Garmin 245 music seems to be a capable product, tolerably possible to do basic activity tracking by a process largely of experimentation length. The owner’s manual is terrible, however, appears to have been written as a steam of consciousness by an engineer who already knew how to access and use various features. No effort to provide a simple, getting started section, no effort to organize material in a sensible, easy to exotic or other logical progression manner, no effort to test manual against the needs of a starting user. Hence the overall product is badly lacking. I write this as someone who has successfully navigated hundreds of new software and hardware packages, many more complicated and difficult than the garmin music, in short, a good product. If you want to use five percent of the purported features or if you want to spend days weeks, discovering features by experimentation, otherwise go elsewhere, a great watch good feel not perfect great stat tracking some deficiencies worth 300 mm, maybe 200, but it’s pretty damned good moved On from a fitbit versa, which was glitchy in some respects, stopped counting after extended periods of time, prose feels great lots of little apps. You can install on the watch for various activities or navigation lots of ways to skin the look of the watch for regular use. Great stat, tracking online and integration with other garmin devices like a heart, strap or a cadence device for bicycles, works. Great underwater in the shower, pretty lightweight, strap, is non invasive.

Lets you turn off on different modes like auto events, cons the batteries could last a little longer. I think, on the music version they do. The strap seems to chafe my wrist more than my fitbit delta hr did. This watch will stop counting paces distance? If you rest, your arms stop moving them, unlike the fitbit, which seem to be a lot more lenient little more expensive than i would like. Some of the apps don’t really work like they should, especially some of the ones you might want to pay a few dollars for bottom line. This thing destroys my old fitbit when it comes to stats accuracy, heart rate, especially functionality, but if you just want something to track your heart rate and not give you too much fuss on the elliptical fitbit might be a better bargain. I had to ditch the fitbit because it would stop counting after long periods of time, and that was just too frustrating. The watch constantly loses connection to my iphone iphone 10s and my old garmin fr35 hasn’t. Had these issues, the watch burns two percent of battery every hour, regardless of features enabled so it is dead after two days. The watch itself is nicely made, but the software is what i’m assuming is the culprit. This is my first running watch and i’m impressed. The watch looks neat and isn’t too bulky on the wrist is comfortable to wear. I am wearing the watch. 24 7 with the optical heart rate, monitor on and has worked perfectly all along.

I have so far used. It mainly for running and also use the garmin coach, which has been a really positive experience. I use the garmin connect app, which is great and has lots of features, but also still sync, the data to strava, which works without problem as well. The sync maps to existing strava segments along the route, but just create standard 1k splits, not the splits created by the garmin watch coach. I see myself working mostly with the garmin app now, though anyway, as it gives me more features than my free strava, app and suits my needs very well noteworthy. Is that the hr monitor can give inaccurate erratic readings if the scents are not cleaned regularly. I rinse it down with water after every run, now block the watch dry slightly, avoiding the sensor and then wipe the sensor with optical glasses wipes instead of a towel or cloth. I also avoid body lotion on the wrist where i’m wearing the watch. The readings seem totally fine. Now i use the watch four to six hours week with gps on for running and have the hr monitor on pretty much all the time. With this i charge the watch at most once a week, adding bluetooth phone connection. It needs charging up every three four days: it charges pretty fast around one two hours to full charge so i’m very pleased with this. Also, if you want more reviews on this product, you can find the link in description that’s.