Now this is my own gps smartwatch. I got it rather recently and ive used it for basically a few days. So these are truly my first impressions. Okay lets get right into the video its not going to be an in depth review because, like i said, i just started using it. These are more my first impressions of what i think about the smartwatch, after only using it. For a short while the overall design is absolutely fantastic, i love the fact that it looks like a regular watch. If someone looks at this okay, depending on the on the clock face that you choose as well, you can choose a different clock. Face theyre, gon na likely think that its probably a regular watch. I also like the fact that it clasps in place like a regular watch as well theres, nothing fancy here. It just looks and feels like a regular watch and to me thats great, because im a watch person. So if you give me something that looks like a watch im happy okay, i obviously like smart watches that look futuristic as well, but this looks like a regular watch, so you can pretty much wear it at any time anywhere and its not going to make you Stand out, okay, you can wear this to a wedding and itll look totally normal. Now. This is a great watch for everyday fitness tracking, overall, its absolutely fantastic. What it allows you to track um, you can track all sorts of stuff, so these are just my favorites over here lets say i wanted to track my run over here.

Okay, i could start my timer track, my run okay, um and then i could figure out. You know uh how i did on the run compared to how i did in the past and so forth. Its really really really really cool theres lots of activities to choose from those are just my favorites that id set up right there um. I also like the fact of the double buttons okay, so a lot of smart watches only have one button and one button is fine because you can use it. You know you can hold it down. You can press it two times you can triple click. It sometimes right but having two buttons is great because it doubles the functionality right. So i can press. I can press each of these. I can also press and hold them down for different functions right, so i can press them or i can press and hold them down for different functions, which is really really cool, really convenient its great for everyday fitness tracking. If you are looking for a watch that will allow you to track just your everyday fitness, how youre doing with your activities, this is, in my opinion, one of the best options um. With regards to its price point. It is right in the middle of the smartwatch price range you have the cheapest options, which is not. This is not one of them and any of the most expensive options, which this is also not one of them.

So, overall, its kind of right in the middle, which is great because its going to fit the majority of peoples budgets. Why? Which is one of the reasons why i really really like the smart watch? Lots of people can make use of this. Smart watch and lots of people can consider this as one of their options when theyre looking for a new smart watch to have and to use uh with regards to the touch screen and the buttons and the overall user interface super duper easy to control. Um really really really really easy to control. I mean like literally like its so um, so respondent responsive, not respondent, its so responsive right it just it just works. I have yet to have one time where ive touched the touch screen and it doesnt do what i want it to do, which is huge and ive used it ive, sweat with it on including my sweaty hands. It just works which is really cool um the app the actual garmin app that you use to connect with the smartwatch is totally awesome. Um all the smartwatch apps are great, so i mean they all have very similar features. They all do a great job. Garmin is no exception to that rule, and i also like this specific watch face where the second hand clicks around really really makes me think of a real watch. You know theres something mesmerizing about watching the second hand of a watch go into circular motion, and this is the same effect, looks totally totally cool thats, basically it those are my first impressions and review of this garmin vivoactive four uh gps smartwatch.

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