My review today of the garmin vivomove sport. Hidden within this watch face is an oled display, giving you access to a fully featured health and fitness smartwatch. There are no buttons with this watch. Full control is done from the oled display or from within the garmin connect app to weight. The oled display you simply double tap on the glass or you can set the display to wake as you lift your wrist towards your face. A really nice feature is how the analog hands automatically move out the way when using the oled display. The watch is super light at only 33.8 grams. The watch size is 40 millimeters wide and 11 millimeters thick a really nice size. That would look great on most wrist sizes, male or female. The watch has a chemically strengthened glass and the watch case is made from a tough fiber reinforced polymer. The watch strap is made from a soft silicone with a lovely textured finish on the top and a smooth texture on the underside. The strap has excellent water repellency and the watches water resistance to 5 atm suitable for swimming industry, standard 20, millimeter lugs and the strap is fitted with quick release spring bars. So you can easily swap the strap to other colors or fabrics of your choice. Battery life is up to five days in smart watch mode, and if you do manage to let the battery go to zero, there is an additional one day of power reserve for the analog watch display.

This is a really nice feature, as it means that a dead battery doesnt leave you with a useless blank screen. Watch on your wrist timekeeping is always super accurate, as the watch sets the time with each connection to your smartphone via bluetooth charging. The watch is done by connecting the supplied usb garmin cable into a regular usb outlet. Now lets talk about health and fitness as a professional fitness trainer. I strongly believe that one of the most important daily routines we can do to improve our health is regular walks. Outdoors in the fresh air, the garmin vivomove sport can be said to automatically start tracking your steps, distance time heart rate and a detailed map of your route via the brilliant garmin connect app. I set mine for a 10 minute, auto start, which means that any works. I do outdoors for more than 10 minutes. These smartwatch tracking features automatically connect to my phone via bluetooth and uses my phones gps, to track the workout from start to finish. This is such a fantastic smartwatch feature, no buttons to remember to push at the start or finish of your walk in workout and the same auto start stop feature can be turned on to also track your runs simply start running and one minute into your run. The watch will automatically connect to your smartphone via bluetooth and track your run from start to finish. The garmin vivomove sport can support up to 10 workout profiles from within the oled display, including many of the most popular workouts like walking, running cycling, basic pool, swim profile with underwater heart rate, monitoring, plus gym workouts, yoga, pilates and many others.

You can also create custom workout profiles from within the garmin connect app when paired with your smartphone, the garmin vivomoo. Sport can receive smart notifications and even reject phone calls with a preset text message. You can also control your smartphone music player and there is a useful, find my phone and find my watch feature. Big armin, vivo move. Sport also has fantastic safety features when paired with your smartphone, you can turn on live tracks, so friends and family can follow your progress during races via the garmin connect app the garmin vivomoo sport also has garmins incident detection, which means the watch can automatically send a Text message to your chosen, close contacts. If the watch detects an incident, for example during your outdoor run or cycle ride, there is also a very cool emergency assistance feature simply repeatedly tapping. The glass will send a text message alert to your chosen emergency contacts, given your exact location with the garmin vivomoo sport, you also get many advanced health monitoring features like pulse ox blood oxygen, saturation, heart rate, run, vo2 max womens, health, tracking stress monitoring, body battery fitness Age, sleep, tracking and smart reminders to take a break, move and stretch the garmin vivo sport is available in four colour options. Retail price is just 179.99. As a professional fitness trainer, i can highly recommend the garmin vivomoo sport as a simple and very stylish budget friendly smartwatch that packs in a huge amount of health and fitness tracking features for the price.

The watch is ideally suited to someone who is primarily looking for a stylist watch for under 200. That can also provide the health and fitness tracking motivation to make important changes in their lifestyle. Id also recommend pairing the garmin vivomoo sport with the absolutely brilliant garmin index s2 smart scale. The two together can provide easy to follow. Progress of your health and fitness results. Ive also done a short review of the garmin index. S2, smart scale ill leave a link in the description below maybe youd like to check it out. If you have any questions about the garmin vivomoo sport and wondering if this watch will be right for you put them in the comments, i will always reply. Have a great day and ill catch you on the next episode of cool watch, reviews bye for now Music.