You see, Google acquired Fitbit, and here we have the brand new Fitbit sense too, but that leads to some questions for Google fans. What can this watch tell us about the pixel watch and for Fitbit fans? How does this compare to previous Fitbit devices like the original Fitbit sets and for General enthusiasts? How good is this new device as an everyday Smartwatch? Well, the spec sheets look fantastic, a Six Day battery life, all the latest health tracking capabilities such as ECG and heart rate and GPS, a great display, a really nice design and a lot more that well discuss throughout this video, but thats, not the full story. Theres a negative twist that I want to talk about Music, but before we get into that, I want to start off with the the design of this. This watch looks a lot like the Fitbit sense, the original one, which honestly was a really nice watch, with kind of one main exception. On the left side, we have that physical button back previous Fitbit devices, like the Versa 2, had a button, and then they got rid of it with the Versa 3 and the Fitbit sense, and they kind of had like a capacitive touch sensor. You squeeze it and – and that was okay, but having a physical button really is just such a better experience. In my opinion, its just something thats, more reliable and – and you know that you press the button – you get definite feedback.

I think its a big positive here. The device only comes in one size, but I think its a pretty good size, its a good compromise that seems to fit well on all wrists and it doesnt. Look too big or too small on anybody, has rounded corners and really kind of squared off display. That is very uniquely Fitbit. This comes in three different colors now an interesting aspect of the design here, and this is something that I mean. A lot of, watches have an ECG, but most watches use the external frame, or they use a button or something like that. That as your ECG contact, but here they actually have two like half rings around. The display that are are pretty glossy because theyre contacts, obviously they kind of, have to be, and I think its something that you notice it takes some getting used to, and I dont know if I really like the way that looks, but on the on the back. We can see that we have more contacts there. Weve got our heart rate and blood oxygen sensor array back here and on the bottom we have little icons that tell us this is water resistant up to 50 meters, so you can swim shower, wash your hands whatever get this wet and you dont have to worry About it, we also have quick release straps that again are pretty uniquely Fitbit. I think it. Actually, they do a great job. They stay on really really well.

You can pull as long as hard as you want. They wont come off, but as soon as you push that little button, they come off very easily, but there are plenty of other bands out there. So it comes with these silicone straps, but you have leather ones you can buy from Fitbit or their sport band theres different colors, but you know a lot of different ways. You can style this watch to make it look. Itll just look a little more different. Additionally, on the left side, youll see, we have a microphone on the right right side. We have a speaker so thats going to work for your voice assistant or for fielding phone calls or other things like that. This is a nice feature that we didnt see on a lot of the older fitbits, like the Versa 2, for example. Now I showed you a lot of the the health sensors but lets dive into what this actually can do. So, of course, we have sleep. Tracking weve got heart rate. Tracking weve got skin temperature ECG to track your heart health in particular, and along with the heart health, of course, your heart rate and your heart, heart rate variability, but also your blood oxygen, your respiration, all that kind of ties together Fitbit, makes it very easy in The app to get the big picture of everything, but it does read into a lot of other smaller metrics. If you want to know that so, rather than just a big data dump on you, you can go and look at things like, for example, the sleep tracking theyll, give you like a sleep profile like an animal that doesnt I dont know if it actually is related To the animal, but you get an animal after you wear this for a couple days and itll tell you within this category of sleepers, maybe some different things you can do to improve your sleep and improve your energy energy throughout the day and just feel better.

This also attracts stress: you can manage your stress on here as well with breathing exercises or you could log your mood and they have things like an Eda scan which can do a more complicated thing that we dont see on a lot of other watches kind of Gives you just a general picture of what your stress is like and you can track that over time as well? Of course we have GPS on here for tracking runs, but you guys know if youve seen my channel before I love testing the heart rate and the GPS accuracy, everybody likes to say: oh its got a GPS, its great, but lets see how it actually performs. Okay, so starting off with the GPS accuracy, we can zoom in on this map and see that I started over here where it says 8.38. The total run was eight miles, but it misregistered that as 8.4 miles, and so it was off by about five percent and thats understandable, actually better than I expected, considering as you can see it didnt register my start until mile one now for the first mile. It was just presumably using my Cadence to estimate the distance, and I mean I guess it did an okay job of that, but regardless what even even once it locked into GPS, you can see it really squiggled around a lot, even though I was running directly on This Trail, I promise you I at no point went into the river but thats something the GPS was showing so not especially accurate, but again, if youre just doing a casual, walk or run it can be passable, like I said off by about five percent and then, If we look at the heart rate sensor, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

This one did a pretty decent job throughout the entire run. The instantaneous heart rate compared to a known, accurate, Polar h10 heart rate, strap, was usually within a couple beats per minute. It really seemed to do a pretty decent job granted. This was a steady state run. I didnt push it on any intervals, but I would say in general it seems to be a pretty decent heart rate sensor: okay, so that was the heart rate and the GPS accuracy granted. This watch is meant to be like uh for people getting into shape, as opposed to like extreme marathon runners that are trying to cut lap times or whatever. So it doesnt need to be super accurate, but I do wish I could test the sleep tracking, the sleep tracking, its a great feature. I love having it on here, but for some reason I like, when Im asleep I Im just I dont know I like I wake up and the watch is not on somehow I like take it off in my sleep and I dont realize that its something that Kind of just like started doing in the past couple months, so Ive tried several nights with this watch and I wake up and it says Ive worn it for like three or four hours and then I have to find it somewhere in my bed. Now lets actually get into the interface right now. I I really do like the interface on here.

I like how notifications pop up if youre on Android, you have quick replies if youre on an iPhone Apple doesnt, let you do quick replies, but you can still read your notifications. Just fine looking at the interface, its very different from a lot of other watches and and some people expected this to originally have wear a three on there being purchased by Google. It would only make sense that Googles new flagship interface was going to be put on here, but but its not and theres some benefits and some drawbacks to not having that. So looking at the interface weve got our watch face. There are so many different watch faces that really utilize this Square design. I think you know the watch faces, look really nice. We can press the button on the little really the only button on here, and this gives us all of our different apps and its kind of limited. How many apps you have. You really dont have a lot of options here, but the apps that are here, you know theyre robust. They work well. If we double press the power or the button, then well get into a kind of a quick menu right here with four options, and you can choose what these are. But by default you get Amazon, Alex Ill, just call her Alex. You guys know who Im talking about the voice assistant. We have on the bottom uh just kind of notifications. We have our Fitbit pay.

This doesnt have Google pay its coming, but its not here yet and of course, never buy a device for whats promised to come because you dont know when its going to come, but for right now it has Fitbit pay, and then we have our settings on the Top back to the home screen, of course the button brings you back to home as well. If we swipe down from the top, are quick settings, nothing new there, just basic controls, swiping up from the bottom, are notifications and swiping from the left or the right takes. You through a loop of different like tiles or Widgets or whatever you want to call them and its going to be like your daily activity, your heart rate, your sleep, your body response, you can set a timer, see the weather different things like that. If you press and hold the button here, you get into a shortcut for me. I have exercises set there so that I can quickly start a run or something like that without navigating through the interface for that, but just as easily you could get at the voice assistant. So, to summarize, the interface its a lot simpler than what wear OS 3 is going to be, but its a lot less. Google related right now too, and Im kind of surprised by that being that Google has owned Fitbit for a while now I dont know why they didnt add more stuff, theyre promising to add Google Maps and Google pay and things like that.

But theyre not here just yet in fact, Google Assistant isnt really here yet either they still have Amazon on there, which is surprising, like I said, and with the different interface the Fitbit interface that were used to here. The benefit is that we are getting a pretty long battery life. This is promising up to six days or over six days of battery, which is something that I dont suspect we will see on the pixel watch. I think thats probably going to be about one day of battery life, but of course with this we are getting the Fitbit app, and this is something that I suspect we will be using with the Google pixel watch as well, and so looking at that app, you Can see this is something Ive always really liked about Fitbit their app takes a lot of the data and summarizes it very simply to show you how well youre sleeping how many they kind of gamify it. How many active Zone minutes you have what sleep animal? You are theres, different things that make it very easy to digest and understand without having to know a lot about Fitness or health. You just look at that. Get an idea of how well youre doing and what more you have to do this week to reach your goals and lose weight or or otherwise get healthier, lets kind of highlight some of the pros and cons here the pros we are going to be getting some More googly things right: we have Google Maps and Google Wallet coming soon, but theyre not here yet.

Additionally, we have the button back. I really do like having a button on here. I, like the Fitbit app, I think, its one of the easiest ways for people to lose weight or otherwise just kind of get into shape. If youre somebody thats a casual, you know you want to go on a couple exercises a week, maybe three times four times a week and you have a goal. This is going to be a great app for that they kind of gamify and has a really proven success record as well. It has a fantastic display. I think the overall design of this watch, like I think it looks nice. I think that its versatile as well, and even though its one size, I think its a good size for a lot of people, but there are some drawbacks. Remember the beginning of this video, where I said there was kind of a negative twist. I wanted to talk about since Google acquired Fitbit. This has kind of become like the stepchild of of Google right where theyre the new parents and and here were getting a little bit of neglect. In my opinion, I think that we dont have as many apps as I would like to see on here. Google isnt, giving as many Google features that I would expect. We dont have wear Os or really any promise of getting Ware os3, and so it feels like they acquired Fitbit, and over time this line is going to go away and over time the Google pixel watch is going to be the main focus thats like The Prodigy Thats, what Google really wants to promote right now, and so it feels like this device like who knows how long were going to really get good quality software and app support on here and updates over time.

Like I just dont, I dont see Google really putting that much effort into this device when they have the pixel watch coming out. So in that sense it kind of is becoming the stepchild. They also have a paywall. This is another other big drawback that Im confident. We are going to see on the Google pixel watch when they launched it. They mentioned that when you have Fitbit premium, you get access to this stuff, and so that means that if you want to see things like more in depth, sleep analytics. If you want things like your daily Readiness score all these really nice features, you have to pay like ten dollars a month to get that, of course, you get six months free with this, but having to pay just. It feels wrong when you buy a nice smart watch and other devices dont have that kind of paywall. We also dont have a rotating part on this watch. I dont like. Usually I complain about that when watches dont have that, but you dont seem to really need it with here its a very simple interface. But what is a little bit of a drawback is that you dont, have offline Spotify again the lack of app support, like I said, and the interface while it is nice and everything is where it needs to be. It feels like a little bit slow like if you swipe, through the tiles or Widgets or whatever you want to call them.

Sometimes it is a little bit slow to go between them, but that is the Fitbit sense too, to summarize its a fantastic device, if youre in the right group of people, this is not going to be like an everyday smart watch that, I think, has a lot Of app potential or software improvements coming, but I think for what it is. It does a really good job of helping people get into shape, track their health and really just kind of casually work out right. If youre looking to you know, do two or three workouts a week, and maybe you just casually ride your bike or go for walks or runs or whatever it is. This is a good way to kind of gamify it and start to get healthy and get to whatever your your body weight or your Fitness goal actually is. But of course, if you are a marathon runner, a triathlon athlete triathlete, then youd want something a little bit more intense, like a Garmin or maybe even an Apple Watch. For that sense, but leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the Fitbit sense too. If you enjoyed the video, consider liking and subscribing Im.