So you can stay tuned to all my new videos dropping weekly, and so you can help the channel grow. So this is the Garmin Venu 2s in the color white rose gold, all right guys so i’m going to go ahead and walk you through all the major functions about this watch kind of how it works and my opinion on it and i’m gon na leave time Stamps for key points in the description i have had this for two weeks now and i’ve been testing it out non, stop wearing it. Basically, 24 7.. This was purchased for 519.99, canadian plus tax, and if you are in america, this is currently ‘9.99 plus tax. So it’s definitely a pricey watch and i did go ahead and unbox this already. So if you guys have missed that video, you can go ahead and head to the video coming up on the top right when you’re done watching this. As you can see, this does have a beautiful amoled display. When i tap it it does turn on or gestures. It does not have an always on display, i mean technically, it does, but only certain watch faces are able to do that. So i don’t really count that, as you know, full functionality of an always on display and if you do turn on that function, it brings your battery life of your watch down to about like two three days. So, in my opinion, that’s not really a real function.

Here i really do like the screen here: it’s, nice and clear, and the colors are nice and bright and punchy so starting off with the design. This is super duper similar to new Garmin vivoactive, 4s, i’m, actually going to do a comparison, video for you guys coming soon on that um, i really like what they did with the design they made it smaller than the venu in the watch face and the watch Band and it’s also lighter on the screen. Here we can see that there’s like tiny little lines going across the bezel here, which i absolutely like the look of, but in functionality, it’s kind of annoying, because, like dust and stuff gets trapped in here, i actually did prefer like the little kind of side slits That were in the classic venu and on the screen. We can also see that there are little dots here kind of going around indicating the hour and minute, which i really like as well on the back here. We can see that this is an 18 millimeter quick release bands and it does have the rose gold hardware at the end here so coming over to the heart rate sensor, we can see that there’s actually a little bit of a bump here so that’s, something that They did keep from the original venu, they have a little bit of bump at the heart rate sensor and it does have two buttons at the side here, both in rose gold all right guys.

So this is what it looks like on my wrist. I absolutely love the way it looks on and it’s super lightweight and comfortable now, i’m going to talk about ease of use. So i find this Garmin venu 2s to be extremely user friendly. If you’re someone who’s new to smart watches, i think you have kind of a short learning curve because it’s super simple to use. So, as i just showed you guys, there are two buttons at the side here. So if you go ahead and you press this one quickly, it opens up your workouts and you can kind of preset a bunch of different things. I have women’s health here and when i click on that, it opens up all of my favorite activities that i like to do most often and the things that i do like to track. And if you hold this for longer you’re going to go ahead and see your shortcut menu here with everything, and you could preset that for a bunch of different things here guys so the button right here is basically a back button. So if i go here, i can click this to go back. I can hold this button so now we can change. Our watch face see your history. When you do click on the settings button, you can kind of have a lot more things that you can customize on your watch swipe right and then you can see your preset app whatever your favorite app is for me.

That is alarms because i love using this to wake up in the morning. I love waking up to a nice little vibration on my wrist versus a loud alarm coming from my phone or alarm clock. So if i swipe up, you can see the battery life the date. You can see all your different metrics and activities that are being tracked, and i really love the look of it here and once again: it’s, nice and quick and responsive. And if i go back, if i swipe down, it basically shows that same screen, but just in reverse order. So just looking at watch faces. I do want to say that there are currently not that many available for the venu 2s, so i’m, hoping that in the near future that they bring out a lot more watch face options. So now i just want to quickly talk about the sleep, so i love that you can see your sleep score and everything on here, because you cannot see this on the venu. You cannot see this on the vivoactive 4s guys. You can only see this in the app, so, as you can see, there is deep REM, light and time awake for your sleep stages, and it shows you when you fell asleep when you woke up, and it shows the exact duration, how much of it was deep Light rem and awake and then on the very first screen it gives you a sleep score. It says like out of 100 how well you slept and then it would say like good, excellent, poor, all those different things for sleep quality.

I think it’s also pretty accurate. All right guys, so this watch has a lot of functions here. A couple of my favorites are the water tracking widgets. You can answer decline phone calls on here. You can text people back. If you have an android only you can do those two things guys. You can even make your own workouts put them on here. There’S hundreds of pre made workouts that Garmin offers for free and then there’s also Garmin coach, which is compatible for this and Garmin coach is like an on wrist running coach. So it’s super helpful guys if you’re new to running or if you want to like, improve your stamina, your time or something i would highly recommend checking out the Garmin coach if you have like a Garmin watch, that’s compatible. Another excellent thing about this watch is the music, so you’re able to store so many songs on here guys about like 650, i believe and it’s absolutely fantastic. You can just download directly from your spotify amazon, music or your deezer, and then you can just listen to it: phones, free because you can use bluetooth to kind of set up any headphones that you do have directly on this now, i’m. Talking about battery life, so there’s an advertised quoted battery life of up to 10 days kind of just using it as a smart watch. So with my uses, which i’m gon na put on screen for you guys, i have gotten seven days of battery life guys, so that is actually really good.

Definitely outlasted. My vivoactive 4s, so i’m really impressed with the battery life here. Actually, also, you were able to turn on a battery saver mode if you do want to go ahead right here, here’s the button, this kind of promotes your battery life and pushes it even more so it’s saying that my battery life would be five days. If i turn this on, which is currently at ‘, so that’s absolutely fantastic guys, but when you do turn that on it does make, your watch face a lot more basic um. You know, as you can see here and with that new extended battery life function, you can get up to 11 days of battery all right guys. So i do currently have a screen protector on this guy. I actually took a screen protector from my Garmin vivoactive 4s and surprisingly, it did fit so it’s, not 100 fit i’d say if it’s like 98, you see there’s a teeny little bit of overlapping kind of here, but it fits almost perfectly i’m going to go ahead And stick that in the description in case you do want to get like this vivo active forest screen protector, all right guys. So another thing i want to, let you know is the gps on here – is really good: it’s, nice and fast and responsive um. When i did test it out, i’ve gone a couple walks so far. It connects within, like a couple seconds, i’d, say less than 30 seconds.

It would connect um right now, i’m inside, so i don’t think it’s going to connect it kind of connects as soon as i walk out the door within a few seconds which i really like, and i like all the different little metrics like you can. Oh it connected, so i like all the different little metrics like the little guy walking and now it’s, prompting me that i’m ready to go and start my walk, and i really love kind of being able to see all these metrics so detailed. And then, if i just like click on one, it gives me a lot more data, considering the price, the quality, the comfort, the durability, the ease of use, the color, the fitness tracking accuracy and everything like that. I would go ahead and give the armin venu 2s. A 9.5 out of 10.