Now one thing that really stands out regarding this smart, which is that it’s not the same as all these 50 pounds – 60 pound, smart, watches the budget, smart watches. This has a lot of features packed into it completely different inside and out, and uh is something that i would highly recommend now when it starts up. This is how it looks. Okay, you got two buttons there as well. Now you got various languages to choose from, and the touch control works very smoothly. There are so many languages to choose from so i’m gon na honestly choose uh english hold on so once you choose that it says pair with phone i’m gon na skip that for now. So once you skip that, i guess let’s get started. So you choose gender here now so i’ll choose that and then it goes to metrics and um all those things here, so yeah this place like birthday, etc, etc. So i’m, going to just try skipping that. So i just want to show you exactly um how the setup is, then you choose left or right and and wrist or right handed so i’ll just choose left and then choose 12 hour or 24 hour. I’Ll choose 24 hour once you choose that it says auto. Um set time day and with gps, okay, wait for gps! Now, gps! You just have to wait for a bit i’m going to just escape that phone now, that’s, most likely, you have to connect to a smart smartwatch before the gps starts working i’m.

Trying to skip everything just do so. You just go for the current month for day etcetera and then it goes set up complete. Now, once the setup is completed, you will go to the main menu now main menu. They got the shortcut there on the right side. Um up it got my day there uh calories, etc. You got the play music and control the music there and then, if you press this button here it goes to select favorites. So you got a lot of sports mode and stuff there. So you can choose um. The small sports mode that that you use so you don’t have all the you don’t have to have all these excess sports mode there. You can choose specific ones that you use so okay, so just for example, i’m, just showing you that there and then because these are all selected now and then you go back so you got these there hold on. So now you can start starting then i’m, just trying to go back. Okay, now there’s a lot of different features you have in this smartwatch. You can see that you’ve got the calories. My day shows exactly you know if you’ve been doing weight. Lifting you know the sports mode that i’ve chose. It will show all everything in my day here. So i like the layout of this and then, if you swipe um up again, you’ve got heart rate, stress level, body battery respiration, you’ve got history.

There you go the last four hours, heart rate monitor there, you go the other um stake of the hydration um mode there as well, so yeah. It got a lot of features packed into it, and one thing i like about this is that the gps, the heart rate, monitor everything, is accurate, that’s. What i like about this is that it operates very smoothly everything that he has built in, for example, the heart rate, monitor uh, the the gps, etc everything’s all accurate. There are some smart watches that they’re not accurate. However, this one inside out, when i mean the quality, is brilliant inside the technology is brilliant as well. Now i like this strap here, it fits very comfortably and it’s. You know it’s something that you won’t get discomfort, so you can put it on. It has a secure, strap as well, so it doesn’t come off and yeah it just it’s easy to or take this off as well. If you want to change these straps around, you can also do that. That’S, the heart rate monitor there. Now the charging a bit it’s, not magnetic so bear that in mind this one. It looks like this, so all you have to do is push it in. Am i doing the wrong? I think it might be this way. Oh it’s double way around. So once you do that yep it connects so once it’s connected yep it that’s when you start charging it.

I think it was this way so yeah. So when it makes that click noise, you can see that yeah he’s this way. So once you do that you charge it, so i think if it was a magnetic charge, it would have been even better, but this is something different compared to all the other smart watches. Now a few good um features about this is that it’s, a well known brand garmin is reliable, and this is specifically made as a gps, smartwatch, okay, so for those who want, he wants to track where they are etc and to be accurate. This is the one to go, for it also has the all day, health monitoring as well, and also it has a battery energy monitoring and also has the heart rate monitoring there as well. Plus it has more than 20 pre loaded, um sports and indoor sports, etc. Activities that you can choose from that i’ve shown you and you can choose specific ones that you want. Also, it has a bright color display as well like i’ve shown you and i’ve been going through all this time. So it has all those bright, bright, colors as well, and a full charge would give you around six day battery life or up or around 14 hours. In gps mode, so if you’re going to be using gps, you can use it for 14 hours if you’re just using it for any other casual use, it will be up to six out of six days.

It also has a built in garmin pay as well. So that’s another advantage and you will have to download the garmin um garmin pay app as well, and you can use this as a payment option. So that’s. Another great um feature that he has built in and that’s something that stands out compared to all these other smart watches. This is the user manual. Just gives you more information about how to use this, and it will tell you exactly what app to download and stuff and get get going as well. So these are the features, a brilliant, a reliable smartwatch that i highly recommend and it’s lightweight compa compact design and the strap is brilliant, okay, it’s designed for casual or even, if you’re doing, if you’re, using this as a sports mode. This is brilliant to go for.