. I call it special because a variation of this watch has the potential for unlimited battery life, yeah thats right, a smart watch with unlimited battery life. If youre interested, as always, links will be down below for you to pick the product up or to read more about it, Music ive been using the instinct 2 for about a week now, and i actually love this watch just a little more than i ever thought. I would if youre thinking about picking this watch up, youll be happy to know that this watch is rugged, and i mean really rugged. Not only is the display of the watch heavily protected by the bezel, but the watch is also built from a chemically strengthened, fiber, reinforced polymer or in less fancy terms. It is plastic that is supported by fiber for added strength, the feel of the watch, even though its plastic does not feel cheap at all. It feels like a well built, dense product that can withstand some abuse, which is exactly what garmin was going for. I absolutely love it because this is the type of watch that you can kind of do anything with, without feeling a little too worried. For example, my epics is also built from that same uh, fibers uh, the plastic fibers, but its also has the titanium plate, as well as that titanium back plate, and it is coated with diamond like carbon. So it is also very durable, but you know its all its also.

A thousand dollar watch, so doing yard work in a thousand dollar watch may not be uh the the the thing im comfortable with at least you know, but its still durable it can, but its just a type of mental thing you know. Do i really want to do yard work with a thousand dollar watch, or do i want to do yard work with a 350 dollar watch you see where im getting at the screen of the instinct 2 is made from cornings gorilla glass with a dx coating. On top it is scratch resistant, but not scratch. Proof. So do keep that in mind. On the back, we do get garmins brand new elevate, 4 sensors, which are super accurate for many different sport profiles and, oh boy, does this watch have a ton of sport profiles? The list just keeps going and going it really has almost everything that anyone could ever want, at least in a watch its truly crazy. How much garmin has packed into this watch on a side note i really like how this 350 dollar watch has the same: exact. Sensors, as garmins thousand dollar watch that way, you can still benefit from all the health features without you know, selling your liver on the black market to help afford the epics. So the title of this video clearly states unlimited battery life. So let me go ahead and talk a little bit more on that so yeah. The watch is capable of doing that because of its photovoltaic solar panels.

Located on the entire watch face. My watch in particular isnt the solar variant, but when you do get the solar variant, this entire black section of the screen will be where the solar panels are located. That section will use a hundred percent of the solar energy, but it doesnt stop there. The entire display is also photovoltaic, but only captures ten percent of the solar energy by the way guys, if you are enjoying todays video. I would definitely appreciate you hitting that thumbs up button, because that helps this video and channel act quite a bit, and i always appreciate it. Only the 45 millimeter watch will be capable of unlimited battery life. If you do pick up the solar model – and that is if you spend three uh three hours, i was about to say three years. That is, if you spend three hours a day outside at around 50 000 lux conditions and thats, actually not too bright, you can still manage to get 50 000 lux from the sun, even under some decent cloud cover, so its definitely doable. It all just depends on how much time you spend outside. Maybe you dont even need the solar variant as much as you want it, but how long is the battery life on the non solar model, which is the one i have its still 28 days on? A single charge it does take around two hours to fully charge, which is normally something that i would consider a bad thing if were looking at the apple watch or the galaxy watch, which need to be charged every one or two days.

But considering the fact that you only really need to charge this basically once a month depending on how you use it, two hours is really not that bad at all. In fact, it is crazy fast. In that case, i also like that, if you do pick up the instinct too youre not really missing a whole lot from the garmin fenix line, which is kind of more their flagship made for everyone type of watches. But those do start out at around eight hundred dollars. I believe – and this is 350 at least for the non solar – the solar is 450, so that is a pretty big gap, but not everyone will take advantage of what the phoenix will bring, which is exactly why this watch is the way it is and priced the Way it is, there are some few obvious differences, such as the screen being a monochrome memory in pixel display, whereas the phoenix line has that same display, but its colored uh. The instinct 2 also does not have touch screen, but the five button navigation is still there and the buttons are very clicky, which is what i love it gives you a nice feedback, so you know for a fact that you did click on that button. Other key differences is that, since this is a monochrome display, youre, not getting maps like on the phoenix or on the epics line of watches, which can actually give you a full topographical map.

But the instinct 2 can still use stuff like track back which can help you navigate your way back to the starting point using a type of breadcrumb trail when it comes to connectivity. The instinct 2 is not an all systems smartwatch. So what i mean by that is uh usually like, for example, on the phoenix or on the epics. You can connect to gps, galileo or um or glonis thats, the one, but this watch can only connect to gps and galileo or gps and glonass, but not all three, but honestly from my testing. I didnt really find that big of a difference. It might make more of a difference when youre trail running or hiking through some deep forests or in the mountains, where its super hard to get a gps connection. But if youre just trail running in your city, you shouldnt really find any big differences between all systems or just picking between two of them. So what about the heart rate accuracy for stuff like running now? Funny enough? This watch is actually more accurate than my thousand dollar epics, but not because the heart rate sensors are different, theyre, the exact same. The reason its more its slightly more accurate is because of the weight. This is a 52 gram watch, whereas the epix is a 76 gram watch. Obviously the heavier a watch is the more itll kind of bounce, around and kind of move around your wrist as youre doing running sprinting, or even just really any workout.

That involves movement and the more a watch moves around on your wrist, the less accurate the heart rate sensor will be, and this goes for any smart watch. So since this is a smart watch, what kind of smart watch features does this exactly have? This watch is kind of like a sleeper watch when youre looking at it. It doesnt really seem like it can do a whole lot, but that couldnt be further from the truth. Weve already seen the insane amount of sport profiles, this watch has and weve already seen the track back function when using the gps, but it can also display notifications from apps, as well as text message, notifications and call notifications. If you paired, the instinct to with an android phone youll, actually be able to send quick replies whenever you receive a text message, if you pair it up with an iphone, you will still get notifications of text message notifications, but you cannot reply to it and this Isnt on garmins fault garmin would love the idea to incorporate that into uh working with iphones its an its an apple thing. So you know this already apple is very closed down, so thats thats, not garmins fault. Other smartwatch features are things like sleep tracking. You can view the info on the watch or on the garmin, connect app and check exactly how long youve been in light sleep or deep sleep as well as give you the 7 day average.

You can even install third party apps that give you even more data. Like tracking or hydration levels, if youre doing outdoor activities when its 72 degrees outside or hotter, this watch will also tell you how acclimated you are to the heat by showing you a percentage. So its a nice feature to see how well your body is being accustomed to training in the heat, so the higher the percentage, the better it is, the lower the percentage. The worse it is, and, of course it come come winter. The heat acclimation will go down. Come summertime the heat acclimation goes up now. This also works with altitude acclimation. So if you ever move to a higher altitude area, for example like colorado and you start living there, you start training there. You know the watch will also tell you how acclimated you are to training in higher altitudes, so this watch kind of gives you all the information that you could possibly want from a watch. I mean for 350 dollars. This watch kind of gives everything to you. Other smart watch features this watch has is the ability to change watch faces as well as changing the complications that you see on the watch face and even downloading third party watch faces using the garmin connect iq app. So that way you can find the perfect watch face for you. So do i recommend this watch absolutely if youre looking for a watch that is very rugged, a watch that wont break the bank, a watch that has almost every health feature included and whether you get solar or non solar.

You still get 28 days of battery life, which is insane then yeah. This is kind of like the perfect purchase. So what do you guys think about the garmin instinct too? Do you love it? Do you hate it im really curious into knowing what you guys have to think, because after all im just a reviewer and you guys are the consumers, so, at the end of the day, your opinion matters a whole lot more than my opinion. If you found todays video to be helpful or just entertaining, i definitely appreciate you hitting that like button and if you are new here, consider subscribing for more videos similar to this.