. Hopefully, by the end of this video you’ll be able to decide if you should even bother buy one in 2021. Please consider subscribing as it really helps with motivation, but nevertheless let’s move into the review so starting off with the price of this device. You can generally buy this for about 190 pounds, but i’ve seen it secondhand for about 150 pounds. So if you don’t necessarily want to buy it fresh i’m gon na save the world, save the environment, you can get for a little cheaper as well, so the specs of this device. This device has gps trucking enabled on the device. So this means that you can track your job or your cycle or your swim or whatever, whatever activity you’re doing, you can track it, and you can see see on your device on your mobile device and see what path you took. Another spec about this device is the fact that it has an app for all mobile devices, samsung apple hawaii and all the apps. It has an app that’s able to connect to it, and then you can check all your stats, your steps and everything like that. All in the app it’s very easy to maneuver and everything like that. Another spec is the fact that up to 11 hours of battery life and that’s, very good for a digital works, usually they’re much less than that. So it’s pretty good something that garmin did very well. The next pick is the fact that it has changeable straps.

You can buy other straps from um from amazon, ebay of us. Whatever shop you can, you can buy straps. I would say that they’re a little pricey for just a piece of piece of plastic or rubber, but it’s still a strap. So if you don’t, like the color that you put in you, can always change it and then the final spec is the fact that a constant heart rate monitor – and this also includes the lung capacity as well. But yeah i’ll move into more detail about that further. In my review so pros, the first thing i actually like really enjoyed about this product is the fact that it tells you how fast your mile is, and oh, and also it tells you how long you should take to recover. This means that after you’ve done a run, the app tells you how long you should wait. So let’s say i’ve done a one mile run it might. It may tell me to wait six hours before my next run or two days before my next run. It just depends on how far you’ve run and how long you’ve done it for the next positive. Something i really enjoy about this product is the fact that there’s many different applications on these devices it’s, not specifically just for the running. It also has cycling swimming and many other activities included in the device, so, for example, with cycling, it may tell you if you have the cycling mode and there’s a another product you need to buy, so it can track it.

But if you’re going to the app it can tell you your pedals per minute, another positive something i just really like about this device is the fact that it saves detox automatically. So you don’t need to go into something and press save like on the fitbit charge. Free, if you want to see more about the charge free, you can go watch my other video a couple months ago, um. Furthermore, the next positive something i really like about this product is the fact that it gives you a prediction of what time you may get in a race using the data that you already have. So if you want to train more and get a perfect time that you want to get the app, the app will tell you if you can actually manage to get that, but nevertheless let’s move on to cons stuff. I really don’t like about the garmin four man. Two three five first con about the garmin is the fact that the heart rate sensor is not accurate at all, and i believe that it’s a complete waste of space. I know it’s never going to be exact because it’s a arm heart rate sensor, but it should be somewhat accurate but it’s, really not as it’s like they’re putting random data in the device. I’Ve seen this on many amazon reviews and august reviews as well it’s. Just a waste of space – and you should really not like trust the heart rate sensor, it’s incorrect completely, and it just gives random numbers or that’s.

What i feel like it gives the second negative about this device is the fact that, when the screen, when you’re running in the night, the screen’s not bright enough and when you do press the button to lighten it up, it’s, not long enough because you’re already having That movement already so it’s, just not on for a long time, sir. I usually like, if i’m running at night, i usually tend to fiddle with it and stuff like that, while when i meant to be jogging and not slowing down my time, because the watch is just being inconvenient for me, it’s just kind of annoying on garmin’s part. But the next negative is the fact that the bluetooth is very slow and inconsistent and may take just a very long time to connect to your phone it’s. Just annoying, because sometimes i’ll be ready to jog. And then, after wait for the garment to connect to my iphone, this just just makes it inconvenient for runners like it’s, just wagon, you need to fix up. The next negative is the fact that, when charging the connection would be quite loose, it gives you an indication of when, when you connect it obviously, but when it randomly disconnects it’s like there’s, no notification or nothing, it just disconnects and falls out it’s just it’s. Just really annoying because sometimes i’ll be ready for a run and it’s not charged because it fell out of this connector because it’s so loose so i’d prefer to have a usb or something like that.

But it just has this little magnets, just not strong enough to hold it. I really prefer the design of the fitbit with which it has the clip that actually clamps around it, because i know it’s not going to come off and if it comes off i’m going to clearly see it but yeah let’s go to my conclusion conclusion: this device Is good for more serious runners, serious casual runners, it’s, not great for professionals, because they may need more data or more information, but serious casual runners. This should do the job. It gives you all your analytics that you may want to know all the information. Some information may be inaccurate, like the heartbeat sensor, but really and truly, who uses a heartbeat sensor so it’s like yeah, but this which isn’t only for running it, has other apps as well. But this is mainly a runner’s watch and i would recommend it if you’re a serious runner but spin. Your boy, mr k, thank you for watching. Please remember to like and subscribe we’re nearly at 80 subs now, and i really appreciate when i see a new sub.