So guys here it is the gt3 pro and hands down the gt2 pro was one of the best smart watches released ever so. Huawei was one of the first that really made a smart watch that you can use all day, long 14 days of battery life with reliable gps, a nice looking screen and a beautiful design, but the gt3 pro really takes it to the next level. So lets have a closer look lets see whats inside of the box and lets check out the features. Well guys there we go heres the huawei watch gt3 pro in the titanium edition powered by harmony us. So this is running harmony os and it feels really smooth. So well, as you can see, light titanium case, light titanium, strap heres the smartwatch. What else is included inside of the box? We have here a charger. The charger is magnetic, so it just attaches to the watch um really convenient. Then you just plug it into any usb outlet. Nevertheless, um the watch has a wireless charging just with the titanium strap. You cannot open it up like this. Its always closed, then, its a bit difficult to place it on the wireless charger or not on a regular one. But if you have a watch charger that goes under it, its actually perfectly fine, so well um, then here we have some additional parts for the strap. Now, on most watches, you actually have to use a tool to get out the pins its quite complicated, but on this strap not as you can see, there are little pins.

You just have to use your finger to slide the pin down and then you can already take out the piece so its really simple, you can do it on the go without any tools and there are some extra parts included so to fit different wrist sizes. Anyhow, theres also a user manual included thats. What you get inside of the box and now lets check out the gt3 pro now lets have a closer look at the watch itself. Well, the watch looks really premium, as you can already see. Now we have here an amoled screen, definitely one of the best in class on a smartwatch, so this is really bright its with it. The viewing angles are great now, um its a 1.43 inch amoled color screen, and it comes with a resolution of 466 x, 466 pixels, so um as you can see, we have 2.5 d glass. Now we have sapphire glass arm on the front and on the back, so this is very scratch. Resistant now, im a little bit clumsy. So i bumped this smart watch already two times in the door, but you cannot really see any scratch on it. So i think from the from the materials and the grade of materials used um its actually simply amazing, as always um. We have this rotating crown with vibration, feedback now um. It also has a button here. If you press it, then it opens up the menu. Then theres also another button down here.

This also has an electrode inside for the ecg measurement. Um. Well talk about that a little bit later now its actually pretty slim but still features up to 14 days battery life. It comes with an integrated speaker, so you can use that for music, but also for the voice feedback. During your the workouts. We have the huawei truescene 5.0 plus sensor, so this is now actually the most accurate sensor which huawei is using in the wearables, and it is simply amazing, so the tracking works really fast, really good um. It supports also spo2 measurements and, in general, um. Its really good here we have the straps now to take off the strap theres a button right over here. So if you press it, it actually will unlock the pins and then you can slide it out and there we go its actually out. So here um is a closer look at the sensor, as you can see. By the way, this is also all sapphire glass. That means very scratch resistant, so you dont need to worry about the metal, strap and also um. The watch supports wireless charging, so you could also remove that put like this on the wireless charger. But if you really use wireless charging a lot, i would recommend to use an open, strap. Anyhow, you can see here the parts of the strap. So if you want to make it longer or shorter, no problem at all, then also we have here this quick fastener, which is really nice to take it off.

So, in order to close it just put together and press and in order to open it, push those two parts here and it opens up really smoothly now in regards of the material used um. This is not only also very scratch resistant, some very resistant against corrosion, its also very light because its titanium, so the strap itself is very lightweight its, not a heavy smartwatch, but still its a very robust smartwatch with high temperature resistance, doesnt corrode that easily. So i think, over time this is very reliable, theres, also a ceramic version. Now this is mostly for women, but it looks really great in white, so um, if you want to, you, should check it out. It looks absolutely amazing, uh well thats, regarding the design and now lets check out. The features so well lets have a closer look at the smartwatch and, as you can see, beautiful looking watch faces so well. If you hold and tap, you can change the watch faces. So we have here some really beautiful watch faces, but i actually like the more digital one, which fits my lifestyle more. If we swipe up, we actually have here the notifications notifications work pretty well. So i have some facebook notifications here also some app notifications, as you can see. So this is working pretty good, but you need to set it up correctly in the huawei health application. Well um. If we go here through all the things first of all here we have the weather, then also here, a quick widget for playing music.

You can also check the weather right over here then lets go to the other side, so here we have the heart rate monitoring. So when you wear the smartwatch, you will actually see here a graph over your heart rate. The same goes for the spo2 right over here. Here we have your daily activity. Now its half past midnight, so right now it doesnt show anything anyhow um here. Once again, you have some kind of weather and location widget. You can see here the lunar cycle, which is also a pretty cool thing here. You can see your sleep activity so right now ill show you the data late on the huawei health application, and if you press the button, you can actually go back. If you press the button once again, you get to the menu and, as you can see, the menu you can zoom in and out with the crown and yeah thats really smooth, as you can see so harmonious, is doing a really good job. If you press the button down there, you can actually reconfigure it. For me, it goes to the workout mode, so you can just choose here the workout and get directly started with it. If we swipe down from the top, we have here do not disturb mode. I usually activate it when im sleeping you can see here, the bluetooth connection, the battery life and i charged it in the morning to 100. I went for the gps test, which was over one hour and there is 93.

So the battery life on the smartwatch is amazing, and this was on display brightness maximum so 14 days, it really depends on your use case. You easily get up eight days out of the smartwatch. You have here the screen on button, which leaves the screen on for five minutes really convenient if youre doing something you dont want that it turns off. You have find my phone, so you will hear the phone ringing in the background here. Lets stop the ringing and there we go so um if youre searching your phone. This comes in really handy. We have the water drain mode. Now the watch is ip68 water resistance up to 30 meters and thats. Why? It also has this new diving mode and its no problem to take it to the shower, to take it to the swimming pool and also the titanium version is very corrosion resistant, so thats, really great, but anyhow after you use it to get the water out of The speaker, its good to use the drain mode then lets quickly check out the settings. So while it doesnt come with any kind of e sim compatibility its not like the watch 3 pro, but it features bluetooth and you can also connect, for instance, to the free bets to listen to music. So thats, no problem at all. You can customize the watch face, theres, also an always on display now um. To be honest, i dont use it because i dont need it really, but if you want to, there are several always on displays you can choose from.

I will just pick this one here to show you and if you do this, you can actually just put into standby kind of – and here you see the always on display. Of course, you always own display. Um decreases your battery life, but um still, you get amazing battery life from the smartwatch here race to show on the watch this, for instance, if it is off, you can just raise it and the screen goes on so this is also really really convenient. Then we have custom cards, as we already know from the watch 3 pro on the display and brightness, you can adjust the brightness thats, also an auto brightness sensor. You can set the sleep time and the screen on time. You have sound and vibration, so you can adjust here the ring tone. You can just the vibration level here, currently strong, soft or off, and especially for using the alarm. I usually set it to strong, because i really have problems to wake up in the morning. You can set a pin if you want to its just like a lock. You have the smart assistants, as you can see in here with the ai tips. Accessibility options are also right over here, then the down button. You can reconfigure it, so you can have it on workout like i have, or you can rebind it to any of the features here. Workout settings also right over here, so workout broadcasts. You can turn this off.

If you want to, you can have the always on display during the workout, or it can also automatically detect your workouts. It will start the workout, depending on your heart rate and activity. You do so. The watch actually knows that youre currently doing a workout theres, also system and updates. So you can update your smartwatch right over here. Im currently running the latest version, which is available right now and yeah thats, pretty much it and now lets jump right over to the menu for sure. The smartwatch has all the features inside which have seen um also on the watch 3 pro like, for instance, huawei wallet. So you can add your cards right over here. We have um sleep monitoring right over here. We have lactate um threshold measuring right over here, which is also a really cool and unique feature, spl2 monitoring, as ive said before, and also we have navigation and also we have a remote shutter, which comes in quite handy. If you want to take pictures with your smartphone and you have no one take a picture and of course we have the music player right over here, so um rotate the crown to adjust the volume, as you can see, with that you can adjust the volume and The speaker is also pretty loud, its located right over here Music, so the speaker is very clear, even at maximum volume, its not really to listen to music. For that you connect to three bets, but its basically to get some feedback um during the workout, and that is working really really good.

Also um for the alarm clock. I really like it now. The ecg function is something thats really special about this watch. So most of the smart watches or those fitness trackers, they are more or less just measure your heart rate, but the huawei watch gt3 pro has an ecg function built in so it uses the heart rate um sensor, but also it uses a high fidelity signal. Electrode and the button down here, so you have to put your finger on there and then it runs an ecg test. The whole test takes around 30 seconds and it shows you things about your cardiogram like, for instance, um, the sinus rhythm, and it helps you basically to proactively address potential heart rate health risks. Now this doesnt replace a doctor but its something thats, really cool to have in a wearable device. So um, it has really evolved a lot from just basic heart rate, monitoring to ecg function and i think its a really cool feature all right, so that are basically the features on the smartwatch, so pretty amazing, waterproof nfc gps with really good signal strength. I also went for a bike ride today and the tracking was really accurate. The gps lock was really fast. The battery life only dropped a couple of percent in one hour, so quite efficient, and it did the tracking really well so lets check it out on the phone. How it looks like so well lets have a closer look at huawei health.

Now, as you can see, this is currently a beta version, because it includes already the ecg function and lets get directly started here with the tracking so well over 100 workout mode, so theres everything included. Now. What i use most is like actually walking or cycling or maybe just running, and today i went for an outdoor cycle, so lets see how it looks like well. You can directly see on the tracking is fairly accurate. Exactly here, when i turned to that road, i forgot my phone, so i had to drive all the way back to pick up the phone then um. I went up on the hill here for a nice ride and all the way back. So that looks really fairly accurate from what i see. So there are no like jumps or something or some missing route. You can see here also the average speed. So you have some graph. You have your charts over the heart rate, so the average heart rate, maximum heart rate and basically calculates um from all of that data. Also, how many calories you have burned the average heart rate the elevation gain as you can see, and also even the recovery time until when you are fully recovered so for tracking your workouts. This watch is really really nice. Then, if we come to the heart, um here is something new. So usually you probably know from huawei watches you have here the heart rate graph, but here we now have the ecg data.

So here you can see im the sinus rhythm, so the electrocardiogram is normal. So that means everything is fine with my heart, and here you can see my ecg and right over here um. This was what the watch has recorded. So the average heart rate was 107 beats per minute, and here you can even see an ecg diagram. So that looks actually pretty sick, so really cool feature and im pretty sure this will improve a lot when they have the c certification ready and also the final software for it, because just to mention it once again, this is a beta version. Anyhow, um, while we have ive shown you also many times you have here, your sleep records your spo2 skin temperature measurement, but lets go to devices here its kind of important um. You can see the gt3 pro right over here and um lets talk about. The watch faces so theres a watch face store where you can get new watch faces. Some of them are free for some of them. You have to pay like one two euros for the designers and i think some of them its really worth it because they have some really cool watch faces, as you can see, also from the smurfs or something so um for some of the watch faces are also Already paid now here we have also app gallery because the smartwatch supports third party applications. I will quickly show you how that looks like.

So if you press here, it opens up the app gallery for the smartwatch, and here are some pretty neat things like philips hue essentials for um to control, philips hue, for instance, then i am safe, which is some gps tracking. We also have here some other things which i really like. This is, for instance, e sound to stream music, so its really really cool that on the gt3 pro supports third party applications which you can install on the watch. Well, regarding the other features, you can also watch my other in depth – videos um – we have seen them all already and now lets come to my final conclusion about the gt3 pro alright guys so were now here at the end of this in depth review, and i Could spend a whole week with the gt3 pro and, to be honest, its a really amazing smartwatch. So the battery life is up to two weeks: um, as ive told you went for a bike ride and it dropped only over the whole day around five percent, with using gps, the screen on a reasonable brightness. So this is a smartwatch where you dont have to think at night. When you go to bed. Oh, i need to um plug it into the charger. I need to recharge it with other smart watches that have one or one and a half day of battery life. For me, actually its impossible to use sleep tracking im the whole day active.

I dont want to put my watch on the charger. Forget it or something and then at night its empty and i dont. I cannot use the sleep tracking. So this is something thats really. Nice about huawei smartwatches the battery life is simply amazing. Also many people want to use the watch not only for sports tracking. They want to use it as a fashion accessory like to go to business meetings to go to. I dont know if you go out on a date or something and with the gt3 pro you can do. All of that i mean its waterproof.