I know ive actually spent the week in york, uh consuming my own body weight in pasties and delicious eels. Instead of actually paying any attention to all the various tech shenanigans going on this week, of which there are many, and when i see many, i basically just mean ah kill me now uh i mean this is how bad it is im actually drinking coffee to try And get through this thing, i know i havent even put a little something extra special in there. It is just straight up caffeine, so yeah. If this is your first textbook, rory or first apologies – and secondly, please dont judge me on this absolute shower: go back and watch one of the better episodes. I think episode – 38, maybe wasnt, absolutely god awful anyway loads and loads to do so. Jingle me expert weekly, so the big launch of this week was a pair of pixels, the six and the six pro two premium. Android 12 smartphones, with the kind of ass that you just cant help but stare admire in the at both are powered by googles, fresh tensor chipset, which takes security to a whole other level and features its very own tpu for machine learning, tasks like speech to text, Translation as well as an isp for processing, your picks super speedily borner time the security and privacy features have taken a bright or kick up the off theyre already good. Before but now, youve got a fresh new security hub which can basically show you any gaps in your smartphones defenses.

You can actually disable the smartphone camera and mic right there in the notification settings if you want to for all apps and, of course, as youd expect from google youve got five years of security updates for these things as well. So the thought of top notch security and privacy features is what really gets your under crackers moist? Well, look! No further! These things will have you positively gushing. Youve got a 6.4 inch oled screen on the standard 6 pumping full hd plus visuals at your face. Holes and thats upgraded to a 6.7 inch, qhd plus effort on the pro model and while the standard, google pixel 6 sports a screen that can drift between 60 and 90 hertz refresh, depending on what youre up to the snazzy pro model sports, a screen that can Drop as low as 10 hertz for extreme energy efficiency or boost all the way up to 120 hertz for supreme fluidized, supreme, fluidity, fluidity, god damn that word every time, both sports stereo speakers, but no headphone jack and no micro sd support either, which sucks a bunch Of monkey nuts, but still youve, got much bigger batteries here and that camera tech is worthy of any tech, nerd spank bank. Both phones support a 50 megapixel primary shooter uh with a sensor thats now two and a half times bigger than the previous generation of flagship smartphone plus got a bit of built in optical image. Stabilization on there as well on the second lens is a 12 megapixel.

Ultra wide angle, shooter with anti edge distortion tech and as if that wasnt already pretty damn cork and the pro model also finds space for a telephoto shoot with up to four times. Optical zoom once again got that optical image. Stabilization on the go, and rather than an eight megapixel front, facing a camera. What you got here is an 11.1 megapixel selfie shooter with a slightly a wider viewing angle as well. It can also record video at up to 4k resolution laddie freaking dar my full camera review and pixel 6 review will be dropping on monday. So my recommendation is to basically just start drinking heavily right now. Youll, hopefully pass out for most of the weekend and wake up fresh as a daisy on monday morning, ready for that hot google action, any actual medical practitioners may potentially not approve of that advice, but them so what else happened this week? Well, apple also launched some new laptops on monday, which literally borrowed the stupidest most annoying feature of the iphone, namely the ridiculously huge mustache notch. Youve finally got a reasonable selection of ports, though, while the m1 pro and the m1 max chipsets can apparently finally handle a bit of video editing without crapping. Their metaphorical pants ill be honest, though i spent monday evening in a viking rock bar rather than stream and cooking core. So you probably know more about all this guff than i do. Okay. If these things can actually handle video, editing, then lets maybe give them a chance, see how much they cost cheesy not quite got enough.

There maybe ill just get myself a new cleaning cloth for my phone instead on wednesday, while we spat out its latest smartwatch, the watch gt3, which comes in 42 or 46 mil flavors its premium tech all the way, with a crisp amoled screen built in speaker and Mic super swift, dual band 5 system, jnss tracking and the fresh truescene, 5.0 plus sensor for faster, more accurate heart rate measurement. One way is promising one or two weeks of battery life, depending on whether you get the small or large version and youve got a few new software tools chucked in there as well, including the healthy living shamrock, which rewards you for your general mental well being by Injecting guinness straight into your veins at least, i really hope that thats what it does, because that would just be marvelous uh and also this week, motorola launched some fresh new smartphones dont everybody well faint at once. The moto e20 is one of motorolas most budget friendly blowers packing a 6.5 inch hd plus screen a 4 000 milliamp battery 13 megapixel rear cam and android 11 gore for just 80 quid here in blighty about the same as 25 bottles of white style. Cider tough choice: i know if you do manage to scrape out a bit more cash stuff down the back of your mattress, where you can upgrade to the moto e30 or moto e40 youll get upgraded to a 48 megapixel primary cam and 5 000 milliamp battery, while At 6.

5, inch hd plus screen now boasts 90 hertz refresh and the e40 also packs in a bit more memory, plus full fat android 11., and these blows will cost you 100 quid and 120 quid respectively, and look these annoyingly fresh faced. Young pricks are absolutely loving them, so they must be worth it and also in the week that just warned bloody quits samsung also decided to take to the stage to announce the new bespoke editions of the galaxy zed flip 3 and the galaxy watch 4. Where you can change up the design to suit your own weird and wonderful tastes, theres also a special edition, amazon, kitsune kitsune, a version of the watch 4 and the galaxy buds 2, which means nothing to me. But it does sound decidedly french, which is never really a good thing and theres, probably loads more shades. To be perfectly honest that i just completely blanked this past week, but that was all i basically managed to sniff out and which means its most definitely time. For the part of the show that makes me want to just go: have a nice long lie down in the middle of the m25, not for any extinction rebellion shenanigans, but just in the hope that a lorry driver doesnt spot me and smushes. My skull, like a melon, its view, comments fewer comments. You know before we even get started with this. I definitely need more coffee. All right. Let battle commence uh.

So first up etienne, says: uh. The thing is: nuki broon isnt, actually that strong, but by some weird geordie alchemy, it does horrendous things to your head and guts kind of similar to this coffee. I cant remember what the maximum recommended number of cups of coffee in a day is but im going to go with 12. and yeah newkey brown youre 100. Correct me, i swear all theyve really done. Is mixed, gif uh with bistro to give it that sort of murky brown color? It really is like a napalm bomb for your innards. My kidneys definitely do not like also apparently, the random song that i was singing at the end of uh. The last episode we had joy we had sun yada is a seasons in the sun by terry jacks, and i j smith says that some may be more familiar with the westlife version, and i cant see im particularly surprised. The west life staffed out the wrong version of that was like any cheesy or pop song that west life didnt cover. I swear i got it if i had the long flow and locks and the cheeky smile instead of the slap head and the grimace, then i would basically just spend all my time ripping off all pop songs as well, making an absolute freaking mint. I do wonder, though, if those lads are still absolutely minted or theyre. Basically, stacking shelves and test scores right now and if they are stacking shelves and test scores, theyre about as good at that as they are right and original pop hits, because some of the shelves in my local test scores are bare.

As im gon na try to swear a little bit less in the rest of this video, mostly for my own sanity, because when i come to edit this, its gon na take me so much longer just to insert all the the bloody bleeps uh. Next up. John paul graham says what no mention of william shatner going into space. How about the star trek theme to open up your next expert weekly yeah? It finally happens shots in space and yeah. I would quite happily rip off the star trek tune to uh to open one of these episodes, except, of course, youtube. Would fire a copyright missile right up? My and basically the tiny amount of money that i would usually make from one of these shores would be completely going into the pockets of some record producer. Instead and apparently there i go again with the swearing, it really has been one of those friggin weeks. A next up christian says, i think, its about time to swerve the hatred away from james corden swiftly towards keith lemon those goddamn gambling ads. Give me aneurysms, oh god, yeah hard agree. Uh. Those adverts are just absolutely the worst. They all the aids of tv right now and to be honest, if youre, watching one of those having an aneurysm pop in your brain, would probably be sweet mercy next up. Lo and behold, an actual tech question, uh lucas says: what is your opinion about oneplus, merchant, oxygenos and coloros? My first reaction was slightly concerned, got to admit, hang on one second, because oxygen was lovely and nice and clean and just really easy to get on with color os.

You know absolutely feature dense, uh, which you know its nice, because i have lots of bonus bits thrown in there, but its a bit messy. You know the settings and everything not really as much for fun in that regard, but 100 gon na stay open, minded and see what they come up with. You know see how much of a merchant of the software actually happens being soon to see, and next up john says, youre marooned on a desert island. What three phones and hard liquor would you want to have with you a good question: um, not really sure why id need three phones, uh? That does seem somewhat excessive uh, but one of them would probably be one of the pixels. To be perfectly honest, because spoiler though i am rather enjoying them so far, i cant see any more than that ahead of my in depth review. What id probably do is have a pixel phone for my actual smartphone shenanigans and then id take a couple of these. As well so i could hide them at coconuts to knock them out of trees or just chuck them at you know wild boar to knock them unconscious and as for the booze, well i mean it would have to be a barrel of rum wouldnt it to get In the old pirate spirit, do you like me, a bit of cracking or any kind of sort of dark, spice drum, oh lovely? Next up engex says i, like them lights on your desk.

What are they uh thats a philips hue special um. So i did a video on it about oh christ about two years ago now. I think it was which is kind of terrifying, but theyve got a great variety of stuff and you can like sync them up. These tell you all kinds of cool stuff, definitely recommend them. Next up warm boy, jaded peanut butter says the best knight rider scene that spoiled it. For me, as an adult was the standoff between kit and evil kit, kill a game of chicken evil kit swerved and went off the cliff and then evil kit becomes a red volkswagen, beetle um. I think you might have potentially been smoking an awful lot of ganja back in the damn it cant see. I remember that particular episode, but then you know the state of my head uh. After all, this time was bad enough on the outside. Just imagine what its like on the inside but again on classic telly jim says i have knight rider airwolf street hawk and tj hooker, all on dvd um yeah, so airwolf that was basically knight rider with a helicopter right, uh street talk that was knight rider with The motorbike uh tj hooker that was uh shats again right. I never actually watched that one. He was like he was like a cup or something in that one um, so yeah so discussion. So many uh ripoffs back in the day, but to be fair, like did knight rider, come first im, not really sure.

Maybe knight rider was the one that was ripping off street hawk. Who knows also back in time patrick says button moon must be familiar to you. Then, being an 80s baby, um god, yes, i was so low rent. It was a thing of beauty, literally just adults funny and about with old toys, on a set made of junk that theyd found in some skip somewhere and yet surprisingly, compelling tv uh. Next up. Uh cabello. Sorry, if i mold the pronunciation of that says: greetings from south africa, a country which gets as much sunshine in a month as the uk does in a year. Thanks for that buddy uh. What has been your favorite smartphone to review in 2021? Oh god, i mean so many new phones this year, so that is a really tough choice. Indeed, uh and also my brains are pretty much leaking out of my nostrils right now. So im just going to go ahead and see the pixels again, because you know the fresh hardware, like the tensor chipset youve, also got a fresh android, 12 software as well so theres a lot of great new stuff to uh, to cover which i will do my Full review coming next week, not sure i managed to uh to pimp that enough. Just yet uh md abdullah says youre the perfect candidate for the next james bond uh. The best thing is you dont even need to act by that, do you mean thats, just because im suave enough already or because i know how to knock back a martini, whether its shaken stirred hot cold, whatever its very sweet of you to say so, but i Mean im a proper full on wuss, you know theres, i certainly wouldnt be jumping off dams or you know bungee, jumping out of planes or any of that stuff.

If somebody came at me with a knife or something, i would literally just curl up in a ball and shoot myself and cry until, hopefully they just kind of took pity on me or were just so disgusted that they just backed away slowly plus, like my stomach Couldnt even handle those spinny kids fairground rides anymore, so i certainly wouldnt be piloting any jets or doing that thing where he sort of clings onto the roof of a car as its swerving about the place uh. Also on the subjects of bonn as well: uh ofel, again sorry, if i um the pronunciation says timothy dalton was my favorite bond as well uh, but on the flip side, dave reckons dalton was crap, which just goes to show that you cant, please all of the People all of the time or in the case of this show any of the people ever so anyway, im so badly out of time, with all the crazy tech news and everything. But thank you. Thank you. Thank you to everyone who commented last week. It was great reading through all of those uh lovely, lovely questions, comments et cetera, et cetera. Please do bang some more down below in these comments and i will try and smash through as many of those as possible next week and speaking of next week next week. Next week, what the is next week well im, not sure if i already mentioned it or not, but the pixel review embargo is lifted on monday, so stay tuned for the full, a review of the standard pixel 6, as well as an in depth, camera review and Comparison between the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro and im also hoping to do a full comparison between the two and some other shenanigans next week.

Hopefully, tips and tricks guys as well. Uh weve also got the honor 50 officially launching in the uk on wednesday, tuesday tuesday. I think it is um, so hopefully should i have you a tasty video of that as well, and then of course, this time next week, more tech, spurt weekly, i cant guarantee its going to be less but fingers crossed day so thats it for me, uh just Yeah, a big thanks to everyone whos actually once again made it to the end of this absolute shower and uh. Please do plug subscribe and dig that notifications bell to join the spurs and army.