My name is leonard and you’re watching the product reviewer. Now today we got the garmin venue, so we will take a look at all of the specs talk about the features and we will basically do a full tour of this watch. So without further ado, let’s start right with the video and the first thing that we’re going to talk about is the specs and the design. The garmin venue has a nice 43 millimeter plastic case with a 1.2 inch amoled touch display. Texturing colors on this watch are super sharp and vivid with a resolution of ‘0 by ‘0 pixel. Now, if you’re someone who likes running doors or walls don’t worry, the garmin venue has the corning gorilla glass 3, which is known for its durability, so don’t matter, if you run into the door or the wall or if you fall, the glass won’t break. The watch has a 20 millimeter soft textured silicon strap with a quick release feature and not only the strap is textured. The stainless steel bezel is attached as well, but only on the top through the two physical buttons. On the side. We will either get to the sport modes or go back to the previous page. As the last we have the battery life. This watch will last for about 5 days on normal usage or 6 hours in gps, plus the music mode now 5 days really isn’t half bad, since, if you consider that you have other small watches like the samsung galaxy 3 or the fossil gen 5, with basically The same features, if not less, and they only last about a day.

This watch is also packed with a bunch of sensors. You have a compass, you have a built in gps, you have an ambient light sensor: optical hybrid sensor, sleep, tracker, spo2, tracker and a bunch of more now. I really cannot think of too many other sensors that you can actually have on a smartwatch. So this watch basically has it all now that i talked about all of these features and all of these sensors let’s start with them and let’s start with the optical hardware sensor and some sport modes. Overall, you have a little over 20 different sport modes available like walking or running as well as water and ball sports. As far as for my testing, the heart rate during the workouts is almost on point it’s. Maybe a few beats off here and there, but overall, very solid arsenal building gps seems to be working very well, don’t matter if i’m in the city or in the forest, it’s pretty accurate. Well, i must admit that it’s, sometimes not that accurate, since it sometimes tells me that i’m walking inside houses or on the wrong street side, but that’s about it. So now, before you’re starting your workout you’re able to customize your settings, so you can do mixed interval quarter mile repeats or a run work workout under settings. You can also customize your data screen, so you can create three different data screens with up to four different fields like the heart rate, time pace, distance and a lot more.

You can set some alerts as well. If you hit a certain distance time or calories, and as for less you can decide if you want to use gps or not or in what combination you want to use the gps, for example together with glowness or galileo, and you can choose your accent colors, which I guess is nice to have so you can find your favorite workout that way a little bit faster or at least make it look better. At the end of your sport activities, you get to see a summary of all of your stats and a small amount of the route you took. As for next let’s talk about the spo2 tracker, as well as the respiration rate tracker. Well, there are few things to know about the respiration rate, so the respiration rate tracker basically tracks the amount of breath you take per minute, so your average value should be around 12 to 20 breath since that’s, the average for a human and a slow breathing rate Can have many causes like heart problems, brain stem problems or a drug overdose. The audi spo2 tracker is not something a lot of small boards have, and especially in the times of medemic it’s, a very useful feature. Your average value should also be around the 95 mark. Everything below is not bad, but it’s, not good either. So 95 is your target value. Some other cool features that you get with this watch are garlic pay, so you can actually pay stuff with your watch.

You have a calendar, you have a weather, widget and you have four gigabytes of internal storage, so you can actually download playlist tracks or podcasts from spotify or deezer. So the only thing you have to do for that is connect your watch with the wi fi. Then connect it via your smartphone, with the spotify and you’re basically ready to go. And after that you can do all kinds of things. You can go back, a track, skip a track, you can play and pause and you can adjust the volume. So now you don’t really have to worry about a thing if you’re going outside for a walk, so you can pay for stuff. If you want to buy stinks, you have offline music for entertainment and you have a building gps, so you never get lost. So you really don’t need your smartphone anymore. The only things you cannot do without your smartphone are receiving calls and notifications. So you do receive notifications like whatsapp, instagram, snapchat emails or missed calls. Now you cannot reply really to text, so you have like these quick and features, but you cannot write your own text now if you made it that far into the video don’t forget to leave a like and consider subscribing to my channel. If you want to see more smartwatch reviews, it only takes two clicks it’s for free and will help me out a lot also don’t forget to click the notification bell to always be notified whenever i upload new videos now.

One track i have mentioned yet is the stress tracker, and i actually think this is one of the best stress trackers that i’ve seen so far. I mean it still only tracks the stress level. 24 7, like most smart watches, do but with this one you can exactly see in which minute you were stressed and garmin recognizes when you’re doing workouts. So it does not track the time while you’re working out, which normally messes up your results. So this one is actually a really good stress tracker next to the heart rate tracker, which is for me the most important tracker that you can have on a smartwatch. We also have a sleep tracker, which is for me the second most important one with this one. You get to see your light and deep sleep, as well as the ram and awake time. The cool thing here is that you can also track your movement during the night, the blood oxygen, as well as the respiration rate. Now i really don’t know how accurate these movements during the night are, but i also don’t know how to properly track it. So i guess in this case i just have to believe what the garmin menu tells me now. The next thing we got to talk about is the navigation on the watch, so it is very responsive when i’m swiping to the next tile or open up one of my stats. Now, if you swipe to the right, you get to your shortcut, i have my brightness settings over here, but you can change that up anytime.

You want to now. If we swipe up, we get to my daily stats, which tracks my active time, steps burn calories and a few more now, if you click on it, we get to see a more detailed version of our daily stats, and then we can select these tires again to See some nice graphs of this specific stat, which is really cool in my opinion, if we swipe up again, we get to our health stats, like our heartbeat stress level, body battery respiration rate and the sp02. So with this one, you can do basically the same as with base stats. We can press it twice on the first time we see more details and, on the second time, a graph of the different stats on the next one. We have our workout history over here. We have all of our past workouts of the week and the past weeks as well, this one even categorizes them, so you can specifically look at only your running workouts or strength, trainings and so on. Next, we have the heart rate: tracker, the body battery, a drinking reminder, events and the weather widget. The weather widget shows you the weather for each day of the day, as well as a weather forecast for the next five days. As for last, we have our notifications and our music player that i have already mentioned now. If you give the lower button a longer press, it takes you to the interface where you can select.

New watch faces get to the settings, set, alarms or use the stopwatch and timer, whereas if you give the upper button a longer press, it takes it to the app menu where you have quick access to all of your apps or widgets like the nfc payment pharmaphone And a lot more, so what do i think about the garmin venue? First up i got ta tell you that i’m very impressed by all the features that you get with this watch and how good they actually are. I mean you have the heart rate tracker, which is very accurate. You have the sleep tracker which not only tracks sleep during the night, but also your movements and the spo2. The built in gps is also very good in my opinion, and very accurate, and you have a very nice looking watch. You also have a lot of different watch faces. You can download from the garmin store like sporty looking ones, analog wands or just some very simple. Looking ones, you really have a big variety charging. Your watch also only takes about an hour and a magnetic charging cable really sticks tight to the watch. Even if you let the watch hang on the cable it’s not going to come off now. Overall, if you’re thinking about buying this watch go for it it’s a very, very good smartwatch, now folks that’s already it for the video. I hope you liked it. If you did don’t forget to leave a like and consider subscribing to my channel.