You can find the links to the products in the description and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews. Garmin instinct, solar smartwatch overview, the instinct solar smartwatch from garmin is more or less an updated version of the 2018 instinct smartwatch, with solar charging being the main advancement like previous garmin watches. This one is designed for the outdoors with a rugged. Tough build confirming practicality is prioritized over looks. It stands out because it can be charged using sunlight, which is exceptionally useful when you’re out on the road for extended periods of time, even if you’re not one to take long expeditions. An exceptionally long battery life is a favorite for people who don’t want to think about charging it every other day. What we liked power glass for solar charging, exceptionally long battery life, tough rugged build. What do we didn’t, like plastic, look and feel garmin instinct solar, smartwatch specifications. Specifications in the table tell us the garmin instinct, solar smartwatch is not easily damaged, can be charged using sun rays and keeps you updated on key health and fitness measures things you should know before buying the garmin instinct solar, smart watch, apart from regular heart rate tracking Through the watch’s heart rate sensor, you can also get abnormal heart rate alerts. These are useful to warn you when you are pushing yourself too hard in the middle of a workout and could be useful in identifying related symptoms of certain illnesses.

Garmin instinct, solar smartwatch features design the instinct solar smartwatch has a plastic look and feel to it, but that is more than intentional. The fiber reinforced polymer is designed as such to keep the device light but durable. The bezel surrounding the display is raised well above the screen. This is a clever way to protect the screen. In the event you knocked the watch on something only the plastic framing could be damaged and not the glass over the display. It is built to military standard 810, making it heat shock and water resistant with ability to be used up to 100 meters. Deep, even the strap design is well thought out for maximum practicality. It has holes all the way up to the case, so it can be adjusted to fit the smallest or largest wrist battery life and solar charging along battery life boosted by solar charging, is undoubtedly the greatest strength of this watch. If you thought what the fenix 6 solar had to offer was good garmin just proved that it can get better. It lasts so long on a single charge. You could easily forget to charge it, however, like all other similar devices, how long it lasts depends on what you’re doing with it. You get up to 24 days on smartwatch mode and 54 days with solar charging on gps mode. You have up to 30 hours and an additional 8 hours with solar charging. There is an expedition mode which lasts about 1 month and a little over 2 months with solar.

This one pings gps, only once an hour and requires other watch features to be turned off. It is useful with through hikers and backpackers on cross country trips. Obviously, you will get a better solar charging on a hot summer day than on a cold overcast day. There is a graph on the watch’s face which displays current solar intensity levels. To give you an indication of how much power you’re getting at any one time, fitness tracking? Yes, the solar instinct is a lot like the earlier instinct model, but there are a few improvements. Besides, solar charging, this model has a spo2 sensor, which is used to check blood oxygen saturation levels. This is an important element in a watch designed for outdoor exploration. If you are mountain climbing in areas where altitude changes affect blood oxygen saturation, this measurement will definitely come in handy in terms of workout tracking there’s, a range of activities, including some rare ones like hunting and paddle boarding. That said, the watch shines in terms of running workouts, with profiles for outdoor running treadmill, running trail and indoor track running verdict. So is the garmin instinct solar smartwatch worth the investment? It is worth the investment because it outshines many others in terms of battery life and charging convenience.