com, the premier site for smartwatch packs news and reviews. Okay. Finally, the one of the latest premium, looking smartwatch in the market is here we have the d3 pro smartwatch. Okay, so lets have the unboxing of this wearable and, as you can see, we have a very simple box, no details except we have here the smart watch tree and, of course, the logo of the. I think it is just the store logo, the store where, where we bought the wearable – and we have here the silver color for the wearable so lets lets have the unboxing here, as you can see, obviously its a circular smartwatch, and we have here the wearable okay, Theres some damage in the packaging here yes, due to shipment anyway, lets see if this wearable is still okay, i hope its okay okay, so we have here the smartwatch. We have the charging cable and we have the user manual. Okay, this one is a bit pricey, but very ordinary user manual – here – hey chinese and okay, so we do have an english format here or english language, okay, so instruction manual, so lets see long press 10 seconds to start we have the qr code here. So it is using e download the app defeat available in android, ios and android platform, so lets check. It will be our first to install or use dtt fit support app. We have the phone book dial call logs sms bluetooth function here, key fit what else? Okay, theres no specs here for the wearable okay, so lets check other details here, no more, we just have the different function here: sms bluetooth, also blood pressure, running sports function; okay, so far, very simple user manual here not much details so lets just proceed with a Wearable, okay, okay, so we have here this smartwatch again.

If you have any questions regarding this variable, please drop a comment below and well try to answer your queries so well see you have a metallic glossy silver color here crown button here and we have another button. Okay for the strap we have the flexible, okay, tpu strap here; okay, so we have a quick release. Pin at the back, we have seems like we have a ceramic cover here: okay sensor, we have the charging connector. Here we have four screws here and thats it. Okay, chronos chrono type bezel. Let me check okay. This is plastic circular display based on the specifications of the smartwatch. We have a 1.32 inch ips or tftlcd with a 360 by 360 pixel resolution. Okay, it is using the rtk8762d processor what else we have a 1.67 waterproof rating. We do have a here in mic. I guess a mic or speaker hole: bluetooth, 5.0, 5.2, 280, mma, mah battery. Okay again lets have a closer look at the design here: okay metal body theres a bit of way to it. Okay, also, okay, lets turn it on. I guess this one or this one lets check long press lets see if you still have a battery. Okay welcome. So seems like we still have some juice left. Its a full circular screen display: okay, very sharp and bright graphics here, okay, so long press the same with other layout or format ui for the smart watches we have several here.

Digital watch faces. Okay, so far it looks. The graphics is good. Okay, honestly, very good graphics, okay seems like we dont have enough battery for that anyway. Weve seen the ui or the watch face for the wearable okay, so here just short, ui check. Okay on our next video were going to have a much more detailed review on its ui. Okay seems like we dont have enough battery left zero percent; okay, so thats it for the unboxing of the d3 pro smart watch. As you can see here, we already have zero percent battery life or juice okay. So i like the bezel here, okay looks premium for the wearable. It looks like a chrono chronotype smartwatch. Okay, then lets have again another look at the design of the smartwatch. Okay. Let me wear it and well see: okay, we have a stainless steel enclosure. Okay, i have a small result. Lets adjust the lock here. Okay, so far, it looks good okay, it feels premium and it looks premium okay, im going to compare it later on with a magic for smart watch. Okay from cosplay and well see: hey, remember our w1707. This is how it will look like when you compare it. Okay, thats, it looks good right looks premium. This is your d3 pro smartwatch again were going to check on the ui again of this wearable well, see: okay, the different functions and features of the this new smartwatch and, of course, watch out also for our installation of the tfit support app in the android platform And the ios platform again, this is smartwatch specifications.