score. If you notice – and it gives a graph and all these things its going to connect here and get the data, so when you sleep rem, sleep all that blah blah is there, but it gives a sleep score, though i slept for a long time. Seven hours, 28 minutes id say its good, but my sleep quality was very, very poor and that reflected today morning i was restless in fact had slight headache when i, so it gives a breakdown about it and in fact, at night also it tracks your stress levels, Etc, if you go over here, where is the stress yeah? There is the stress levels for the and at night i was restless that yesterday, if you see so its tracking that all those things uh throughout the night, your respiration etc sleep average, as you can see, while youre sleeping and all this thing sp02 also, it actually Tracks at night, so not only this is just sleep im talking.

This is one parameter again. This is a fitness watch. This is for people who go on, runs jogs, hiking climbing, and they want to track that. I didnt do that, but this is basic. What do you say just walking stats and you press this button and you you have various. I just use this. You have tons and tons of activity, so it will track. Obviously it uses gps and all these things to get exactly where you are running and etc. If you want to track all that, you can obviously do that, and it has a lot of exercise. It can track your exercises, running jogging, cycling, tons and tons. The list is just unless it just scrolls square schools. You can do that on this one. They have also added this health snapshot uh. So if you just wear this watch and invoke it, it does a two minute test and gives you a snapshot about your. What do you say? Average spo2 uh your average respiration rate, uh stress level, uh heart rate and all those things so again. This is mostly towards people who are into fitness and they want to know what is happening uh so that way again still uh, just like the venue uh. This is like that, in fact, it has a lot more uh, tracking and activities and stuff like that. If you keep tracking this one uh, it gives you a long term health. What do you say if i go over here because ive been getting it past? Four weeks i can go into trends and see how is my resting heart rate? Is it increasing? It is lowering whats my peak heart rate, so you get trends.

If you constantly wear this for a longer time, so you can cage. How is your health behaving and performance health starts? Also it gives you pulse your score. All these things, hydration fitness ages, interesting thing, my regular age is 44 and a half. It says my fitness age is 42. In fact, this actually increased because in the last one week i was not sleeping properly or doing a little bit of walks or morning walks and stuff like that got busy, and my fitness is now its 42 earlier. It was 41.5. So these are some of the things that it does. So let me just get out of this, so its all about the data that it is capturing and accuracy is again very good on this one heart rate tracking, the gps tracking is very good, in fact, uh. It enables multiple. What do you say again? You also get notifications, of course, as you can see uh you know all the notifications that you want, you get it, and a good thing is that this works with what you say: iphones, as well as an android phone. In fact, i have the app here also its exactly the same app even here. If you notice lets just go back to the regular one, so its exactly the same app. So the good thing is that you have an android phone or what do you say iphone? It works very well so no issues regarding that thats.

What i like one thing i noticed in that is a limitation i would say of ios uh. You get notifications on the smart on the watch, so you can read the notification, but you cannot reply to the notifications if you are using an iphone thats, a limitation that apple has given only the apple watch has privileges to give reply to that. But if youre using an android phone lets, say you get a whatsapp message or something you can actually use canned replies to reply to it, because this smartwatch this is again coming into the cons. This smartwatch does not have a speaker or a microphone. So again does not have. Obviously, then it does not have a voice assistant, another thing, so that is something i miss on this its a high end watch and it does cost a lot so but uh those features are actually missing. On this now lets move to some of the things that i did not like on this one and first is regarding the pricing uh. Even in u.s, guys uh, this phoenix, garment, phoenix is considered a premium brand and theyre. Also in its watches, are expensive. About 700 800, or something like that, but here in india we also get that extra. What do you say gst and import? Hence in india, these watch, our watches – are very, very expensive, no doubt about it. So again, as ive told you, this is not for a casual user.

If youre, that kind of a fitness kind of a person or something then this watch might be good, because this is an investment. This is not a regular watch. So if you are that kind of a person, then only look at it, but if you are that kind of a person into fitness – and you will appreciate the data point that this generated next thing that i do not like is again as ive told you. No speaker on this one, so no voice assistant that you can interact lets say its an apple watch. You can just press this and rcd to do something like that. That is simply not possible on this one and as they havent even given a speaker on this one – and i was very very surprised why this model does not have a speaker, because the venue which cost almost half of this one when you two has a speaker And you could take calls on this one, so this does not have a speaker, so no calls or anything you can. If you get a call, you just get a notification and the number you can just reject the call or whatever, but you cant take the calls on this one. That brings me to another point: for example uh: this is the apple watch and all the apple watch. What do you say, stainless steel version that comes with the safar glass, the high end one? This is the safar class.

One also come with lte, but this one also does not have a lte. So no uh semen on this one, which is a big mess. Because again, if you are that outdoor kind of a person or something you might if youre going for hikes or something like that, you might not like to carry your smartphone in your pocket. So they should have actually given a ld version, thats a big miss in my opinion, at this price point, i hope in the future versions of whatever garmin feeling series they implement the lte version. Another thing that regarding do not disturb on and off, this is again a nitpicking that i have, and i hope carmen addresses this one. If i enable the do not disturb yes, i dont get any notifications or interruptions on the watch. It doesnt vibrate or something, but it does not. What do you say add that do not disturb on my? What do you say phone so it does not do that, whereas other smart watches from samsung apple etc. If you enable do not disturb, they also put your phone on, do not desktop, so this is something that is missing and they should actually enable it via what is a software update or something like that and notifications, and again guys these are data widgets. So if you hold on to them, you get to the data thats nice, and if i hold this you get, i got to notification.

I have about 25 notifications. This is again a nitpicking. Ive got so many notifications. Some most of them are useless. There is no no button over here to actually delete all notifications. I have to swipe away each and every one individually, which is very very irritating, in my frank opinion. So again, as ive told you in terms of smart watch notifications, im getting all the notification, you can control what notifications you want, but in terms of interface, they really need to improve it again guys. This is a personal thing. This is this translift display is great. If youre outdoors or something but indoors, this is, i feel, is really really dull, uh, so thats a nitpicking. But again you have the uh. What do you say? Garmin fx2, which is the same watch with amoled, so they have an option. So, beware, if you are going for this and you are used to the amoled screen, you might not like the washed out display of this one. You can change the watch faces and all this thing that is possible thats, not an issue, as you can see. If i go here, i can change the watch faces, so that is there. But again, this is not as vibrant or something ill just apply this as a amoled display. So that is something you have to note, but the thing is that this is always on guys and it does not consume extra battery because of the nature of the display.

Next thing is regarding the charging guys you get this proprietary charging pack on this one, and this is good. This is very like this just attaches very so it doesnt go anywhere and it charges uh. But again, this is a proprietary cable. In fact, almost all garmin watchers are using this one. I dont have a problem with this one, but the thing is that considering the price point of this watch its its that premium watch, they should have given what you say: wireless charging, the key charging like what apple? Does you have just a buck over here q charging, which is universal um? What he says, samsung watches use that that would have been great keep this proprietary cable, but you should have also given that qi charging on this to make it flexible, because you have to remember to carry this cable. Yes, the battery life is statistically almost give you 12 to 14 days worth of battery life, no doubt about it, thats the biggest strength i would say of this watch, but they could have given wireless charging. It would have made it even more universal for a fitness kind of watch. The charging speed is a little bit slow again. This is a speciality kind of a watch. In fact, i liked it i passed one. I didnt appreciate it initially, but now after using it for almost a month im appreciating the data that im getting on this one again check it out.

If you are interested personally, i would say i might be picking up the garmin epix 2, which is almost exactly the same watch, but instead of this transfer reflective screen that we have uh that one actually uh is having a amoled screen so guys uh. This was the garmin fenix 7 smart watch, specifically the garmin 7 phoenix 7 sapphire solar edition. So what do you guys? If you want the phoenix series? What do you feel about this uh phoenix, 7, smart, smartwatch or if you are upgrading and lets say if you have the older phoenix 405 series, will you be upgrading to the phoenix 7 or you might be looking at the phoenix epix 2, which is exactly the Same phoenix, 7 watch, but with an amulet screen would love to know your thoughts anyways guys thats it for now.