So first let’s start with the specs has built in gps of glonass and galileo on the difference, basically in glonass in the gamut, usually some mountains when you go hiking most accurate compared to galileo, man, mass guinea, game, urban or city next is optical, wrist, heart rate. So meaning it gets your heart rate directly from your wrist and photo detector watch that is minimal yeah. This is a skin mode as a garment coach, an adaptive workout that creates the workout for you, based from your wants and needs let’s, say development of five kilometers. So maintain it for five for 10k half marathon, the vo2 max it’s active sleep tracking. So it protects your sleep. So it lets. You know if you’re awake in levels of sleep mode, awake, light, deep rem, rapid eye movement, so you can use your garmin 45 to skip or to raise or lower the volume. Also for music controls is sometimes i cast. My phone let’s say youtube to my tv. My smart tv, so by the mood and e adjust your volume by the minute you skip so live tracking lets. You know where you are um, currently real in real time in some class and area telling you that the use of gps and your data cellular data from your smartphone that but connected my favorite incident detection. So when set can detect, accidents like fall and send your location to your saved contacts, say you had an accident.

It has a color display of 1.04 inches comes with a four pin usb charger out of the box, which are just a watch from zero to 100. In about two hours it has connect iq, so you have to customize. Your watch features now into mostly limited to the garment 445. This is 2021 in chopin lazada, so through the garmin store, the price is at eleven thousand six hundred ninety five cumulative capital. Nine thousand ten thousand that smart notification is very good, so then do that facebook, viper messenger messenger calendar enablement app for the mug notify sayo. One of the strengths of this watch is its battery life, so one to two weeks, average use 13 hours on gps mode. If you’re using it to track your run or your biking, so it has physical, but it has five buttons strength, all you’re, all sweaty and it’s raining it’s hard to control. The touch screen, watches your phone, so it has physical buttons sideways. So maganza knee for more than a year now so i say: super sulet bang for the buck budget, friendly, um, fitness tracking, smart watch. So is it an affordable and functional watch for me? Yes, practical path to learn something new from the video give it a like. If you haven’t subscribed yet please do so.