This is a new entry level, wellness device from garmin and its priced at 169 euros. The first thing, youll notice, is that this is a hybrid smart watch, so it has a mechanical analog watch face with a hidden touchscreen display, similar to other products in the move range before we get into the review id like to ask. If you could hit that subscribe button and give the video a thumbs up, it would really help the channel, and i really appreciate it. The display is upgraded from previous models with a metallic reflective design and a higher resolution. While the display is now a lot clearer of a higher clarity compared to older vivo move products, visibility can still be difficult in direct sunlight, even with the brightness set to maximum. You will still have to sometimes angle the watch in a certain way to view the display. This appears to be a trait of this type of design, so i dont think theres. Currently, a lot like garm can do to improve this further theres, no gorilla glass, but instead its advertised to be chemically strengthened. Im, not sure how this compares to gorilla glass but well, have to see in time. The watch comes in a variety of color to cater for all individuals. The one i have here is the mint green design. I dont particularly like the look of this, but i dont think im really the target market in mind. The watch includes all of the common widgets.

You expect to find on a garmin watch. This includes notifications, heart rate stress body, battery plus more. There is, however, no widget for sleep tracking, but data can still be viewed within garmin connect. There doesnt appear to be any way on the watch to rearrange these widgets. As i can imagine, it would be quite awkward with the type of watch it is, but on connect mobile, you have the ability to arrange these and add and remove them as you wish. The watch does not have gps built in, but instead it uses connected gps directly from your smartphone. So if youre looking at purchasing this watch, you need to keep in mind that you always require your phone on you to record your positioning during activities. This may be a deal breaker for some people, but for the casual user. It might not be an issue here. We have all of the essential activities such as walking running cycling and swimming within connect mobile. You can add or remove these activities, so you only have the ones that you require displayed on. The watch. Activity tracking can be enabled, so you can automatically log activities based on your movement pattern. So, for example, if youre running the watch will automatically detect that you were running and it will start to record a running activity on its own. This can be really helpful for all day. Fitness tracking, as you wont, have to constantly remember to hit that start button.

Every activity you carry out the strap is an industry standard, 20 millimeter band with a quick release mechanism. So you should be able to customize this with loads of third party designs. When theyre available on the back of the watch well find garmins standard, elevate, heart rate sensor and this also tracks bug oxygen levels, we also have garmin standard proprietary charging port. A new feature to the move range are safety notifications for each individual activity type. You can enable safety alerts where, if you were to have a full or injure yourself when carrying out the activity, the watch would communicate with connect mobile and send an alert to your emergency contacts with your current location. This did seem to work quite accurately when i was simulating a full, but i would not rely on this to be a life saving feature as its designed to be more of an assistant. This feature is enabled by adding an emergency contact to connect, mobile and enabling live tracking. If your connect profile, gender is set to female youll also have access to a new womens health feature. This will allow you to track menstrual cycles and log. Several statistics, such as mood any sickness symptoms plus a lot more. You can then analyze its data within garmin, connect mobile on a daily basis. The watch does not have the ability to store music or connect directly to music services such as spotify and deezer, to download your playlists, but instead the watch can be used to control music directly from your phone, in this case its not really a major issue as Youll have to have your phone with you all the time anyway, for the connected gps, the vivo move.

Sport is a stylish hybrid, smart watch with the essential features you would expect, but even though the display has been improved, it still suffers from the same difficulties. Viewing in direct sunlight, as you did with previous models, if youre a casual user who simply wants a stylish looking watch with smartphone connected features and some casual fitness tracking, then this will be a suitable product and you cant really go wrong for the price. But the lack of on board gps will be a big issue for some people and in this case i would probably say to go for a product such as the venue sq if youre looking for something in the entry level market.