But if you dont have a Samsung device its going to limit you with some of the features the pixel watch doesnt do that unless youre an iPhone youre, just not going to be able to use this, but regardless of which Android phone you have the pixel watch Is going to work as intended lets get into the review of this device Im going to let you know what its been like using it for the past three weeks on and off as my daily smart watch battery life, fluidity, fun, fitness all that good stuff lets Check out the pixel watch together see what its all about taking a look at the Google pixel watch here guys. I think they did a very nice job of seamlessly integrating the stainless steel with the glass Pebble on the top, and this is one thing that I noticed right out of the gate when I unboxed it and when I first started using, it was just how easy It was to kind of slide your finger over these rounded edges, no matter which place you put your finger, youre going to be able to go ahead and slide this with ease. So the rounded pebbleness of the pixel watch is definitely something that I first noticed. Theres. No bezel in the way to kind of snag your finger or whatever its just a very nice experience and speaking of the experience I might as well talk about how its been like on my wrist.

Now it is a smaller device. I personally, like larger, larger watches, so Im hoping Google will give us a larger offering, but just because of how elegant it looks, I think this. This is a very nice choice, regardless of whether youre in a suit, whether youre wearing jeans, whether youre at the gym. No matter where you are, I think, its gon na. I think its gon na look really nicely other than how it sits on your wrist. You do have a speaker and microphone, so you can take and make phone calls from this watch, and you also do have this crown on the side which is used for navigation. So you can go ahead and scroll through all of your notifications and whatnot. You can also press it and thats going to go back to the home screen or, if you press it again its going to show you all of your apps. So I like the fact that it has a crown, I think all smart watches should have it. It should have a functional Crown, especially if youre in the Northeast, using a smart watch with the glove is not something that I enjoy its, not something thats really going to work too well so having a functional Crown is something I really appreciate and theres also a Button that sits really really flush with the watch, which, quite honestly, I I forget that its here half the time, but if you press it its going to take you to your recent applications so again, I think they designed a very functional and very user friendly device.

Now the bands themselves are replaceable. You have this little button on the side that youre going to have to press, and then you slide off the band now. Quite honestly, I havent really mastered this guys, but you can go ahead and slide it on and off Im sure theres going to be a lot of nice third party accessories and Google has some first party bands that suit really really nicely with this Swatch. So the watch band itself because it is proprietary and you do get that sliding mechanism again. It just gives you an overall, more elegant, more flush, design, more more of a seamless type of design between band and watch. So you dont have those lugs that are found on most smart watches. That just means youre gon na have to buy some more bands. So hopefully, Google keeps this mechanism for the next couple of iterations again Id like to see a larger Edition, but a lot of people have complimented me on how this looks on my wrist. If youve used Android Wear devices in the past, a lot of them have not been smooth. A lot of them have been actually pretty janky. A lot of them have been on the pass list. Just for that specific reason, but whatever Google has done with the pixel watch its been a very fluid experience, everything is just super fluid. It never skips a beat. It never never lags behind what youre trying to do, and I give them a lot of credit for that now, youd think being a pixel watch that this would integrate perfectly well with your Android or with your pixel phone, but its not there.

Yet, for example, if you mute your phone or put your phone on vibrate its not going to do the same on the watch and thats something that I would like to see in a the next update or so because when I put my phone on vibrate Id Expect the watch to also go on vibrate. It should mimic whats on your device. So at the moment, if you put your phone on vibrate put your phone on silent, you dont have to go in and you have to change the setting on your watch and I think that should just be a more seamless integration, but other than that. I think Google did a nice job. You have Google pay here. You also get sleep tracking. You also get your heart rate monitoring. You also get your blood oxygen saturation levels that has not been activated just yet. So you get all the bells and whistles that youd expect from a from a watch at 350 or 400 Price Point opening up applications or using this to control your smart home device. Everything is just very fast. Everything opens up, and everything just just makes it very easy to go in and kind of turn off lights and turn on lights. Of course, you have Google integrated into this as well. So you can say the hot word: okay, whats, the weather, okay, whos, the president of the United States, activating your Google assistant on your wrist is one of the most convenient places that I use.

Google assistant so Im happy to see that its that quick and using the hot word activates it 99.9 of the time, but what you can also do with voice dictation. If you wanted to go ahead and reply to a text message, let me just show you how fast that is, and this is something that took a little bit of time on other smart watches, pressing on the microphone Im going to show you just how quick and Easy it is to reply to a message because I think they got it right. Everything is fast. Everything is great. Exclamation point: Google does a really nice job with their voice dictation, so really a great job when it comes to replying to messages with your with your voice or when it comes to activating your Google Assistant with your voice and getting some queries answered. Does a very, very nice job and you can see just how fast it is. This is definitely faster than any Smartwatch Ive tested, and that being said with the integration and with any of these points that Im mentioning buy tech for whats there today, dont hope for future updates just take. For example, it took over a year to get the Google assistant on the Galaxy watch, so definitely dont buy something today hoping its going to get improved tomorrow. If you like, whats on it, buy it if youre looking for something else, just wait it out and chances are, you might be happy or you might not now speaking of happy and speaking of not lets get into some Fitness tracking with the Google pixel watch, because Theres something that definitely surprised me and Ive never seen this on a watch before okay.

So maybe I lied a little bit. I have seen it on watches before, but I just never chose to pay attention to it, its, not something that I expected. You will notice when you go into your applications. Google Fit is nowhere to be found, so Im thinking thats going to go to the graveyard pretty soon everything is Fitbit. Of course, Google acquired Fitbit some time ago. So everything on here is Fitbit oriented, heres, fit exercise. Fitbit ECG, you also have Fitbit today. So if you click on Fitbit today its going to let you know what youve done for the entire day, you can see your steps. How many floors you can see your distance, your calories burned more about calories, burned than just a little bit your active Zone, minutes your exercise, hourly activity and, of course, your heart rate. So I think they do a nice job of making it very simple and and thats. One thing that I do do want to give the pixel watch a lot of credit for is just how just how pleasing it is to use this watch. Just the cards are well laid out and just the overall colors I find to be very, very pleasing. I, like the color scheme, that they chose its its definitely inviting it definitely makes you want to exercise more make. You want to walk more make. You want to do more with Health, Fitness and just overall do more with this watch.

So I like the cards and I like the color scheme. I think I I think they hit it out of the park when it comes to this device. Now, if you want to take an ECG, its very simple, all you have to do is press your press. Your finger on the crown and its going to go ahead and take it for you take about 30 seconds and its going to give you results. So again, all the senses are here that you would need opening up. The application is where youre going to get more detailed information about your workouts and whatnot, so you can do sleep tracking, you can do actual workouts and its just about an activity on the watch for everything. So chances are. If you want to work out with this watch youre going to find an activity for you, you can also see Stress Management. If you need a watch to let you know about your stress levels, you can go ahead and do that sleep tracking is also here. So if I show you a night where I slept pretty decently 7 hours and 30 minutes, it says I slept good thats an 82 score and you can also see your sleep stages, so you can see how many minutes youre in each of those stages. You also get your 30 day average and you can also get a benchmark as well. So for a typical age group, you can see how you should be sleeping.

So again, I think they give you a lot of information here. Scrolling down youll see theres a couple. Padlocks for some information for your sleeping heart rate and your restlessness. I purpose firstly, did not sign up for the six month trial because I wanted to see what kind of information Id get without having a premium subscription. I, like most of you, Im, probably not going to pay for a premium subscription. This is just something that I am not going to do now, if you guys are happy with it. If youve had fitbits before I know, a lot of people did pay for it, and I also know a lot of Fitbit owners that didnt again youre going to get enough information without paying the 80 a year that youre probably going to be happy for most people. I think youre going to be happy with it, but again Im just kind of shocked to see a wear OS product behind the paywall and, I hope thats not where were going with all of these smart watches. That would just be kind of kind of disappointing. In my opinion, in terms of GPS, this is what you can expect now. I think it does a decent job and its again in New York City, its kind of difficult for any of these devices to really get a great lock on GPS Im going to test this out when I get to the wood so Im going to go for A hike and see how that does Ill update you down below and Ill also post it on social media.

So follow me on Instagram or Twitter, because Ill post over there in a little bit, but here in New York City guys, you can see its kind of janky and thats what I usually get it on any Smart Watch regardless of the manufacturer. But you can see you can see the information that you can expect so theres your distance. You can see how how long youre walking for your pace and your steps. You can also see your heart rate zones as well. You can also see your pace, so they give you a lot of information here, even without going to that paywall theres. Also your splits. If youve had it set up for that and again going into your heart rate, you can see a little graph if you want, as well as energy in terms of tracking for everyday life and in terms of just getting a watch thats going to give you some Basic information about your activities, the pixel watch does a nice job. I think it does a decent job when it comes to working out when it comes to lifting weights. I just came back from a weight session, so you can see here. I was about an hour and four minutes in cardio and I was in 52 minutes of fat burn and Ill show you. What that looks like on the watch, because the always on display during an activity really looks nice, but I think it misses the mark on calories.

Ive, never burned about 1400 calories lifting weights without doing any cardio. So so I think the calorie count is just a little bit off on the pixel watch, but you can see the impact on your day. So again you get a nice detailed information about all of your activities. You can scroll through and you can get get all the information about, whatever you did in terms of activity tracking the pixel watch does a nice job and again theres a lot of information here so depending on what you guys want. If you want move alerts, itll tell you to get movie, so I I think the Fitbit app does a really nice job and I know a lot of people loved Fitbit. Im super excited about the community. I always say the best part about having a smart watch is the fact that you can compete against other people and get a little bit of motivation when you need motivation its not always easy to get up and exercise. I know that trust me weve all been there were all there at the moment, but if you have friends or youre part of groups or you just join a random kind of activity, competition, it gets you up and it gets you moving. So I always like the community aspect and Fitbit had a huge Community following. I know that for a fact, a lot of people try to get me to buy fitbits back in the day, so I know the community is there.

Let me know if youre part of one of these communities now speaking of the always on display when you actually do an activity, I just want to show you what thats going to look like. Because again, I think Google did a really nice job job when it comes to the when it comes to the always on display. So let me just click on weights and let you see what thats going to look like when youre doing an activity guys you have. These different sections here and thats going to show your heart rate, whatever heart rate zone youre in its going to show you here, show your beats per minute. Youll see your time, your calories burned and your Zone minutes clicking on over again you get these really nice cards. So if you want to see something in a more simplistic type of way, I think the cards are the way to go, but the always on display activates when youre doing an activity so well done for giving us a really nice, a really nice always on display. During an activity swiping over is going to end it just like that. The last point I want to mention about the pixel watch is battery life and you do need to use their proprietary charger. This is something that Im a little bit shocked about as everyones trying to get rid of E Waste and everyones trying to get more more in terms of of a universal charging mechanism for just about every device.

Qi charging is not going to work. At least the cheat charges that I have did not work on this watch. Some people on Reddit have claimed they got it to work but like Samsung theyre, giving you their own dietary, their own proprietary plug and the magnet is not really super strong. So many times, Ive put this on, put this on to charge and something just kind of knocked it off. So if you do have one of these make sure you do get that snug fit and just kind of place it nicely on your table just like that. Dont have anything around and its going to charge just fine. I would have liked to have seen support for QI charging, because again, if youre out and about – and you want to kind of do a battery share. This is not going to work huge, huge, missed opportunity in my opinion, but putting charging aside thats going to take about an hour or so the battery life on the pixel watch is not all that good. This has a 300 milliamp hour battery inside and again with the smaller size, it does get up to a thousand nits outside. So no problems in sunlight, no problems when youre not in sunlight. I think on Googles website. They claim about 24 hours and you can go into the settings and you can disable notifications for certain apps and you can do this and do that Im not about that life.

I want to use any device to its fullest potential, so I did not do that. The gesture does a nice job of activating the watch when youre when you twist your wrist, so I left the always on display off. I tried it once with always on display on, and that was just a no go in my opinion, but the gestures work really. Nice, so I didnt miss the always on display now back to battery life. I did a couple a couple days of testing and I did turn bedtime mode on when I did sleep tracking battery life, for me has been about 17 hours Id say so. To put that in perspective, I took this off the charger about 5 PM. I went for that, walk that I showed you, and I also did sleep tracking that night and by the time we hit 10 11 A.M. The next day, I was already down to that 15 10 warning so thats. What you can expect, if you want to do some activities – and you want to do some sleep tracking – just expect to use this charger once throughout the day, just to just to ensure that you get through it. If you dont, do sleep tracking or you dont, do any type of GPS activity, youre, probably going to get that 24 hour mark. But if youre active, if youre at the gym or youre, just doing anything where you want to track track a little bit of GPS activity, I would say this is not going to be more than than one day.

And when I say one day when you go to bed put it on the charger when you wake up, put it on the charger, because its not going to last you into that next day, and this is an area where Ive always said. Smart watches kind of struggle. I, like watches that get me at least two days. If you get three four or five like tick watch Im super happy, but I think the pixel watch is doing a little bit better from when I first gotten it. The battery life was just horrible and now it seemed to have gotten gradually better. But again, I dont think Im really gon na hit that 24 hour mark that Google claims unless I go in and turn things off and Im not about that life once again. So to end out battery life its a little bit disappointing. In my opinion, I, like watches that are multi day watches, and this is not a multi day watch, but it is what it is. This is their first attempt and I think the overall design, the overall look and everything thats built into this watch. You can kind of Overlook battery life. I know were used to charging our phones once a day and Im not really happy about charging a watch once a day but Ill do it just for the overall convenience just for the overall style of a pixel watch. The Google pixel watch is a watch thats setting the standard for all wear OS devices to come just because of the overall fluidness of this watch and the overall design.

The elegant l elegant non chunky, design roll your finger over the top, and let me know what you think about that down in the comments below, but this has just been a very pleasurable experience other than the fact that I have to charge it every day. I think you cant go wrong with the pixel watch if youre looking for a watch right now, again thats going to be one of the most elegant one of the most comfortable to wear thanks to the smaller size and the weight the pixel watch is the way To go and Im definitely excited for the future. Im hoping the pixel watch gets pixel drops as well just to enhance the overall functionality of it, but as of right now guys, I think Google hit it out of the park. I think at their first foray into the Smartwatch game that weve all been waiting for, they did a really awesome job and I cant wait to see what they come up with next. If you have any questions about it, let me know down in the comments below, as always, really appreciate you guys watching thumbs up subscribe and Ill catch you in another video.