I remember the first smart watch I ever wanted. It was called the impulse made by a Canadian outfit called alerta back in 2010 and even though Id already adopted Android by that point, this Blackberry exclusive accessory made me seriously. Consider going back alerta would later transform into Pebble sharing its name with the product that proved to the world of 2012. That smart watches could be the next big thing, and it took no time at all for bigger companies to hop on the bandwagon Samsung. With the Galaxy Gear in 2013., Google, with the Android Wear platform in 2014 and the first Apple watch in 2015., the years since have been chaotic, Android Wear, would be rebranded to wear OS and undergo a painful parade of reinventions, Often hamstrung by underpowered silicon and inconsistencies Across its various Hardware Partners, Samsung got so fed up with wear OS that it pivoted to its own software. Only recently, having been wooed back Pebble got bought by Fitbit, which in turn got scooped up by Google and in the midst of all this upheaval, Apple just kept counting money as it sold millions of Apple watches across eight generations of slow but steady iteration. Well. This is the Smartwatch Google built to change all that. Like many first generation products, its too expensive, it doesnt do enough of what it promises and it has no chance of living up to its hype, but its also tangible proof that Google finally cares about smart watches.

Again, Music, you can say it. The pixel watch looks like a round Apple watch and honestly, I dont think thats a bad thing. I mean first of all, it stands out even amidst the huge diversity of style in the wear OS catalog theres, nothing. That looks quite like this perfectly rounded little Ingot, its Gorilla Glass, 5 Crystal and stainless steel case curving to meet with almost perfect symmetry. The flow of this design is interrupted only by a digital Crown at the three oclock position, a much less prominent two oclock Pusher above that and the sunken mounting points for Googles, new band system Ill show you shortly, oh and if youre a southpaw, you can now Reverse all those clock values and make this a right. Wristed timepiece, which is great smart watches, often carry the burden of needing to be both functional tools and beautiful objects, and I think the pixel watch Rises to that particular challenge. Of course, thats assuming you buy the color thats right for you and the champagne gold unit that Google provided me for review with its fluoro elastomer band, thats, quick to discolor and made my wrist sweaty and smelly, no matter how many showers I took really wasnt doing It for me so on the commute between my new home and the Mr mobile office, I swung by the Williamsburg Google Store this week, picked up a polished, silver pixel watch along with a dual tone: leather band – that adds some scoggin like lugs and relief washed over Me in an awesome wave plus, I got a sweet Google branded slap bracelet in the deal which taught me my wrist is 190 millimeters in diameter for your reference as you try to size up, the watch take my word for it, though its much smaller in person Than it appears on video, and that has big consequences for its endurance more on that in a minute, I also bought the watch.

So I could experience the setup process as a normal customer and Im so happy to be able to report that the initial connection, failures and stutters and jetters of Prior versions seem now to be things of the past. You follow the prompts on the watch. You agree to the terms you take the tutorial if you want, and it does what you expected, connects to your phone with a minimum of fuss and if you drop the extra 50 bucks on an LTE model, youre, given the chance to download an esim and choose A carrier add on 5 to 10 bucks a month in my case on T Mobile. This is the first time Ive used a cellular connected Smartwatch in a very long time, and for me its worked perfectly. In fact, I didnt even remember that Id activate it one day. I accidentally left the apartment without bringing my phone with me, and I didnt realize it, because my watch was still dutifully serving up notifications and phone calls as if I still had my phone in my pocket. It was seamless and whether they come in over LTE or through the Bluetooth Link from your phone. Those notifications are another strength. The watch Taps your wrist sharply when a message comes in and when you use the crown to scroll through the content, it adds subtle, clicks like an escapement ticking over the teeth of a gear and, more importantly, those notifications are now consistent and reliable.

Over a month of use with the pixel 7 Pro and Galaxy flip 4, the watch hasnt once randomly disconnected from the phone, as was sadly common in Ware OS 2 days. Im not going to dwell on the interface itself, because I already showed off Ware os3 and my review of the mom long Summit 3 a couple months back its pretty self explanatory anyway. You know you swipe up for notifications, you swipe down for quick settings, and you swipe over for tiles, where the pixel watch is special for now is that it comes with Google Assistant out of the box, which you invoke through a long press of that two oclock Pusher or by saying the key phrase, this came in incredibly handy on that trip to Iceland. I showed you in my pixel 7 Pro review, because I was always asking the assistant to you know: convert Icelandic krona into US dollars or tell me when the sun would set and, to my surprise and Delight it always responded quickly and consistently in Reykjavik. Today, Sunset was at 501 pm, actually thats. True of the whole software experience, maybe its the Hefty two gigs of RAM or all the time. Google spent optimizing. Wear OS 3.5 for this Hardware, but use that upper Pusher to jump between open, apps and youll, find that this is a sprightly responsive. All around reliable watch, youd never know it was running on three year old silicon. All that being said, theres still plenty of room for improvement and Ill.

Tell you all about it after we pay the bills. One of the things I never thought Id miss about the internet until it was gone was that it was mostly neutral these days, your internet service provider can change your speed based on what kind of Surfing youre doing like slowing down your connection. If youre streaming, video or your employer can restrict certain traffic that it thinks you shouldnt be able to access and websites can even show you different prices, depending on where you are in the world, even when that doesnt make much sense. Well, I think all thats pretty shady so Im happy to be sponsored by surf shark, its a VPN that keeps your browsing, private, safe and yeah neutral, because thats what the internet should be get surf shark at the link in the description and use code. Mr mobile for 83 off and three extra months, free thanks to surfshark for sponsoring this video the system on a chip isnt the only thing thats dated about the pixel watch. Google does everything it can to hide it behind black backgrounds and dark default watch faces, but use a custom one from facer or the new Google photos face, or you know just run a third party app like flight radar and that bezel is pretty blatant. Also, does this look a little off center to you, or is it just me anyway, its not just that it takes away from the aesthetic I told you, the watch is already really small, so settling for this much border makes the display feel even more cramped than It actually is especially if you remember the Barely There bezel on the Moto 360.

way back in 2014.. That just puts this thing to shame and the 41 millimeter case size has other side effects. The speaker terribly crackles, like like callers, said I sounded fine. This is, nor is there much room for a big battery, so the pixel watch ships with its always on display disabled by default. Now this is a personal thing, but I always enable the aod, because I believe every Smart Watch should always be able to show the time like a regular watch. But if youre not like me, youll have better luck. The one day I turned off the always on display, I had a quarter of a charge left after 17 hours, but turn on that always on watch face and youll be charging this thing every 15 to 18 hours or on very heavy days 13 hours, no power. Bummer, the only way I could forgive battery life like that is, if you could charge it off the back of a phone. You know the very use case that wireless power sharing was made for, but despite the watch recognizing that it is on a charger, it doesnt actually charge using anything but its own little puck, which sucks and while Im complaining. Sadly, not all apps recognize the digital crown and one time even the phone app forgot. It was there so that feeling of inconsistency, isnt, entirely gone. You shouldnt have to put up with compromises like this on a watch that ranges from 349 to ‘9 dollars with non standard bands costing from 50 to 130.

On top of that, nor should you have to worry about scratching up this Gorilla Glass when other companies are using more robust, Sapphire Solutions. Oh and while youre shelling out dont forget that the Fitbit premium suite that comes with the watch will cost you 10 bucks a month after your first half a year. Promotional period expires, oh and as much as I appreciate the detail, Fitbit provides about the lackluster workouts. I occasionally do I have noticed the same thing reported by Android, Central and Android police. The watch tends to overestimate how many calories Ive burned and how much distance Ive covered compared to other Fitness platforms, and there are still features common to Fitbit wearables that are missing from the pixel watch, like skin temperature, sensors and until FDA. Approval comes in blood oxygen readings. I really like what Google has done with the pixel watch after years of just muddling through with earlier versions of wear OS, its so refreshing to use 3.5 on Hardware. That runs it so well with all of its Google, goodness intact, but Im told Google Assistant will be coming to devices like fossils, Gen, 6 SmartWatches, soon and theres, a new generation of Qualcomm wearable chipsets on the way that should push performance even higher on watches that Presumably will actually be big enough to last a full day and let me see more of an email to boot and if you dont want to wait for any of that.

Well, you can just buy Samsungs Galaxy watch 5 right now, which gives you a very similar feature set and much better battery life for substantially less money. So while I think the pixel watch is a necessary foundation for a new era of Google wearables and a Cornerstone of the new pixel ecosystem, Id still encourage most folks to wait for the sequel before splashing any cash. After all, even the first Apple watch wasnt. All that great to begin with this video was produced following 30 days with the pixel watch, LTE review sample provided by Google and a few days with a retail LTE sample purchased by my publisher, tested on a Google 5 pixel 7 Pro and a T Mobile Galaxy. Flip 4 respectively, as always, the manufacturer, was given no editorial input of any kind, especially copy approval, not even an early preview. This is a review, not a commercial. Please subscribe to the Mr Mobile on YouTube.