Is that for professional watchers, uh, professional time keepers, gatekeepers, okay, so samsung just announced its brand new fresh devices in here theyre, exciting theyre awesome. They are high tech, galaxy, z, fold, 4, galaxy z, flip 4. Yes, please, the company also presented the new galaxy watch series. Now, the true crowning jewel is the galaxy watch 5 pro here, of course, adorned by that pro moniker. But if its too big for you, since it only comes in one size or if its too expensive, the galaxy watch 5, is basically a sleeker version of it, we had some limited hands on time with them. So here are our impressions. So far, the galaxy watch 5 pro comes in one bulky premium case being made out of titanium and you can get it either in black or gray. Its got a 45 millimeter diameter, which is on the extra large side when it comes to watches and the glass on the front is actually sapphire. Samsung says just like other premium watches out there. You will also notice that its kind of thick owing to the large battery inside but thats, also surely a design decision still, if you prefer a sleeker look, the galaxy watch 5 is thinner. It has no lip and comes in 40 millimeter and 44 millimeter sizes. For more choice, galaxy watch fans may be a bit disappointed because the mechanical rotating bezel from the side has been shafted. Now we still have this raised lip around the screen of the 5 pro to protect the glass, but its no longer a mechanical rotating part still retains functionality for a rotating bezel, but you manipulate it by sliding your finger along the edges of the screen.

It looks like the galaxy watch 5 got that functionality from the older watch active series. They were first to remove the mechanical rotating bezel, but retain the functionality with a touch sensitive frame. However, your mileage on the digital rotating bezel feature may vary on the older watch. Active the touch sensitive area was outside of the screen and on the galaxy watch 5. It runs alongside the edges of the screen, so the watch 5 pro with that raised lip means you have to actually poke inside of it to get to the rotating part. So if you reach in trying to swipe across the edges of the screen, you end up with ghost touches on the display and since youre there already with your finger, why not just scroll over it instead of aiming for an imaginary border line? Moving on the oled panel on this thing is actually bright and vivid, as you might expect, from a samsung display its easily viewable and its pretty to look at since samsung makes its own displays. Obviously, it can design interface elements with confidence and the elements on the watch software just pop speaking of software. This here is where os just a reminder: its an operating system built by both samsung and google. Basically, since samsungs tizen was so good for smart watches, google was like hey you wan na join forces and combine it with android wear and so voltron was born. Oh thats, how? I imagine it happens in any case, if youre coming from an older samsung smartwatch with tizen, you will not feel lost with this operating system.

A lot of the samsung dna has been kept here and the user interface is pretty much the same. The collaboration with google here may allow the galaxy watch 5 series to speak better with other android phones. This wasnt really much of a problem before, but there were different types of apps available, whether youre paired to a samsung phone or another android device. Now, youve probably noticed that sleek new band for the galaxy watch 5 pro with a new variant of a debuckle, its a very clever design which lets you have a strap with absolutely no holes in it which looks cool the non pro watch 5. Ships. With these more plain, looking straps, but of course both of these products can be customized with other bands in the samsung bespoke studio store. Samsung has worked hard in improving what functionality they have. The sleep tracking has been completely overhauled and we are curious to test this. We always found samsungs sleep tracking to be particularly very good, so we expect greatness here. It can now gather more data alert you for chronic conditions like sleep apnea, and it can even profile your sleep habits and pair you with a virtual uh sleep spirit, animal of sorts theres. Also, this improved biometric analysis suit, which will help you reach your fitness goals. Better or it will remind you to hydrate under specific conditions, none of that just simple reminder: every two hours to drink water, the galaxy watch 5 pro takes things a step further than the non pro.

With its gps specific features, it will be able to pre save a hiking route and guide you either with gentle vibration or voice. If volume is on, i kind of want to test this, but then again, if it doesnt work, i will never be able to record another youtube. Video again, oh by the way drop, a sub and a like and comment. If youd like to see me get lost in the woods of course, a new watch means nothing without new watch faces, so you will find eight new ones to pick from here. Some of them are quirky. Pictures other are super informative and have lots of room for complications. As for battery, obviously, the galaxy watch 5 pro will have the bigger one, a whopping, 590 milliamp hour cell, which samsung claims will allow for up to 80 hours of mixed usage on a single charge. It can also charge very quickly. 8 minutes on the puck samsung says, will give you 8 hours of usage. The galaxy watch 5, with its sleeker body, has a significantly smaller 276 milliamp hour battery, but since its less than half the size of the galaxy watch 5 pro, i assume something like 30, maybe 40 hours of battery life. In any case, the non pro galaxy watch. Five is probably uh charged once in a day and a half, maybe two days, top kind kind of device. So all of this really cool stuff – and all of this is just our early impressions with the devices so stay tuned for our full reviews of the new samsung devices.

They are definitely exciting and drop us up ring that bell. So you know when they come ive been press.